scattered hearts

Another old finish! This is the third for 2017, though only the second that I’ve shown (still have yet to take the time to locate the photos for that second quilt finish, though I will – hopefully soon!). When looking through the closet of quilt tops, I pulled this one immediately, thinking it would be good to have a deadline.

I already had backing selected – Anna Maria Horner’s velveteen in a perfect red/pink color combo – so it was really quite easy to get it sandwiched and ready to quilt. Then, procrastinator that I am, I let it sit on the side of the sewing table while I ignored it and happily went about starting new projects.

This past weekend I realized we were expecting a snow storm and immediately was bummed that I wouldn’t have anything to photograph. I remembered this one, and quickly went to work doing some quick and easy quilting. The crosshatch quilting was pretty quick, and while I originally wanted to do more dense quilting (since there are quite a lot of seams – I was reminded just now when reading my previous post about this quilt that all those seams were due to a cutting/sewing error- oops!). Anyway, I’m not too worried about it, especially since it’s one I’m keeping.

But anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen similar hearts floating around on the internet recently. Allison’s heart pattern makes the perfect heart day quilt, and as a bonus, they’re quick and easy to sew! I made mine out of all my beautiful scraps of Umbrella Prints fabrics, and I love it. I’ve had many of those smaller scraps in my stash for many years, so it’s especially fun to put them all to use in a quilt.

I found the perfect binding in another Umbrella Prints fabric from one of their later lines, and I think it suits the quilt nicely. I even managed to get the bindingĀ all hand sewn Saturday night so I could snap a few photos while it snowed!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

_ _ _

p.s. the velveteen backing makes this quilt heavier than usual, so I used a really low loft batting – Quilters Dream Request

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Henry – 1 year (a month or so late!)

This little guy is now 1! (well, has been for a month, but you know me and the blogging lately…) He certainly keeps us laughing, with a myriad of hilarious facial expressions – his latest being his ‘angry face’ which he now does on command. He’s into everything, and far more destructive than I remember the other two being, but luckily I have Max and Hazel who love to let me know when he’s getting in trouble!

Diamond panes quilt)

I hate to say it, but I’m glad this was the last monthly photo! It gets challenging getting one this age to lay down for any amount of time!

Though I always love to look back at these cute sibling photos!

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Aria quilt top

I had a finished quilt to show you last week, but my computer crashed and took with it all the photos I had taken of said quilt (and all the photos from Henry’s first year – ah!). Luckily, Morgan was able to recover most (all?) of them and has replaced the hard drive in my computer, so I’m now sorta back in business. Except that now all my older photos are all stored on some other drive somewhere and I haven’t taken the time to try to find them yet. So instead, a few photos of this new quilt top I made last week (largely unedited, as I seem to have also lost my copy of photoshop…)

Those nice people at Windham Fabrics occasionally send me new fabrics to play with (thank you!!), and I had received this lovely bundle of Aria by Kelly Ventura.

I love Kelly’s work and have one of her watercolor prints framed in our bathroom, so I was excited to take a closer look at her second collection for Windham.

I initially partially unfolded the fat quarters and pinned them to my design wall to look at all the prints together. The more I looked at it, the more I liked the simple way they were pinned to the board, and when Morgan came home from work that night, he said the same thing, so I decided to just sew them together as they were (how’s that for nice and easy?!)

They’re all cut in 4″ strips and paired with a Robert Kaufmann chambray for the background solid. I staggered the strips randomly as I sewed them together and then just trimmed the top and bottom. I really like how it turned out! Sometimes quick and simple is just what you need.

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