random pics of fabrics…

I’ve had some fun mail arrive recently – fun fabric-y mail, which is always my favorite kind!


Up first is a selection of prints I ordered from Umbrella Prints – these are from their new line, Floating World, and I must say I’m in love. I’ve had a thing for peach recently, so that peach print is a perfect addition to the stash. And that green one on top? Perfect. I will definitely be ordering more! (oh, I shouldn’t have looked at their site again – I already spy a few more things I’d like…)


And then there was this – an absolutely beautiful bundle of Alissa Haight Carlton’s new Modern Solids. What a perfect selection of colors, with great depth and richness. They’re crossweaves, which gives them that extra depth. I can’t wait to see how they’ll look in a quilt! (They’ll be available next month I think…)


Some recent stash additions – a few new prints from Joel Dewberry’s and Anna Maria Horner’s True Color lines, and then a bit of a restock on some of my other favorites. I’m often asked how much of each fabric I buy, and of course it really depends. I do find that these days I tend to like to buy fat quarters of prints I like from new lines – mainly to see how they work with my stash. If I find I reach for them often, then I’ll rebuy a half yard. Most of the prints in this stack are half yard cuts (aside from the few on top, which are fat quarters).


(my little helper – snapping a few pretend photos of his own!)


I can try and make these piles look pretty, but in reality, this is the true state of my sewing table, so it looks like I’ll be spending some time cleaning things up before I get to the fun of making anything new!


Oh, and speaking of new, here’s my latest all taped (rather messily!) to the wall behind my sewing table. Better get sewing!

Happy weekend!

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9 Responses to random pics of fabrics…

  1. 1
    anna says:

    I’ve been busy oogling my umbrella prints set, can’t bear to cut into yet. 🙂 Now I want one of those scrap packs! drat!

  2. 2
    laura hall says:

    it all looks like fun!

  3. 3
    Colleen says:


    I am a little jealous that you have a dedicated space for your quilting… Living in a wee little house in the Bay Area I won’t have that luxury until my kids go away to college (though my 8 yo has informed me he is never leaving – mixed emotions here).

    I was wondering what you use to tape your squares to the wall, that’s one thing I do have, blank walls!

  4. 4
    Tanis says:

    I love the slice of life shots! A messy craft space is a well loved craft space!

  5. 5
    Nancy says:

    I just finished a plus quilt baby size (36 x 36) with 2 1/2″ cuts using squares and rectangles (idea from Gemma at Pretty Bobbins). You must commit to vertical or horizontal, before cutting especially if using any one way fabrics. N

  6. 6
    Margaret says:

    you have some lovely fabrics here, a query about the modern solids, what do you mean by crossweave? I am learning so much from the blogs I follow . I stitch in the kitchen so cannot leave it out, choice as then I only have to heat the one room, a waste of a house eally as I am on my own with 3 bedrooms and a lounge I only go in to hoover and dust!

  7. 7
    Nicole says:

    Can you tell us what that chevron-y rolled fabric sitting atop your pile is? I love it and want to get a hold of some before it disappears. Thanks so much!

    Also: I love this blog. It makes me want to sew more.

  8. 8
    Erica Duncan says:

    This is a easy, cheap solution for creating a design wall to put your fabric on instead of taping it to the wall. Go to Lowes/Home Depot and look at their Styrofoam insulation panels. They come it 4′ x 8′ sheets but you can cut them with a utility knife. Cut to fit above your desk. Spray it with spray adhesive and wrap batting around it and use a staple gun to tack in in back. Now your fabric will stick with no pins or tape. and you can use pins for heavier fabric when necessary. So lightweight that anything will hang it. Plus with the leftover pieces, you can make a portable one to take with you to your sewing machine. Win/Win.

  9. 9

    So cute to see Max taking fabric photos too. They do copy everything!

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