Amy Butler Block Quilt(s)

I pulled out my bag of scraps last night, thinking that I might put them together to make some kind of patchwork bag. As I sat amongst all the scraps I couldn’t picture a bag, but rather a quilt. I know, I know, I have two quilts already started that I should be working on. But hey, why not make that three (or maybe even four? more on that later…).

I decided to piece together some blocks for this new quilt – I was thinking I’d do three fabrics in each block – one main fabric, a second fabric for a strip, and the third as a small square or stripe. I put 10 together last night and then cut them to approximately 8″ squares. And here’s what I have —

As you can see, 8 of them follow this pattern. The remaining two ended up with three fabrics, but in a slightly different variation. I originally thought I’d include them all in the same quilt, with the common theme being three fabrics in each quilt block, but now I’m thinking that perhaps this should be a separate, coordinating quilt… make that 4 quilts that I’m now working on…

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