I saw snow… time for scarves!

We woke yesterday to snow in the air. It wasn’t accumulating in our area, though it seems that the mountains did get some accumulation. Each year it seems as though the snow comes earlier and earlier – far earlier than I think it should (Vermont may not be the best place for me!)

Snow and chilly temps made me think I needed some new knit items, so I pulled out my knitting stuff to see what I had. I know how to knit, though I certainly wouldn’t call myself a knitter. I never really graduated from scarves, or anything that simply requires straight knitting.

That’s why I was happy when I read amandajean’s post from a couple weeks ago about this tutorial she found for knit arm warmers. I always wanted a pair, but didn’t want to knit on double pointed needles and didn’t want to deal with the thumb. This tutorial was written for me! Straight knitting on regular needles and you simply leave a hole for the thumb when you stitch up the sides.

I made these out of some old yarn I had, and it worked out well (I’m wearing them now as I type this!). I’m embarrassed to say this, but I actually tried to knit these while walking on the treadmill (multi-tasking!). I’m glad of two things – one, that knitting needles aren’t very sharp, and two, that no one was home to see me doing this! I don’t recommend it.

This scarf is still a work in progress. I started it last night because I wanted to use this pattern for this openwork design. Plus, I had some nice taupe and burnt orange colored alpaca yarn which I thought would be perfect. I opted for stripes and I like the way it’s looking so far. I’m hoping that I’ll have enough yarn to finish… it was years ago when I bought this stuff, so I imagine I wouldn’t be able to match it very well!

We’re going away for the weekend and if I finish this in time, I think it will be making the trip as well.

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