My version of the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt

I thought I’d give it another go, this time with a skirt. I have to call it ‘my version of the Amy Butler skirt’, since I made it without the pattern. (I was feeling kind of cheap, and decided against buying the pattern.) I had seen a couple pictures of a few of these skirts finished, and decided I’d just cut some pieces and see how it worked out. I used Amy Butler fabric for this skirt – Okra Eyelashes. I never liked the look of this pattern online, but I found it in a local fabric store and decided it was much better in person. Plus, I thought that the random pattern would be good so I could avoid having to line up the pattern for the different layers of the skirt.

Amy Butler Barcelona skirt

The middle picture above shows one of the layers – I should have sewn closer to the cut edge so it wouldn’t fray as much. It will be interesting to see how it ends up after a washing. Overall, I’m happy with this skirt, and would probably consider making it again with a different fabric. It completely slipped my mind to line this one, which I’d probably want to do on the next. I did have a chance to wear it yesterday, and even though it turns out it’s still too big, I didn’t see anyone turning and pointing, so that’s a good sign!

I’m working on a ruffled A-line skirt now in Amy Butler Lotus Wall Flower in mustard, and I hope to have pictures to post tomorrow!

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