hazel’s quilt


I’m still plugging away at those unfinished quilts when I get a chance! This one is a quilt top I made for Hazel almost exactly a year ago. It’s made from Heather Ross’s Tiger Lily line for Windham paired with a bunch of that great polka dot print by Bonnie Christine.


I gave Hazel a few backing options and she immediately selected this older Heather Ross tadpole print. I don’t blame her — it’s so soft! (She picked it less for the softness and more because Max has the matching print on the back of his Tiger Lily quilt). We added a strip of a print from Heather’s Briar Rose line, which happens to pair quite well.


I quilted it with horizontal straight lines (again, to match Max’s…), and used a green and white stripe for binding.

(complete with leftover yogurt from lunch!)

I spent a couple days hand sewing the binding and every time Hazel saw me with it she excitedly asked if it was ready for her to sleep under. It’s fun to finish a quilt for someone who is so excited about it!



Tiger Lily is still available at these great shops:
Hawthorne Threads
Fat Quarter Shop
Stash Fabrics and
Llama Fabrics.
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Henry – 3 months

(Steeplechase quilt)

This little guy is already 3 months old, and oh so sweet! He’s such an easy going baby, and rarely cries – sometimes I forget for a second that he’s here! I suppose third children have so much going on around them that they’re always entertained.


We’re still working on getting smiles out of him – his usual look is a frown (!), or this sort of skeptical look. It’s kind of amusing.


So far his only real dislikes seem to be the car (oh, the screaming!) and bottles (how dare we think that he’d want to have milk from a bottle!). For the time being that means we don’t travel too far by car, and I don’t get to travel too far from Henry!


The gang. (We’re going to have to keep working on our poses!)

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coral maze

I pulled out all my hoarded collected Maze & Vale prints the other day and decided that rather than just admiring them and putting them back on the shelf, I should actually make something out of them. What an idea, right?!


As you may know, I’ve been and admirer, and collector!, of Leslie’s beautiful hand printed fabrics for quite some time now, and I’ve made a couple quilts previously out of her fabrics (here and here).


This time I decided to limit the color palette – using all the pinks, yellows and brownish grays I had along with some similar solids. The design is similar to my Bespoke quilt, though with less background white space and consequently a slightly different look.


I like that it shows off larger sections of these beautiful prints.


My mom has already mentioned that these are her colors, so possibly she’s making a play for this one? (though she also mentioned that it would be great if it could be larger to fit her bed…unfortunately that’s not possible as this one already used up my stash of Maze & Vale prints!)

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