i heart liberty

I think I started collecting Liberty of London fabrics right after I started sewing – just a few small pieces here and there. (I’ve bought a few great scrap bags from the Organic Stitch Co. and there have been several generous friends who have passed along a few pieces.) I figured that eventually I’d have enough small pieces for a decent sized quilt. I’ve been storing them in a small shoebox, and realized recently that it was nearly filled. Time for some Liberty sewing!

After a lot of thought, I decided to go nice and simple with this Liberty quilt – making it out of 6″ squares. I used all the pieces I had that were large enough, and while it may be a bit crazy, I’m hoping it will be the good kind of crazy.

I laid several squares out just to get an idea of the look. Busy, yes, but I think I’m going to love it.

Then, since the fabric was out, I made up a few more Liberty cross blocks to add to my ongoing wonky cross block project. It’s been up on the design wall for many many months now. These squares are being trimmed to just 3 1/2″ square, so I’ll need lots more before I can sew them into a quilt!

And then I couldn’t resist another little patchwork project, out of a few favorite Liberty prints and some light pink and other neutrals. I’m thinking of a sweet, girly little quilt. I like having baby gifts on hand, and I think this will make a perfect one!

Ok, I think that’s all the Liberty love today! And now I’m headed back to play with these pretty prints!

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19 Responses to i heart liberty

  1. 1
    Suzanne says:

    It’s great to see what you have done with a fabric line you love so much.

  2. 2
    Erin says:

    I love the 6 inch squares layout! I can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. 3

    I love these! Your stash is beautiful. You have one print I’ve been eyeing forever, and I don’t even know if its available anymore. I’m excited to see how your quilt turns out!

  4. 4
    Kar says:

    I think the busy quilt is going to be gorgeous! I’m going to have to start looking at the Liberty of London fabric. Beautiful!

  5. 5
    carla says:

    I have adored liberty fabrics for a long time. Where does a person get it? Your quilt will be lovely and I will wait with baited breath for the end result : )

  6. 6
    Adrianna says:

    Um, I also heart Liberty AND I just had a baby girl….just sayin.

  7. 7
    elsa says:

    I love Liberty too! I’ve got a couple of fat quarter bundles of it and haven’t cut into it yet.
    Both the scrappy quilt and the wonky crosses are wonderful ~ thanks for the inspiration!

  8. 8
    Freddie says:

    I love Liberty. My mother used to take me up to London once a year to get school uniform etc. We always used to round of our trip with a visit to Liberty’s haberdashery department. LOVE it there and Love their cotton lawn.

  9. 9
    Linda says:

    I, too, love the Liberty Lawn. I just can’t bring myself to buy it, since it’s so expensive. Maybe I’ll try looking for scrap packs of it. I never thought of that!

    xo Linda

  10. 10
    Deb konopka says:

    These prints are wonderful.

  11. 11
    Jenny says:

    I think it will be good-crazy.

  12. 12
    Nova says:

    *sigh* all SO beautiful! x

  13. 13
    Paige says:

    So girly and sweet! I love the wonky crosses.

  14. 14
    Allison Clark says:

    I recently went to London and my very first stop was Liberty. I had tea and spend 3 hours in the fabric section. It is a glorious place. Bolt after bolt, wall after wall of Liberty fabric. It was pure heaven.

  15. 15
    Paula says:

    About a year ago, I found 3 2-yard different lots of Liberty for about $12 – my best thirft find EVER!!! I’m waiting for the perfect project, I’ve only allowed myself to use a small bit of each in a scrapy quilt… I just LOVE them!! Your collection is wonderful!!!!

  16. 16

    It looks fantastic scrappy. I have seen Liberty fabric on ebay several times. Was always looking for a specific fabric for a project everytime I saw it , Maybe someday.

  17. 17
    Pippa says:

    Love those Liberty fabrics!

  18. 18
    Liz Arrow says:

    Wow…so gorgeous. Is that knitting print in the bottom right corner of the top photo a liberty print, too?!

  19. 19
    Sarah says:

    I mean, I don’t want to be redundant here…But sheesh, ain’t Liberty sweet? I love what your quilt is looking like, but I feel like using Liberty prints I’d probably like it even if it only had one square of fabric in it. But I like yours even more for having lots!

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