quilts for a kitchen?


Why hello! The summer already seems to have gotten away from me, though it’s only just started. I always think I’m going to get lots of sewing done when the weather turns nice, but as usual we find ourselves outside instead. This year I’m also not feeling very creative, so I can’t seem to get excited about any project.


We’re in the midst of planning for a kitchen renovation, which is exciting and not, all at the same time. I’m thrilled to be finally doing away with the bathroom that’s in the middle of the kitchen and a renovation done by the previous owners that’s completely not my taste. I’m scared about the mess and how long we’ll be without a kitchen! Oh, and did I mention the cost? Um, yeah. Kitchen renovations … not cheap.


Morgan told me one evening that he thought I should make and sell two hundred and some odd baby quilts to pay for the renovation (ha!). I laughed at the thought, but then decided I could make up a few, since I wasn’t feeling inspired by anything else at the moment. I always love patchwork quilts, especially these pairing lovely Liberty of London fabrics with other prints and solids. And while simple, I find they help me start to feel creative again. I love the act of picking fabrics and seeing what colors and prints look good together, and it usually inspires a whole new project.


I cut and sewed and cut and sewed and made up these five baby quilt tops. I love seeing a series of any one thing, but I know for sure that I’m not cut out for making the same thing over and over! Sorry Morgan, it doesn’t look like I’ll get anywhere close to 200 – I think I’m sticking at these 5. (Hopefully they’ll be finished and for sale soon!)


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Henry – 4 months

No time for words (typing one handed with a baby on my lap), but here are a few photos from this month!





(Henry has this look mastered. Maybe because it usually gets him what he wants!)



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hazel’s quilt


I’m still plugging away at those unfinished quilts when I get a chance! This one is a quilt top I made for Hazel almost exactly a year ago. It’s made from Heather Ross’s Tiger Lily line for Windham paired with a bunch of that great polka dot print by Bonnie Christine.


I gave Hazel a few backing options and she immediately selected this older Heather Ross tadpole print. I don’t blame her — it’s so soft! (She picked it less for the softness and more because Max has the matching print on the back of his Tiger Lily quilt). We added a strip of a print from Heather’s Briar Rose line, which happens to pair quite well.


I quilted it with horizontal straight lines (again, to match Max’s…), and used a green and white stripe for binding.

(complete with leftover yogurt from lunch!)

I spent a couple days hand sewing the binding and every time Hazel saw me with it she excitedly asked if it was ready for her to sleep under. It’s fun to finish a quilt for someone who is so excited about it!



Tiger Lily is still available at these great shops:
Hawthorne Threads
Fat Quarter Shop
Stash Fabrics and
Llama Fabrics.
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