a confession.


So, I have a confession to make. Another one! (my first was the number of unfinished quilts I have in my closet!). This time it’s about fabric. When I first started sewing and quilting I bought fabric – lots of it. It would seem that I thought that I was going to use the same fabric in a bazillion quilts (not so). Lately I’ve tried to be better about my buying habits – more often buying fat quarters and then waiting to see what fabrics I seem to reach for often before buying bigger cuts. And that seems to be working (that, and the fact that there are so many great new lines coming out – faster than I can sew them into quilts!).


(pretty (and soft!) Anna Maria Horner velveteens – several on sale at Hawthorne Threads)

Despite being good about buying smaller quantities for quilt tops, my weakness seems to be for sale fabrics or unique prints that ‘might’ make a good quilt backing. Apparently I’m able to justify a larger than necessary purchase with the thought of “wouldn’t this be great as a quilt back?” And sure, maybe it would make a good quilt back, but if you don’t have a quilt needing a backing then perhaps it’s not very useful. Looks like I need to make up a bunch of quilt tops…



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8 months


Hazel is 8 months old now and on the move — making a beeline for anything that belongs to Max (much to his dismay! He thought it was bad a month ago, but now she’s that much faster!) Hopefully someday they’ll share and play nicely together?


And a couple cute sibling photos. So glad I’ve been taking the time to get one each month – it takes a lot of work (and lots of bribes, usually!), but I’m looking forward to seeing the full years worth of photos.


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the week that… wasn’t?

Well, the week is over and I got absolutely nothing done. It was mostly filled with challenging children (the oldest, especially… yikes!), and was one of those weeks to just get through.


I pulled this old (old!) work in progress out to have something pretty to look at during this trying week. I found it recently and am looking forward to getting it finished! (and it will give me another chance to work on my curves… many of those up there are not quite as nicely rounded as I’d like!)


And I won’t lie, these new stash additions which arrived in yesterday’s mail are a bright spot in this week. Leah Duncan’s Meadow is so beautiful and has me wishing I had ordered the whole collection!


And Lotta Jansdotter’s Mormor line contains some great colors – purple! always lacking in my stash – and really lovely patterns. Those florals on the white background are a favorite for sure.

Quilt pattern is Christina's Retro Flowers, which can be found here.

I ordered the fabrics shown above from Hawthorne Threads, though the Meadow & Mormor lines can be found at many great shops now, including those of many of my sponsors (in the sidebar!).

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