Film in the Fridge

flying geese gone wild

I’m so pleased with this little quilt. This stack of fabric was one I pulled for my Friday fabric stack #2 — I started with the wonderful Liberty of London Tom’s Jet print and paired it with some blue and gray solids and prints and one little spot of bright orangey-red.

I was inspired by this mini quilt from the Purl Bee. I like how the geese are flying in all directions, and I love how they’ve played with the different prints for the triangles and backgrounds.

I used this method for making 4 flying geese at a time. Fun! (and quick and painless!). Very quickly I had a pile of geese which I then arranged on the design wall. Since I used two sizes of geese, I had to add in a few additional scraps of fabrics to make everything fit, and I think those little pieces are one of my favorite aspects of the quilt.

I thought at first I’d add to it to make it a bit larger, but after spending a lot of time thinking of options, I finally decided to keep it as it was and turn it into a wall hanging for Max’s room.

Once again I quilted it with narrow straightish lines. I love the texture it gives the quilt, and I love this type of look, especially for a wall hanging. I wish I could show you a photo of it on his wall, but even though I did manage to make a hanging sleeve, and buy a dowel, I still haven’t managed to get it up on the wall!