It’s done! The Quilted Amy Butler Bag

It’s done, it’s done! (and I love it!)

The initial part came together quite quickly, but then I did run into a few issues in completing it. (Note to self: follow a pattern next time!)

As previously posted, I used strips of Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabrics. I sewed all the strips together to form a large piece of fabric approximately the size of one side of the bag. Same with the second side, and then a separate piece to form a bottom for the bag.

I used some thick interfacing that I had left over from another project – 2 layers on each side for an extra thick feel. I then machine quilted these pieces, sewing vertical lines on the portion with the longer strips and horizontal lines on the section with the shorter strips.

For the lining, I opted for one of the prints used on the front – Fresh Poppies in Rose. I only had 1/2 a yard of that print, and pretty much used it all in making the lining. Of course I then decided I wanted an interior pocket, which I had to make using yet another fabric. I found some Martini Dot in Fuchsia, which matched the lining and created two pockets on one side.

And now I’m off to the store to test it out…

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4 Responses to It’s done! The Quilted Amy Butler Bag

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  2. 1
    QM says:

    what pattern is this? Beautiful work!

  3. 2
    admin says:

    Thank you! I didn’t use a pattern for this bag – just guessed at measurements and it actually came out just as I wanted!

  4. 3
    Bronwyn says:

    Hello – I have really enjoyed looking at all of your fabulous sewing! I came to this post and I would love to put one of your photos on my blog – I recently bought this exact fabric and talked about what I could do with all of my strips – your bag is a great idea and love the quilting lines. I will only put it on with your permission. I will certainly link it back to you and your great blog. Happy sewing!

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