lotta charm!

As soon as I received my charm pack of Lotta Jansdotter’s upcoming line, Echo, I knew I wanted to see those prints in a quilt. Unfortunately this line isn’t out yet, so I had just one charm pack to use. I decided to make it my personal challenge to take those 15 squares, make a decent sized quilt out of them, yet still have Lotta’s new prints be the star.

Initially I pulled out the aquas, grays, browns and one pink print. Once I started creating some blocks, I realized the orangey-golds would really give it a nice boost (Lotta certainly knew what she was doing with these colors!)

I used the charm squares as the center of each block, and surrounded each with lots of white and some corresponding solids and a few basic prints. I’ve had this type of design in mind for a while, thinking it would be a good one for the small bits of Liberty of London fabrics I’ve been collecting for years. It turned out very much as I pictured it, and I’m really happy with this quilt top. (Perhaps this is the push I need to get started on that Liberty quilt!)

Anyway, now that I’ve had a chance to play with these prints, I absolutely can’t wait for yardage to be available. I’m quite sure I’ll want to make another quilt using a bit more of the fabric!

_ _ _

And now, it must be asked… who was going to keep me on track to finish up all those unfinished quilts? (oh right, that was me!) I had all these grand ambitions to make backings for all those quilt tops, but once again, I was lured away by the thoughts of shiny new quilt tops. Somebody help?

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  1. 1
    Michelle says:

    You’ve done well to get a quilt that size from some charm squares! And it looks fantastic too. How much do I love orange in a quilt? Lots.

    I will have to wait impatiently until the line comes out. It looks really nice.

  2. 2
    Ellen says:

    Beautiful! Looks like a drawing quilted. I am also loving the purple and red quilt posted earlier.

  3. 3
    Suzanne says:

    There’s a LOTTA buzz about those charms. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) About those WIPs, I appreciate them. There’s a sense of joy in seeing all that potential just waiting for the right moment to be finished up. Deadlines remove some of the fun from quilting. šŸ™‚ Enjoy the creation.

  4. 4
    aneela says:

    Love this line and your quilt, I say forget the wips and get out the Liberty!

  5. 5
    Lindsay F says:

    Wow! I love what you have done with so little fabric. Too much white usual scares me away from “minimalist” tops but you nailed it here.

    As for the other ones, no worries. Some day they will be cuddly, warm quilts, in the mean time they are just eye candy. Personally I am not allowed to put a top aside, everything has to be finished mostly due to space and money constraints but as I am working I like to keep my projects where I can see them so I dont get bored or forget about them.

    P.s. My new housemate just moved from Burlington VT to join us in Millbury MA for vet school šŸ™‚

  6. 6
    ellesquare says:

    That’s fantastic.

    Maybe you should do a quilt back challenge where you post one quilt top per week and show the fabric you want to use for the back, and then have people submit sketches of what the back would look like. that’ll inspire you AND everyone else. Plus you can finish the quilt tops using the idea of your choice. Win-Win-win?

    or something.

    Love those lotta prints!

  7. 7
    Andrea says:

    I feel your pain with the pile of unfinished tops, mine even have backs, but I would rather make another pretty top than slog through actually finishing one! LOVE what you did with the charms, btw.

  8. 8
    Jeannette says:

    At least you don’t have an ELEVEN year old half quilted quilt sitting in your sewing chair…. ahem.

  9. 9
    Kelly Irene says:

    I definitely think keeping the oranges was a good call. The quilt top looks really good! I’m with you on having issues with starting new quilts before finishing others! I have three waiting to be bound and one needing quilting (which I’ve decided to do by hand….still hoping that was a good call!). The only reason any of the others are actually quilted with real backs is because I had scheduled a date with a long arm machine and had to have something to bring with me!

  10. 10

    Oh yes!!! You did exactly what you set out to do. Make a quilt out of a few charms and make the charms the star. So beautiful and inspiring!!! : )

  11. 11
    Alli says:

    You did an amazing job! The different sized frames look wonderful. šŸ™‚

  12. 12

    Isn’t it funny how we all seem to hoard Liberty more than anything else? That we think of it as needing a special project? Even though it lends itself to any design?

    I say go for it!! Liberty-Liberty-Liberty!!

  13. 13
    Dalya says:

    It’s so gorgeous! Love the little pieces of fabric on the borders, it makes the colors pop! Very artistic and beautiful. Love how you kept the prints visible!

  14. 14
    Sarah says:

    Haha I’m the last one to ask help from – my fronts are growing without backs – must get back on it!

    That quilt is gorgeous and has made me want those prints even more now.

  15. 15
    rita says:

    After reading the comments ahead of me, I must say: Ladies! Ladies! Where are your machine quilters? They’re ready to help! You just bring the fabrics and they hand back ready-to-love quilts. What exactly is the problem??

    If you feel more inspired to create flimsies, do it and sub-contract out the rest. Easy-Peasy and not expensive either. I am very reasonable as are most…

  16. 16
    Beth says:

    I love how you made each charm the star of it’s own block…such an inspiration! I love it!

  17. 17
    Emily says:

    Beautiful! I love that idea! Charm quilts usually feel so limiting to me… but not this one! šŸ™‚

  18. 18
    Robin says:

    WOW! Your quilt came out great!

    Have you ever posted how you managed to quilt as many quilts as you do? It takes me forever and a day to just do one!

  19. 19
  20. 20
    Amanda Jean says:

    You did a great job stretching those charms into a large quilt. It looks great!

    I need to get on the finishing track, too. I definitely feel your pain! But many of mine aren’t even to quilt top stage yet. Someday…..

    I’d love to see what you would do with your liberty scraps. I have a few and a few ideas, but way too many other things vying for my attention! Oh, the trials of a quilter.

  21. 21

    Well, it certainly is a shiny new one! Thanks to you, I got myself a Lotta charm pack too. It is sitting on my work bench until it tells me what to make with it. I won’t let it sneak away to the fabric bin, no-sirree.

  22. 22
  23. 23
  24. 24
    karen sato says:


    I loooove it šŸ˜‰

  25. 25
    Lauren says:

    I LOVE this quilt! So well done! What a great way to use charm packs or some of the scraps from my stash? I may have to play around with this…

  26. 26
    Betty Ayers says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I have a few charm packs which would shine on their own, just like this one!

  27. 27
    Connie says:

    What a fantastic quilt! I’m like you…….I love piecing tops and my UFO’s keep growing.

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  30. 28
    julia says:

    I lOVE your quilt…amazing. I am inspired by it and was wondering where I might find the chocolate brown fabric with tiny grey polka dots???

  31. 29
    Wendy says:

    HI! Wondering what WHITE you think goes best with this line?


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