chambray + vintage patchwork


Without expecting it, this quilt has become my current favorite. The chambray and those vintage fabrics make me happy, and it’s surprisingly soft, too! I told Morgan it could be his, then promptly claimed it as mine once it made its way to the couch.


I backed this one with a fabric I ordered from Westwood Acres when they had a sale on yardage. I wasn’t as fond of it as I thought when it arrived, as it was more beige than I expected, but as it turns out, a good match with these vintage blocks. There’s one bright red square in one of the blocks, so I quite like the pairing. (Previous post about this quilt, along with a full shot of the top, can be found here).


It has a number of stains, and the hand sewn blocks will definitely need some repair (in some places sooner than later!), but I think it adds to the charm. I love that it already feels a bit worn and broken in. I like to think that the person who made these quilt blocks would be happy to know they’ve found their way into a quilt and are being used and loved!

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fall colors


Well, well! November already! Here I had high hopes of getting some great fall foliage + quilts photos, but no. While the fall foliage was spectacular this year (some of the best I can remember, actually!), and while I did spend much time admiring it, I didn’t also have a finished quilt to display in front of the lovely fall backdrop. Maybe next year.


I talk about fall because while the leaves are now in a sad wet pile on our lawn, the colors of this bundle I put together for Karen Lewis continues to remind me of everything great about fall, mainly fall mums, which I look forward to every year. It was such a treat when Karen asked me to put together a bundle for her fabric club. I very quickly chopped up my Kona card and spent quite some time putting together little groupings of favorites. As it turns out, it’s hard to limit your selection to just 12! I ultimately ended up with this colorful group. And as much as I loved my selection when I made it, turns out it’s even better when printed with Karen’s beautiful designs!


I’ve had a hard time jumping in and committing to chopping these beauties up, but I finally took the plunge, and hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon! In the meantime, if you don’t already, go follow Karen on instagram where you’ll get sneak peeks of upcoming bundles (she just showed off Elizabeth Hartman’s color selections!), and of course, head over here if you want to sign up for Karen’s fun fabric club!


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quilts for sale!


It’s been noted that we may have too many quilts in our house (what?!). So many of the quilts I make have never been used – some haven’t even had their first washing! – and despite the fact that I’d like to keep them all, even I can admit that it would be far nicer if they were being used and loved.


So I’ve pulled out a stack to sell and have listed them over on my IG destash account (fitfdestash). Perhaps you need a nice warm quilt for the coming winter? Or perhaps you’re already thinking about gifts and wanting to check one or two off your list? I would love it if you’d take a look and would certainly love it if you’d like to give one a new home!


You can purchase on IG simply by leaving your paypal address (I’d recommend spelling out ‘at’ rather than using the @ symbol, as IG seems to be deleting comments that just consist of an email address), or you can simply email me ( and I can send you an invoice. I’ve tried to take a few photos of each quilt, but you can also find additional photos of each quilt on my blog, or I’m happy to take additional photos for you if you’d like. Thanks in advance for taking a look and helping me make some space in our house!

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