a big bee quilt!

What do you get when you combine hot pink with large insects? Why, my newest finished quilt!

I fell in love with this large bee print fabric from Melody Miller’s latest line, Ruby Star Spring, when she first showed sneak peeks of it. I was thrilled when she sent along a bit of each of three prints, including the wonderful bee print.  I wanted to feature the bees, so I fussy cut two big bee blocks and used them as the starting point for these uneven stacked blocks.

I decided to quilt it with randomly-spaced horizontal straight lines. I used a great variegated Sulky thread that’s mostly pink, but also changes to purple, orange and yellow, and I think it works well to pick up some of the colors of the other great solids in this quilt.

I splurged and bought more of the bee print for the backing. I love that it’s 62″ wide so it fit this quilt without having to piece it. (I adore pieced backings, but occasionally it’s nice to use one solid piece, you know?) I used the same pink solid for the binding. I like how it blends in on the front, but provides a lovely border on the backing.

And can I tell you how lightweight and soft this is now that it’s finished? I hadn’t thought about it, but it seems that the combo of the lightweight Pure Elements fuchsia solid and the linen blend Ruby Star Rising prints makes for a quilt with a really great weight – just perfect for the end of summer!

_ _ _

And speaking of this fabulous big bee print, don’t you think it would make a perfect skirt? If so, you’re in luck, because you can now find a free pattern (and video tutorial!) over at Whipstitch. Take a peek at this cute video Melody created!

I have my pattern printed out, and I’m hoping to run over to Nido tomorrow to pick up a bit more of the bee fabric…

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!

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17 Responses to a big bee quilt!

  1. 1
    Dani says:

    Oooh, I love it! The hot pink is not something you see all the time, but it really sets off those bees.

  2. 2

    Ooh, I love, love, love that quilt back. that’s definitely my favorite colorway. Looks so very cool!

  3. 3
    Crystal says:

    Very cute! I was kinda confused with the hot pink choice, but when I saw that the bee had hot pink, then it made sense!

    Very nice job!

  4. 4
    Jeannette says:

    Love the quilting in straight, yet unevenly spaced lines. And I LOVE variegated threads for quilting. It just adds a neat little detail that can only be appreciated while you’re snuggled up close to it.

  5. 5
  6. 6
    Linzee says:

    Love it, and love seeing it against the colors of that building…did you paint the window frame so it would echo the quilt colors? 🙂

  7. 7
    POe says:

    Is it for sale? Please say yes! And then sell it to me.

  8. 8
    nicke cutler says:

    i felt a little sad when she kept crumpling up those cute drawings!

  9. 9
    Krista says:

    What do you do with your quilts??

    That sure is a great pink!!

  10. 10

    Looks great – love the bright pink! & yes I’m with you on the backing……

  11. 11
    Megan says:

    I love it! AND I’m so glad to see you post. I was worried about you guys! We have a cabin in Chester and altho it is fine the devastation is great around us. YAHOO for Vermonters!

  12. 12
    Dalya says:

    It’s so beautiful! Unique, colorful and modern! Woot! Love the stacked block effect! I really love love love how you quilted it, way cool!

  13. 13

    I love your quilt!! The hot pink is perfect and I’m sure the thread looks great against that grey!

  14. 15
    Kate Erbach says:

    Looks special photographed against the black wood building. Love the fabric choices too. That big bee calls to me.

  15. 16
    marie ireland says:

    This is the BEST!!! You’ve given me inspiration for two beautiful pieces of large print that I can’t bear to cut up……can’t wait to get sewing.

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