Film in the Fridge

tiny rectangles of many colors

I’m obviously running out of quilt name ideas! Tiny rectangles… well, ok. Ever since I made my 2×4 quilt top (tutorial here), I’ve wanted to make another in scrappy fabrics. I thought about remaking that one, but then decided to play around with the measurements and make 20 patch blocks (is that a thing? I know I’ve seen a lot of 16 patch blocks…)

Anyway, these are kind of fun because the pieces within the blocks are tiny rectangles rather than squares. It also only uses 2 – 3″ x wof strip (one of each fabric) for each block. I initially attempted to pull together an actual color palette for this one, but then in the end just added in everything I liked that was readily available.

There’s a bunch of Cotton + Steel, some favorite Umbrella Prints (those hearts!), a bit of Carolyn Friedlander, some Denyse and a few Anna Maria Horner prints and a bunch of japanese text prints. I love it for all its color!

I contemplated making it king sized, but then came to my senses! Someday I’ll make another king sized quilt, but for now I’m going to enjoy smaller quilts that I may have a chance of finishing!