Max + Hazel



We were worried about how Max would react to having a baby in the house, but thankfully he seems to have taken it quite well (though yes, I did have to bribe him in order to get this photo!)

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    YC says:

    Worth it! Besides, don’t toddler boys need to be bribed to do anything they didn’t decide to do already (and sometimes, even then)?

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    Angie says:

    Enjoy each precious moment. Priceless photo!

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    Sarah Schraw says:

    When she’s old enough to be a playmate he’ll be so happy to have her around!

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    Emily C says:

    That little Max is stealin the show with the sweetest eyes ever!

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    CJ says:

    What beautiful children you have. That is a really lovely photo.

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    Julie says:

    Such a darling photograph of two darlings! (Loving how you’ve styled the photograph, noting Max’s shirt complementing the colors of the quilt.:))

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    Paige says:

    They both look so precious. Look at those little baby fingers!

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    ara jane says:

    they are really way too cute. and i’m impressed that they’re both actually looking at the camera!

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    Christine Piepmeier says:

    So very sweet! Enjoy.

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    TracyB says:

    They look adorable together. Hopefully, you didn’t have to buy him a puppy! Congratulations!

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    Audrie says:

    Awww! I hope they’ll be the best of friends 🙂

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    Cindy says:

    Awww- how adorable! Such precious little ones! Enjoy!:)

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    Carla says:

    Sweet boy! He looks very pleased with his little treasure

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    Sara Hill says:

    She is so alert! And he is still the handsomest boy. What cuties!! Very happy for you!

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    Franziska says:

    very sweet. Reactions may come when Hazel will be able to reach for his toys… At least it was like so over here. But every family is different. It’s only important to know that reactions are normal. 🙂

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    Kay Hoeppner says:

    Absolutely adorable:)

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    Bobbie says:

    Well worth the bribe!!

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    she is precious.. I just want to kiss her, I cant wait till my 3 gdaughter gets her in October

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    Valerie says:

    Suddenly he looks so grown up!

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    Usha says:

    You have been blessed with the most adorable babies! Love the way they are both looking at the camera…. Happy weekend to you…

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    Lesa says:

    Your two babies are so cute! Enjoy every minute ❤

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    Dawna says:

    Your children are beautiful. I have just been amazed at how alert and wide-eyed your little Hazel is and Max has the most beautiful eyes. I’m sure they are your most valued creations.

    Much health and happiness to you and your lovely family.

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    Stephinie says:

    So sweet!! Congratulations 🙂

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    Kellie says:

    Absolutely precious! Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family.

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    Holly says:

    Just now getting caught up on blogs and I see that your kids are Max and Hazel. I had a great-uncle and great-aunt named Max & Hazel and they were by far the sweetest people I ever knew. Just thought it was a neat coincidence that your kids have their names…

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    Elizabeth Bremner says:

    These fabrics are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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    tina mckenzie says:

    Those children have beautiful eyes!! wow

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