Blocks and Stripes Quilt

Another quilt. Crazy, right? I have an excuse, and really, I do plan on finishing this one! I’m going to make it smaller, so I have a better chance of actually getting it quilted. The new machine will hopefully come in handy (the old one wouldn’t work for quilting – hence all the unfinished projects!)

Speaking of, you might ask why I don’t finish one of those quilts, now that I have a machine which can do so… and here’s where my excuse comes in…

I can’t figure out how to thread it!

I feel kind of silly admitting that, but it’s the truth. June from the quilting store threaded it for me before I left with it, but it’s since come unthreaded, so all sewing has come to a halt. The book doesn’t make it very clear, so I’m going to have to wait until I go in for my lesson on how to use it. Pathetic.

So, since I couldn’t sew last night, I decided to cut fabric for a new quilt. And here you have it –

Blocks and stripes, though I should come up with a better name. I plan on using a lot of white to complete the blocks and I think it will be cute. Maybe this one will be my first completed quilt.

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