Action Kivu Fundraiser


I’m always so pleased to be able to post and spread the word about the Action Kivu fundraiser. This is the 6th year for this fundraiser, organized by Alissa Haight Carlton. Action Kivu works with women and children of the Congo who have been victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo. Part of how they help is by financing a sewing workshop, teaching women how to sew and consequently how to provide an income for their families.


If you have a minute, this blog post on the Action Kivu site is definitely worth a read (and the video worth a watch!). It’s truly amazing to see the excitement on the faces of the women who have completed the sewing course as they are given their certificate and new sewing machine, knowing that they can now help support themselves and their families. Please consider donating so that they can continue and expand these programs to help change even more lives.


And of course, as in previous years, your donation could also win you a fabulous prize! Check this post to see all the generous prizes that are available. Donating is easy – just click the Donate button next to the prize you’re interested in!


The goal is to raise $15,000 this year, so donate today and help make that a reality!

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my finished medallion quilt


Well hello there! As I may have mentioned, this summer hasn’t been good for my sewing or blogging habits. Those crazy kids would rather spend time at the lake or the pool, or out picking berries, or riding bikes rather than sitting inside so I can sew a few seams. Weird! Anyway, since I realized there wouldn’t be much in the way of new quilt tops, I thought it might be a good opportunity to finish up a few that have been lingering.


I picked two and sent them off to Gina to work her quilting magic. While I do mostly try to quilt my own quilts, there’s something really fun about sending off a quilt top and backing and then sitting back and waiting for a finished quilt to be returned! I decided to let her surprise me, and I was thrilled to see the fun stacked fan design she used on my medallion quilt. I love how the overall design looks on this quilt – giving it great texture but not distracting from the quilt design.


This quilt is a top I finished somewhat recently – it was really fun to try my hand at a medallion quilt and I enjoyed making it up as I went along. Anna Maria Horner’s prints from her Honor Roll line were the inspiration – I love the mix of patterns and colors and decided to make a quilt out of all prints, adding in a wide variety of other prints to round it all out.


I really love the mix of prints and the different scales of the prints. From afar, some prints look like solids but it’s fun to get close and realize that they’re all various prints. You can read my blog post about the quilt top here.


Thank you, Gina, for helping me get this one finished and keeping it from languishing in the unfinished quilt closet! I’m so pleased with the quilting and recommend Gina highly if you’re in need of some quilting. It really was a joy not to have to think about the basting part (my least favorite part!) or about inadvertently ruining a quilt top with some quilting that wasn’t quite right.


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a single irish chain quilt top


I’ve never made an irish chain quilt, though I’ve admired them. I seem to be drawn to quilts made of two colors, but as of yet I’ve not been able to actually limit myself to just two colors. Obviously I couldn’t do it here either, though I did sorta limit myself to navy and gold (and gray…oops!)


This quilt was inspired by this Anthropologie shower curtain I stumbled upon on Pinterest. I liked the idea of using a print for every other block (the solid squares). I tried to pick one fun print, but then decided to instead go with yellowy green/gold as the one color, but use a variety of prints. I thought the variety of prints in one color was pretty fun so I decided to do the same with the navy and gray/white 9 patch blocks.


These colors were selected because I wanted to use a few of the new Cotton + Steel prints – I pulled out a couple favorites, a couple navy prints and a few golds, then realized that there were many other Cotton + Steel prints from past collections in the same colors. I included a few other navys and yellows that I found in my stash, and I’m pretty happy with how all the prints work together.


I think I need to find some clashing color for the backing – something bright and unexpected. No ideas in mind yet, but hopefully something perfect will pop up!


(Hazel’s a fan!)

Previous post about this quilt can be found here.

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