I should be working on gifts, but instead I’ve been busy making bags. I sell a few items at a local shop and with the holidays approaching, it was time to provide them with a bit more variety. I finished these four market bags over the weekend and have a few more cut out in case they’re needed. I posted a tutorial for these market bags a while back, in case anyone’s interested.

I love these fabric combinations, and really had a hard time giving them up! I was supposed to be using fabrics appropriate for fall/winter, but have a hard time getting away from the bright fun colors. Hopefully there are others out there who also want fabrics that remind them of sunnier days!

And I even remembered to sew in my tags…

I also made a few sets of dishtowels, and they’re packaged up to be used as gifts.

I also have an order for a number of produce bags (thanks Robbie!). I’ll be doing a variety of colors – something to suit everyone, hopefully! For now, I only have these dark purple ones done, but there will be more to come…

I have one simple project I have to complete before Thanksgiving, and then I really need to get started on the projects I’ve been neglecting! Apparently I find it far too easy to put these things on the back burner… something to work on in the new year, I guess.

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