This is a story about a dress…

I may have mentioned that I was going to attempt to alter a pair of pants. Right now they’re quite long, and I was thinking about making them into a cropped pair. Easy, right? Perhaps too easy. Instead I thought I’d skip right over the easy alteration and attempt to make a dress. I’ll show you the beginning of this project, though there’s a good chance that you’ll never see the end result!

I bought what I thought was a dress/beach cover up online recently, though when it arrived, I realized that they actually call it a shirt, which seems odd, because it’s way longer than I’d ever want any shirt to be. It’s not long enough to be a dress either (or at least, not one I’d ever wear!), so it will be going back to the store. I like the look of it though, and thought that perhaps it would be a good sewing project… and a test of my sewing skills.

Here’s a little glimpse of it

It looks easy enough, though having never made any type of garment (unless you can count the fabric that I stapled to my dolls when I was younger…) I may already be in way over my head. We shall see.

Now, being a sensible sewer, I didn’t want to attempt this little project with any of my good fabrics, so instead I opted for a large piece of vintage fabric that I had bought at a yard sale

The fabric itself is fine, though nothing I’d ever want to wear. Plus, if you could catch a whiff of it, you wouldn’t want it near your body either (and that’s after two washings!). I’ll be quite sad if I manage to make a dress that looks like a dress and actually fits, as I’ll be hard pressed to duplicate it if I try it with nice fabric.

(I apologize for the bad photos – dreary, dark days we’re having here…)

This is what I have so far, and I’ll see if I can start sewing it up tonight. Look for updated photos soon… (here’s hoping, anyway!)

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