reusable produce bags

Along the lines of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d show you the produce bags I made to go along with my market bags. I hate those plastic ones from the grocery store, especially since you have to put each type of fruit or vegetable in a separate bag — leading to tons of wasted plastic. I decided to make my own, which would serve the same purpose, yet be reusable.

I’ve seen them made with a few different types of fabrics, including sheer curtains. I opted to go with lightweight mesh tulle which I bought at the local fabric store. It’s virtually weightless and really inexpensive, and comes in a variety of colors (in case you want corresponding colors for your fruits and veggies!)

They are very easy to make – requiring a limited amount of sewing (straight lines only – I like that!). Perhaps the hardest part is inserting the tie at the top, though that’s even easy if you use a safety pin to pull the ribbon through the channel.

I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve held up. I use them not only for produce, but also for pasta or rice from the bulk foods section. I haven’t ripped one yet… though I have lost quite a few to friends and family who want some of their own!

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