a reject project turned quilt.


Ha! I’m sure I’m not the only one to have an idea, start making it, and discover you dislike it. That’s pretty much what happened here.

I started this one a while back, and in fact I can’t even remember what my original plan was with these blocks (this was not it). It wasn’t good, so it was turned into this, which is also not good, but for some reason I couldn’t let it go and actually pieced a backing (which I do like!), and even basted it.

It sat in a pile for a long time because I didn’t really want to put in the time to quilt something I didn’t care for, but then I discovered that I had used a lot of my larger quilting safety pins to baste it and I kind of wanted them back. So you see, I had to finish it!

In the meantime, I received Jacquie Gering’s¬†amazing book, Walk, from Lucky Spool (thank you!), and I couldn’t stop looking at all the great quilting designs she shows. I’ve been tired of just straight lines, but for some reason hadn’t even considered that I could change it up and create such fun designs with my walking foot.

This quilt seemed like the perfect quilt to practice on. I chose Jacquie’s Orange Peel design, mainly because this quilt was made up of the same sized squares and therefore required minimal marking. I’m so happy to say that it was so fun, and dare I say easy? to quilt that I can’t wait to try out another design on a quilt I like a bit better! (In fact, since quilting this one, I’ve used two other designs from this book to quilt two other quilts which I’ll show you soon!).

As far as this one goes, I’m not really sure what its fate will be. Perhaps a donation, or perhaps one of the kids will snag it for fort building. I’m just happy it’s finished and that I have my quilting pins back!

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deja vu?

I mentioned that I immediately made a second quilt in this same design, right? I had such fun putting that last one together that I decided I should really see how it looked in Rifle Paper co’s newest line, Menagerie.

This one has a different feel with these darker colors, and I think it’s quite perfect for Fall. My sister took one look at it and said it made her feel sad, but I don’t see that at all. (What does she know, really?!) I love the florals on the darker backgrounds and really enjoy the addition of the gold metallics in many of the fabrics.

This time I added some extra triangles to a few of the hst blocks, giving me a chance to mix and match the fabrics even more and giving it a bit of extra interest.

We took this quilt top across the lake to my favorite little town, Essex, NY, and found this beautiful barn for photos. The kids got a trip to the playground and an ice cream cone, so everyone was happy (aside from Morgan, perhaps, who just ended up with sore arms from having to hold this quilt up for so long!)

I’ve already made a backing for this one, and hope to start quilting it soon, so hopefully I’ll have finished photos before too long!

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hello! (and a Heather Ross Kinder quilt)

Well. It’s been so long I almost forgot how to log into my own blog! I’ve missed blogging about quilting, so I’m glad things have slowed down a bit now that school’s back in session so I can get back here. The end of the school year last spring seemed crazy, and then we had an unfortunate basement flooding incident, which was a problem all summer and necessitated digging up the front lawn with an excavator (and is only now finally being fixed). Our flooding was minor compared to what people are experiencing in Texas and Florida, so it’s hard to complain, but it has been a nuisance, and a big unexpected expense. Anyway. I have snuck in a bit of sewing here and there, and I even have one to show you today!

I’m always excited when I receive an unexpected package from Windham, and recently I found one on my doorstep containing Heather Ross’s upcoming line, Kinder. I always love Heather’s designs, and couldn’t wait to sew something with this new line.

There are frogs and apples and flowers and a whole bunch of really beautiful colors which pair quite well with many of the prints from her previous lines, particularly Briar Rose. Fortunately I had saved (ahem, hoarded) a bunch of those prints so I decided to add them to this quilt.

At first I had something else in mind, which looked terrible when I started in on it. Having cut many of the prints up into squares, I was limited in my options, but half square triangles never disappoint, so all was well! (In fact, I loved making it so much that I immediately made a second out of another line, which I’ll show you soon!)

Thank you again to Windham for the fun fabric surprise! Kinder will be available in stores in February.

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