Maze & Vale Converging Corners


I quilted this wall hanging recently, and I think I love it. As I mentioned before, it was a bit of an experiment – I wasn’t sure how these low volume prints (all Maze & Vale hand printed fabrics) would look in my converging corners design, since you kind of need the prints in the corners to stand out to form the design, but as it turns out, you can still see the design and I love the way it looks with these softer prints.


You can even see the design from afar!


I quilted it with concentric circles again, though this time varied the spacing between the circles.


I first quilted circles about an inch apart, then went back and filled in different sections. (It can be hard to know when to stop!)


The backing and binding are both Robert Kaufman Essex yarn dyed in flax, which seemed to go well, and fit the feeling, of the lovely Maze & Vale hand printed fabrics.


And all those lovely Maze & Vale snippets? I’ll never get tired of looking at them!

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Hazel – 1 year!

Hazel turned one last week, complete with a sunny weekend at the beach and chocolate cupcakes (she was a big fan!). I finally got a chance to take the final photos for my mosaics…mosaic646fdac96fca183d5f9d891120a5b85c302a0a0f
1 year of Hazel on quilts



and one year of Max and Hazel in front of a quilt top. I’m so glad that I took the time to get a monthly photo because I think it’s such a fun look back, despite being a challenge at the time!

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little pieces of my heart


In cleaning up my sewing space, I discovered a number of partly finished projects. It was kind of funny to find that most of them really just required a little bit of work to finish them up, so I suppose it makes me wonder why they were set aside in the first place. The blocks for this little wall hanging just required a bit of trimming and then it was quite easy to sew them into a top.


The quilt design is one I’ve always liked by Umbrella Prints. It uses one of their large scale heart prints, which is then cut up, shuffled around and then sewn together again to create this fun mosaic look. (I cut up a piece I had, but they even sell a mosaic kit that includes their Broken Hearts pattern so that you can make your own.)


I thought it might be fun to replace one square with their same heart print in this fun orangey-red color. I love the little pop of color, and love that it gives a little look at what the original print looked like before it was cut into pieces and recombined!

(As an aside, I took these photos on the side of a building I’ve always liked – it happens to be at an intersection in the middle of a nearby town. As we drove by, it didn’t seem too busy. Of course, as soon as I taped the quilt top to the side of the building, traffic increased and the next thing I know, Morgan’s calling from the car to let me know that people are staring. It cut my photo shoot a bit short, so today you only get these three quickly-snapped photos!)

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