A disappointing yard sale weekend.

There was supposed to be some sort of yard sale extravaganza in a town about 45 minutes south of us. We drove down there, only to discover that the items presented at this large, well-advertised event were things that really should have been on their way to the dump, not tagged for sale. We wandered through for a while, and I tried not to touch anything… dirty old sheets, broken electronics, and perhaps the first front-loading washer. A relic, really.

We had a little better luck at a yard sale on the way out of town. I picked up a few old glass canning jars with glass lids. I think it was more to prove that the morning wasn’t a total waste. I’m pleased to say though that they’ve already found a home in my craft closet – used to store the many spools of colorful threads I bought at another yard sale a couple weeks ago. A much better yard sale. For sure.

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