Film in the Fridge

taking stock, once again

So the time has come again. It’s time to air my dirty laundry, er, unfinished quilt tops, in hopes that it motivates me to get some of these finished! I wrote a similar post a little over a year ago, and I’m sad to say that several of those quilts shown then remain unfinished. And of course many more have been added to the list. It’s time to get some quilt backs made! Want to see what’s in the unfinished quilt closet these days?

Jam on

Liberty Churn Dash

Improv Solids

Flea Market Fancy Swoon

Half Squared

Graduated Rainbow

Hooked Hexagons in purples

Hooked Hexagons in aqua & gold

A colorful trip

faux roman stripes



pink & gray improv

FMF on point

I spy some favorites up there! Then there are a few that I hesitate to quilt for fear of not doing them justice, and a few that I’ve fallen out of love with. But I would love to see them all finished, and now that they’re all rounded up here, I’m going to do my best to cross a few off the list! As before, any votes on what to start with first? And of course, if you have your own embarrassing list of unfinished quilts, do share!