An Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag

Let me start out by reminding you all of my issues with patterns. I don’t know what it is – refusal to follow directions, perhaps an inability to follow directions, or maybe it’s just that I’m cheap (let’s call it frugal, shall we?) and can’t justify paying for a pattern.

In any case, it makes me wonder why I agreed to make this bag for my friend Amy. (perhaps I should have warned her about these issues before agreeing to it!)

She did pay for the fabric and pattern, so I couldn’t use that as an excuse, and I figured I could try to follow the pattern directions as written. And I’m pleased to say that I did it!

I used all the materials they suggested (well, with the exception of a turning tool and pressing cloth) and I followed the directions, and you know what? It came out just as pictured (imagine that!). I do admit to not following the pattern in the exact order though… baby steps…

After a lot of debating, Amy selected some lovely Amy Butler Lacework in Gray with coordinating Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dots in Slate. Rather than complicate things by having to select a different lining fabric, we went with the Lacework on the interior as well.

And I finally got to use one of my new labels!

Luckily we had seen one of these completed bags in person, so we already knew the finished size. Otherwise, I’d probably be shocked – it’s huge! You could fit a ton of stuff in here. If I attempted this one again, I might try to make some modifications to the pattern to shrink it down a bit.

All in all, a good experience. It even makes me think I might be able to tackle other patterns…

Amy, I hope you love it! I can’t guarantee when I’ll be getting to the post office to mail it out to you, but until then, you can just look at these pictures and think about how you’re going to fill it!

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