one last giveaway for 2010!

Thank you all for making 2010 a fun blogging year! I had a great time making a number of quilts during this year, including these favorites –

1. another string quilt, 2. far far away 2 strip quilt, 3. flea market fancy lattice baby quilt, 4. hope valley quilt for Erich, 5. the flying farfalle quilt, 6. a bold fun echino boy quilt, 7. timber quilt, 8. two quilts in Tufted Tweets, 9. summer sherbet plus quilt, 10. starburst quilt, 11. twin baby goldfish quilts, 12. moonlight in the trees quilt, 13. goldfish squared twin quilts, 14. a wonderfully wonky anna maria horner string quilt, 15. postcards from the park quilt, 16. spotted squares quilt – twin sized

(if you’re interested, you can see all the quilts from 2010 listed under the Quilt tab on my blog).

A huge thank you to everyone who continues to visit my blog! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the sweet and encouraging comments. You truly feel like friends, and I look forward to continuing to connect with you next year!

In the meantime, a little giveaway for you! I have 8 fat quarters of the fabulous Flea Market Fancy here for someone. This line still continues to be a top favorite for me, and I’m happy to be able to share some with someone here!

Please leave a comment here for a chance to win (only one comment per person, please!!). Anything goes, though if you have a favorite boy name, we’re open to suggestions! (It’s time to start coming up with a list, and we’re finding ourselves at a loss for ideas!)

I’ll select a winner on New Years Day!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year!!

Edit: Comments are now closed! I’ll select and announce a winner shortly!

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1,088 Responses to one last giveaway for 2010!

  1. 1
    Dianne says:

    Love your blog, and I’ve enjoyed reading it this year. I love very traditional names. I have a Nicholas and a Jack…

    • 2
      Beth Wilson says:

      Ashley, just found your website this fall. You are a wonder of inspiration. Best to you for a happy, healthy boy! Happy New Year.

      • 3
        Kirsten N says:

        I had twin boys 12 years ago, and we named them Flynn (“son of the red haired one” ie. my husband) and Conor (after Conor Macleod in “The Highlander” . Wishing you all the best and hope you have a lovely New Year!!!

    • 4
      Suzanne says:

      I was touched that you consider your readers to be friends. We are, I suppose. What’s really neat is that having read your blog for a while, I can pick your work out when I see it appear in other places. You have a strong quilt identity. Happy New Year! (And thanks for the giveaway.)

    • 5
      Liz says:

      Thanks so much for this opportunity! I came into quilting too late to get any of the fabulous FMF seed fabric, which I adore. I would be beyond tickled to win this wonderful giveaway!
      Your blog is terrific, one of the few I try to check in on daily! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  2. 6
    Kait says:

    Oh, my heart flutters for FMF. I love the orange prints. You are one of the most prolific quilters I know of and I envy you! Congrats on such a great year πŸ™‚ I really like the name Asher or Max.

  3. 7
    melissa says:

    what lovely colors!!!! I’d be at a loss for boy names too! When I was pregnant I couldn’t find a single one I liked, nothing, good thing she was a girl!

  4. 8
    laurel says:

    oooh – pretty! some of our top boy names are peter, becket, liam… i’ve always loved colin as well.

  5. 9
    Collette says:

    My husband and I adopted a baby and thus named him after we’d met him. One night, while my husband was holding him (before we got to take him home) I flipped through the name book and wrote down all my choices then my husband did his list. Then, because we’re geeks, we cross-referenced them and obtained a master list. We then narrowed it down to two–Gabriel and Nathaniel. We chose Gabriel because it seemed to fit him best. Maybe the list cross-reference thing would work for you too!

  6. 10
    Susanne says:

    I like Thomas And Leon πŸ™‚

  7. 11
    Amy says:

    Such pretty fabrics!
    I love the names Quinn, Benjamin and Charlie.
    Happy New Year!!

  8. 12
    Tine says:

    Oh wow!! What a fabulous giveaway! I have mostly followed you on flickr. But I have visited your blog every so often πŸ™‚
    My fave boys’ name is Hunter or Walker. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  9. 13
    Lynne says:

    Just sitting here watching Star Trek – how about James Tiberius Kirk?! My fave is your postcards in the park quilt. Happy New Year and good luck with the new arrival-to-be.

  10. 14
    Liza M. says:

    Ooh la la! I would LOVE some Flea Market Fancy! One of my favorite boy name combos is Liam Marshall, but it’ll probably be a while before I have kids. I also like Oliver and August, but no one else does πŸ™

  11. 15
    Christina says:

    Well, my little girl is 10 now, but when I was pregnant, we had so much fun thinking up names. We chose Kyle Ethan for a boy. We’re still boy-less, but the name is still a favorite of mine! Congrats!

  12. 16
    kelly says:

    oh, man! i want some FMF SOOOOOOO badly.

    boy names… i have a Jack. we also love: oscar, daniel, and kenneth.

  13. 17

    Wow! I can’t believe you are giving away flea market fancy! I like the name Owen.

  14. 18
    Kate says:

    We are due in March & had loads of boy names but no girl names — it’s a girl so we are scrambling. We liked John Glenn (named after my husband first and his Grandfather middle but also has a space thing going – we live by NASA), then we move onto golfers that he adores – Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Thomas Watson. I also wanted to find a name that is common (top 100), but not popular (top 10 for sure) — We are pushing the back of the alphabet so I didn’t want our little one to be “Olivia #3” in class. I am also a “Katherine” going by “Kate” so I wanted to name our daughter something she’ll actually go by and not be constantly correcting people or have different names at different places.

  15. 19
    Cindy Tipton says:

    I like John, just plain John. Classic, no wonky spelling for the baby to learn. Congratulations on impending arrival, and I love your quilts. They inspire me!

  16. 20

    My favorite little boy name is Will. It’s one that (at least so far) isn’t also a girl name, and it’s short and simple. My second favorite is Henry. It’s totally classic. What names are you considering?

  17. 21
    Josée says:

    You’re a great source of inspiration. Don’t stop!!

  18. 22
    Mary Claire says:

    Jackson, Charlie, Cash, Gage, Jack…

    Great give-a-way, thank you!

  19. 23
    Kressley says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and it has inspired me to make quilts for my christmas gifts this year. I like the names: Silas and Liam.

  20. 24
    Molly says:

    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! Thanks for a great year of beautiful quilts and inspiration. Also, some of my favorite boy names are Declan, Lincoln, and North.

  21. 25
    leisel says:

    Hmmmm. . . that is why I had 3 girls. . . boys names are just not something I got a lot of. Kyler and Karston were the possible options. . .

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. 26
    Stephanie says:

    Such pretty fabric. I had a boy seven months ago and named him Cohen. It fits him perfectly!

  23. 27
    Patricia says:

    My favourite boy names are Sean, Jonas, and Liam (William). I do love Colin.

    Thank you for hosting this great giveaway! I’ve been following your blog for years and love all your quilts.


  24. 28
    Susan C. says:

    What a generous giveaway! I’ve always liked the name Dexter for some reason.

  25. 29
    celine says:

    Eric, Mikey, Jonas πŸ™‚

  26. 30
    Mary C says:

    thanks for the giveaway
    I love the little seeds print!
    Boy’s name: Grayson
    Happy New Year!

  27. 31
    Crystal says:

    Oh my goodness…this is such a genrous giveaway! I’m always inspired by your beautiful qilts and hope to take advantage of all that inspiration in the coming year. Maybe I’ll finally get around to making a string quilt? Ooo…or a starburst quilt!

  28. 32
    Alison in Anchorage says:

    I am a big fan of your work. Always an inspiration for me!

    Two family names are Michael and William.

  29. 33
    Anna says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would love to own the Flea Market Fancy line! My favorite boy name is Gavin but that’s kind of bias since that’s my son’s name! I also love Logan, Lawrence, Issac, and Ian. πŸ™‚

  30. 34
    Terri says:

    How fun to look back on your quilting accomplishments! My favorites were your starburst quilt, but I love the string quilt and the postcards. How fun to see you’re doing a giveaway. I don’t own any Flea Market Fancy prints, so I would love to enter. My favorite boy names would be more traditional, like Charles or Nicholas. Have fun deciding!

  31. 35
    Ruth says:

    What a wonderful collection of quilts! I’m throwing in my 2 cents for the name game: Henry! Nice strong and pleasant boy’s name. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year and thanks for offering a chance to part with some of that awesome FMF (I don’t have any!).

  32. 36
    Rachel says:

    This is such an amazing line! Would love to win these fat quarters! Oliver has been one of my favorite boy names-a classic but not a name too many others have…

  33. 37
    Johanna says:

    The list-cross-reference thingie will probably be used here as well. The only problem is that I have such a huge family and all the good names are already taken. Benjamin, Alexander, Thomas, Luis, John, Roman, Jeremias, Jonas, Niclas, Gabriel, Joshua, Matthew. So all I have left is: Simon, Luca, and Noah.
    Oh, and on my in laws side we just welcomed a little girl into the world and they named her Anna. *sigh* My favorite name ever is now taken. But she is so cute, she deserves it πŸ™‚

  34. 38
    Meredith E. says:

    I love following your blog and seeing the amazing things you do with fabric. Actually, you have inspired my New Year’s resolution for 2011 … to learn to sew! I’ve been talking about it for years … but 2011 will be the year I finally do something about it!

    Miles and Samuel are my boy name ideas. πŸ™‚

  35. 39
    Cammie says:

    Those are yummy!

    I love the name Canon, I love it enough that I named my oldest Canon.

    • 40
      Donna says:

      Love this blog – one of my faves…I can’t believe what you’ve accomplished this year…we had two girls so our boy names are up for grabs husband is French (keep this in mind!)…Roméo, and Louis. Still love them. Our girls are Margo and Maude (pronounced Mode)…also good!

      Best wishes for a happy 2011 full of quilting and fabric and love!

  36. 41
    Megan says:

    EEeeeeeeee! I love this line! I’m a hoarder and a procrastinator so I’m not allowing myself to buy any fabric until I use up a good bit of what I have…. but winning fabric? I could definitely do that!

    We are due at the end of March and the two boy names we considered are Braxton and Baxter. We settled on Braxton because we loved that name first but if we had another boy, I’d love Baxter next!

    P.S. I love your blog and your quilts. Yours in one of the first quilting blogs I started following. Thanks for doing what you do. πŸ™‚

  37. 42
    Lucy says:

    I like the fact that my names come from both my grandma’s. Any good family names? There are wacky names in my family like Clayton, Milton and Marlin. I like something a little different sounding.
    (And I’d love me some FMF!)

  38. 43
    Anna McD says:

    Love your quilts! I gave my son my maiden name and called him Mac. I love Oliver and Benton for a boy.

  39. 44
    Megan says:

    How generous! I’ve never had Flea Market Fancy fabric, but I’ve always admired it! Hmmm…I think Heath, Evan, and Graham are all good boys’ names.

  40. 45
    Alexis says:

    I’ll give you the name we intended for our second boy, until we decided not to have a second baby πŸ™‚ — Johann. I also love Willem, especially because it can be shortened to Will — or not.

  41. 46
    Sydney says:

    I like Anthony and Matthew. Oh and your quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway

  42. 47
    Ellen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! And congratulations! We are having a little girl in about 5 weeks, but before we knew she was a girl, our top contender for a boy name was Wyatt! (He’ll always be the good guy when playing Cowboys!) Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  43. 48
    Rachel Leavitt says:

    I LOVE your blog and LOVE all that you do with “Flea Market Fancy.” I would love to have some for myself! As for boy names….I am expecting too and will find out in a week or so what we are having. We are hoping for another boy. My son’s name is Soren and if this next one is a boy, we are like Dane, Camden, Christian, Sawyer, Ethan. Good luck with picking a name!

  44. 49
    Carol says:

    That’s a wonderful collection of quilts you did this year! Hard to pick a favorite boys name, but I do lean towards traditional names and ones that don’t lend themselves to shortening — Brian and Paul come to mind.

  45. 50
    Angie says:

    My favorite boy name of all time is Christopher. Yes, I like traditional names, but it’s just so perfect. It is my son’s name, too.

  46. 51
    Robyn Brown says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Favorite boys name. . . hmmm you know my sons are Jacob and Titus. I also like Oliver and Luke.

  47. 52
    HeatherBC says:

    I have to tell you that I absolutely love your quilting! You have been a great inspiration to me this year. I am fortunate that both my children are girls – ’cause I had an awfully hard time thinking about boys names. I think we started with Noah, but by the time our children were born, we didn’t like that anymore. So, sorry no suggestions. Happy New Year

  48. 53
    Jenn says:

    Our baby’s gender was a delivery surprise, and we were reserving Jude Everett for a boy. Instead, we got Cora Claire!

    What a generous giveaway… My fabric addiction is somewhat new, so I totally missed out on Flea Market Fancy. Would be so fun to win some!

  49. 54
    Jessica M J says:

    I love flea market fancy. I am horrible at picking boys names, I always like the girl names. But I have to agree with a few above me and I like Oliver and Beckett.

  50. 55
    Jolene says:

    I find boys names easier than girls, for some reason. Ezra, Asher, Cole, Christian. We named our son Casey, although it wasn’t my top choice, it was a compromise between my husband and I! Turns out it really suits him!

  51. 56
    Jennyroo says:

    I am anxious to read this whole list – I am expecting my THIRD baby boy on May 1 and am starting to think a lot about possible names. My older boys are Reid and Corbin…

    This giveaway rocks! I came to quilting after the Flea Market Fancy collection was finished so I would especially LOOOOOOVE to be the lucky winner.

  52. 57
    Kelly Irene says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful quilts (and more!) with us throughout the year! I really like the names Elliot, Judah, and Isaac for boys. Good luck with the naming!

  53. 58
    Cindy says:

    Love reading your blog. Your quilts are beautiful. Thanks so much for the give away!

  54. 59
    tracy_a says:

    Thank you for sharing so much! I am so inspired by your work – and your productivity! Love the colors that you use! So – please sign me up – I missed the FMF heyday, and you know it is nearly impossible to find! As for boy names – I have a Stephen – it seems to be way more uncommon in this generation than in his dad or grand-dad’s!

  55. 60
    Cassie says:

    Wow that fabric is so pretty!!!! We had a heck of a time with boys names and the only one we both liked was Benjamin, but we ended up with a girl so it didn’t matter :)Good luck picking a name!

  56. 61
    Cristy Kessler says:

    Just be careful…we named our three boys after family and friends…and strangely enough, they turned out to be like each person. One uncle in particular was crazy and artistic and quite the storyteller…that would be my middle son Jay. I have a Charles Tyler and a David Neil as well. We’ve had a long list of boy names over the years. I’m still traditional….oldies are goodies…

  57. 62
    Hannah says:

    I love your blog, and I’m so excited that you guys are having a baby! I’ve always loved the names Christopher and Matthew, but they’ve been “used up” by cousins in our family, so we’re going to be in the same place as you guys should we ever have a boy someday. oh, and my husband loves the name Xander, but I’m not so keen on it, so feel free, lol.

  58. 63
    nettie says:

    I used to love the name Eli, but now it seems common. I always like the traditional names, benjamin, michael, james etc…my boys name is Calvin and I LOVE that name, probably my favorite boy name.

  59. 64
    Nancy says:

    I have never owned any Flea Market Fancy…isn’t that so sad? I need this…lol

    We have a Ryan, Owen and a Jackson…I also am very partial to Charlie…although with our last name of Lee we never felt we could use it… and now (thank god) I am too old to be tempted…lol

  60. 65
    Melanie says:

    I love that fabric too! I don’t have any great boy name suggestions but I do like fairly traditional with normal spellings. I think Jack is really cute and Luke too.

  61. 66
    Christine says:

    I just learned to quilt this year and have very much enjoyed reading your blog. I always tell expecting Moms that the name “Christopher” is a great boy name (since it’s the male version of mine πŸ™‚ )

  62. 67
    Heather says:

    Boys names are hard! But, I love Aidan, which we named our son, now 4. I know it’s a popular name, but I just love it. πŸ™‚

  63. 68
    Anna says:

    Flea Market Fancy – SQUEEEEEEL! We named our son Elliot – it’s a common enough name but he likely won’t have another one in his class. So my suggestions would be Elliot, Oliver, Benjamin, William… along those lines.

  64. 69
    McKenzie says:

    my fingers are crossed. i too very much enjoy reading your blog. thanks for your fabulous inspiration.

  65. 70
    Megan says:

    Great giveaway. I love your blog. You have made SO many great quilts!! Keep up the good work =)

    I like the name Oliver.

  66. 71
    Beth says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. We are 28 wks. pg with our fourth – don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl – and we are stewing names around here daily. Our top picks are Owen (boy) and Cora (girl). Other boy favorites include Jerome, Frank, Colin or Kieran. Happy New Year to you!

  67. 72
    Britt says:

    thanks for the inspiration this year!

    as for baby names, one thought i have is that i’ve always been appreciative that my parents gave me a first name that is from the same culture as my last name. it makes it somewhat unique without sounding like they were just trying to come up with something unique, if that makes any sense!

  68. 73
    Jen says:

    Wow, another GREAT giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. Many blessings to you as you await the birth of your little boy. (sorry, no name suggestions here — we’re trying to make our own girl & boy lists and are stumped!) Thanks again.

  69. 74
    margaret says:

    I have loved all your quilts, they continue to be inspiring. I absolutely love the name Sebastion!

  70. 75
    karen says:

    Love your blog, been following you all year! We have two boys, Adrian and Maitland…I’m still partial to their names. Also LOVE FMF!

  71. 76
    Sarah says:

    I love your blog, it’s a constant source of inspiration! And my favorite boy name is John, traditional but nice.

  72. 77
    Melanie says:

    I love reading your blog, Ashley. You are an awesome inspiration. My only kiddo is a girl, but my favorite boy names are Henry and Oliver. My daughter would likely have been an Ian if she were a boy, because it sounded better with our last name.

    Happy new year!

  73. 78
    Ann says:

    Great giveaway!
    My boys are Liam, Mark and Simon.
    The names I like that my husband did not – Andrew and Corbin.
    Little boys are such joys.

  74. 79
    amber! says:

    Yummy! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy New Year!

  75. 80
    Helby says:

    What a year of beautiful quilts! My mom made me a great one for Christmas – can’t wait til it arrives here so I can post pics of it.
    And I’d love to win the fat quarters – never can have too much fabric!

  76. 81
    Erin says:

    I love that fabric! So beautiful! As far as boy names go…my husband and I like Marshall and Cooper. My husband’s name is Daniel, which I also really like, but he doesn’t want a Daniel, Jr. πŸ™‚ Good luck picking a name! There are so many good ones out there!

  77. 82
    gail says:

    this is my first comment on your beautiful blog, because i love flea market fancy AND baby names! i like oscar and henry and leo and isaac. happy new year!

  78. 83
    Virginia says:

    Oh pick me! I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m thinking of all the baby items I need to get sewn up!
    As for boy names, I love Andrew (Andy). Although we probably won’t use that name ourselves.

  79. 84
    Erin Marsh says:

    I love your blog! I would love to win these fat quarters!

  80. 85
    Susan says:

    Generous giveaway! Thank you! A few favorite boy names: Andrew, Justin, Carter, Aiden, Logan.

  81. 86
    Heather says:

    How nice! I love your quilts, they are beautiful. I am so glad you blog, I draw a lot of inspiration from you. Boy names are SO hard to choose, it took us forever to pick a name for our son, we settled on Curren. It is different for a first name, but it is a common last name. Good luck choosing πŸ™‚

  82. 87
    Jen says:

    Wow, thanks Ashley for the chance to win! Good luck choosing the baby name!

  83. 88
    PamelaS says:

    Count me in – I’d love to win this great fabric!! Happy New Year Ashley and thanks for all you share on your blog and flickr, too ~

  84. 89
    Anya says:

    Happy New Year to you, too, and best wishes for 2011! My favorite boy’s name is Nicholas (my son’s name, of course!). Thanks for the chance!

  85. 90
    Jacque. says:

    Ashley, I am always so inspired by (& in awe of) the quilts you make. Would definitely LOVE some Flea Market Fancy. Thanks for sharing with us all that you do. Boy names: Matthew, Lucas, Joseph, Paul…my top faves.

  86. 91

    Love the quilts! My son’s name is Kendall, so I’m sort of partial to that!

  87. 92
    Olga says:

    I love your blog!

    As for the favorite boy name, mine is Lucas πŸ™‚ That’s my son’s name, he’s now 7 and this name is still not something you hear too often.

  88. 93
    Lesly says:

    Happy New Year. I like Lev for a boy.

  89. 94
    Sonia says:

    Your quilts are so lovely, my favourite is the plus quilt, I hope to make one of these for me next year. I hope next year brings much happiness to you, best wishes, Sonia

  90. 95

    I love following your blog. It is so fun to see what you come up with and it always inspire me. What gorgeous fabric as well!!

  91. 96
    Deb Joseph says:

    Hi Ashley,
    The fabric is lovely. Thanks so much for the chance to win! As far as names, I was thinking of Ash, Asher, Ashton…a take off of your name;)

    I look forward to reading your blog in the new year,

  92. 97
    Cindy says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks so much for the inspiration in 2010, and I look forward to what your 2011 quilts will look like! For boy’s names, I’m rather partial to my new baby nephew’s name, Mason.

  93. 98
    Tiffany says:

    What gorgeous fabric! How exciting for a new year! Love all the quilts you share with us – and all the tutorials!

  94. 99

    Happy New Year. Best wishes for 2011.
    My favorite names are Joseph and Edward.

  95. 100

    Oh my gosh!! That would be fabulous. Boy names are so hard for me. If Kit had been a boy she would have been Peter and we would have used Pete, which was my grandfather’s nickname. I also really like Gabriel and Nathaniel (Nate) but those were already used in our family so they weren’t options for me.

  96. 101
    Beth says:

    I am so amazed at how many quilts you have been able to create in just a year! Quilts are going to be my focus in 2011 πŸ™‚ I have 3 sons…Nathan, Sam(uel) and Adam (he was almost Luke). Good luck and thanks for the giveaway!

  97. 102
    Kelly says:

    So glad to have found your blog this year. I love Sullivan and Harrison.

  98. 103
    Jessica says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for such a great giveaway and I look forward to seeing what you create in 2010…. including a super cute little boy! πŸ™‚

  99. 104
    Sara says:

    thanks for the generous giveaway! i don’t really have any creative boy names. i like simple things, like Benjamin.

  100. 105
    Marilyn says:

    I teach high school science and had trouble picking names because each name I hear is attached to a student! Never met a Kyle that wasn’t a trouble maker πŸ™‚ I have a Joseph and Michael. I named Joseph after my dad and Michael after my husband’s middle name. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win.

  101. 106
    Alison says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog – it is such a cheery and colorful place to visit. Happy New Year !

  102. 107
    Anita says:

    Happy New Year and thank you for another year of inspiration!

    I’m very partial to English and Irish boy names, I really like Conner and Collin. Good-luck with selecting a name for your baby, it is a big job.

  103. 108
    Wendy says:

    wow, can’t believe you have so much of that fabric! Happy New Year!

    some names: Sawyer, Henry, Austin, Lincoln, Ralph, Frank, Charley.

  104. 109
    Angela Chard says:

    oh my what a generous quilter you are! Your quilts are always among my favorites : ) I have 2 boys…Alexander and Samuel. Others on our list were Jonah and Henry.

  105. 110
    Penny g says:

    I love the name Paul and if you pair it with christian or michael I love it even more. Paul is my near perfect husband and the other 2 are names we were considering as middle names if we had a boy

  106. 111
    Heather says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. I’m looking forward to a new year of fabulous quilts!

  107. 112
    Jopsy says:

    How Excellent!
    I Love the names- EVAN & LUCAS

  108. 113
    Brittany says:

    Nice giveaway! Our little boy is due in April… his name is Carson Clay (Clay is his daddy’s middle name). πŸ™‚

  109. 114
    Leena says:

    Hm, I wonder if they are ever going to make more of that. It is such a nice collection….
    What was the name of the angel in that Christmas movie? Clarence?

  110. 115
    Brittney says:

    You made such beautiful quilts this (and every) year! I love following your blog to see what you will create next. As for baby names? My parents just had me & my sister, but had plans to name a boy Nathan, which I think is a wonderful name.

  111. 116
    susan says:

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  112. 117
    mari says:

    Happy New Year! I know 2011 will bring lots of joy for you. I’m a big sucker for family names, so if we had a boy, we would have named him Paul (my father’s middle name).

  113. 118
    Trina Thomas says:

    After another year I am still as in love with your blog as I was to start with!

    My favorite boy name right now is “Jet”. I didn’t expect to like the name so much, but my boyfriend suggested it (not that we plan on being expecting anytime soon)and it has grown on me. Maybe something like “Jet Bryant” or something. Good luck choosing the perfect name for you bundle of joy!

  114. 119
    Kim says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway! Hmmm…I’m partial to Daniel, but it’s my husband’s name. πŸ˜‰

  115. 120
    Jenniffier says:

    Great blog. I always seem to be inspired by your work. I like the name Justin.

  116. 121
    Linda says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for the chance to win some FMF! I started quilting after it was available.

    I have 5 favorite boy’s names-my 5 boys! They are: Sean, Brian, Kennan, Brendan and Liam. The last two are my twins. If you are so inclined, feel free to use any of them….8-)

  117. 122
    Christine says:

    First, I have loved your blog this year. Your quilts are just the kind and type that I want to copy and make.

    Second, on boy’s names. I have a Luke and a Caleb. Both are strong names. I also really like Corban.

    Finally, I would love to win that stack of Flea Market Fancy fat quarters. I think that I’d turn them into some sort of wall hanging or possibly make them into place mats so that I could gaze upon them every single day.

    Thanks for sharing your quilt life with us.

  118. 123

    love come here and see yor wonderful creations, thanks for another year!!
    I love Mauricio and Mateo.

    thanks for the chance and happy new year!!

  119. 124
    Justine says:

    Oooo I’d love to get my hands on some FMF! I have a Maximillian whom we call Maxi most of the time but I love Rory and Emerson too! Good luck choosing!

  120. 125
    Holly says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! Best of luck to you in this new, exciting year! Picking a boys’ name was so hard for us. My husband only liked last names used as first names, but they all sounded so stuffy to me! We settled on Parker, which has worked out pretty well!

  121. 126
    sarah says:

    Oh how I would love to own some FMF!
    Our boy is Isaac and he goes by Ike. I love that it’s totally classic and unique at the same time.
    Merry Christmas!

  122. 127
    Holly says:

    Happy New Year! As far as boy names go, I’m partial to Colin-that’s my little guy’s name. The runner up was Alexander. Also love Liam and Finn.

  123. 128
    Jacquie says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and sharing all of your quilts in one place! I’ve enjoyed reading about them all this past year πŸ™‚

    I like Jeremy and Jordan πŸ™‚

  124. 129
    Katie says:

    Ooooh. I’d love to win. I didn’t jump on the sewing bandwagon until after it was too late to get Flea Market Fancy. After hearing so many unusual boys names when I was pregnant with my boys, I decided I wanted nice, simple, plain, old fashioned names, so we ended up with Joe and Frank which I love, but if I had to do it over again, I might pick Declan. Good luck deciding. We had the hardest time – especially for our first.

  125. 130
    Brooke says:

    Ooh, GREAT giveaway! I started quilting after FMF had come and gone so I missed out on that beautiful fabric. The colors are fantastic!

    As for boy names, we entertained Noah and Tanner when I was pregnant with our son. Tanner won out. If we have another boy, we’re thinking Carter. Good luck picking a name (it can be really tricky)!

  126. 131
    Dolly says:

    Wow, what a fantastic opportuniy……..this stuff is so hard to get……and afford !

    I like the name Grayson.

  127. 132
    Lisa Brown says:

    Fabulous fabrics for the giveaway! My favorite boy name is Ian. Love your blog πŸ™‚

  128. 133
    Fara says:

    Happy New Year, Ashley! Wish you all the best in 2011. It’s so exciting that a little boy will be joining your family πŸ™‚ I’ve been following your blog for 1.5 years now, and your creations are my favorites. Your blog is such a happy and inspirational place for me…
    Thanks for the chance to win some FMF. I hope these lovelies come my way, as I only have a charm square of one of the prints!

  129. 134
    alecia says:

    Oh, favorite boys names . . . where to begin:
    Noel (pronounced Nole)Ò€”as in Scott Foley’s character in Felicity

    Thanks for the chance to win! And for sharing your story with us. πŸ™‚

  130. 135
    Mailyn says:

    Beautiful quilts!
    My nephew and his wife just had a little boy they named Benaiah (Buh ni uh). He is adorable! His name is a Biblical name.

  131. 136
    Genevieve says:

    we’re due with baby #2 in July/Aug. and since #1 was a girl, I have an abundance of fantastic girl clothes, which means (I’m positive) this on will be a boy.
    in wich case it will be Charles, Oliver, or Owen.
    keep up the good blogging. I love it over here.

  132. 137
    Amanda says:

    Beautiful fabric, I would love to win it!

  133. 138
    Monika says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!!!! How I would love to win – sigh…

    You did some great quilts this year – truely inspiring to see!
    Boys names … difficult i think (although I have two boys – Samuel and Lucas) … I like Paul too …

  134. 139
    WandaFish says:

    What a fabulous giveaway, thanks so much for the chance to win. I’ve really enjoyed following your work over the past 10 months or so, and am looking forward to the next year.
    Boys names, I’ll throw in Christopher, Louis/Lewis and Elliott.
    I’m ashamed to say my little girl was about a month old before her name was decided, so good luck choosing!
    Happy New Year and wishing you everything you want for 2011 xx

  135. 140
    Charleen says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve given me this year! My suggestion is Zachary David but having had four children let me just say — you’ll know the right name when you hold him!

  136. 141
    Megan says:

    Oh my gracious! My heart actually did a little pitter-pat when I saw your post this morning. These would help so much with a fundraising quilt I’m planning to raise money for Camp JAM for kids with juvenile arthritis (like my 4 year old) and their families. Thank you so so much for the chance to win!

  137. 142
    Jessica says:

    Love that fabric!
    We chose Daniel for our son. With a last name like Hard, we had to rule a few out! My criteria was when looking at it to know how to pronounce it and if it was a boy or a girl.

  138. 143
    Fran says:

    I would definitely have gone for either Samuel or Robin if we’d had a boy! Thank you for the giveaway.

  139. 144
    Chen says:

    I’m not sure you should be taking advise on names from me as I have only named dogs, but I love the names Oliver and Max :).

    Happy New Year!

  140. 145

    I would LOVE to win some FMF! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! My favorite boy names are Lucas, Will, and Greyden.

  141. 146
    Sarah V. says:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on some Flea Market Fancy! I had some before I started quilting and I used it up without knowing how special it was (BOO me)!
    My 2 favorite boy names that I did not get to use are James and Oliver. I also love Seth and Elliott.

  142. 147
    Erin says:

    Such lovely quilts, thanks for the inspiration! Nathan and Owen are names I’ve liked.

  143. 148
    Krista says:

    I have 2 little girls and don’t plan on having any more children, so I’m happy to suggest my favorite boy name that I never got to use…Nathaniel. Thanks for the super awesome giveaway!

  144. 149
    Jessica C says:

    I’ve always loved the name Aiden for a boy, but I never got to use it. But in other boys’ names that I like, my sons’ names are Brandon Michael, Finn Charles, Cade Beck, Kellen Seth, and Liam James. Obviously I like those names as well. πŸ™‚ Good luck choosing a name! And thanks for a great — GREAT — giveaway!

  145. 150
    Chris says:

    I have a Jamie and Ryan. I also love Max and Jack. So excited for you!

  146. 151
    Emily says:

    We have three girls! So we never got to use our boy names: Jackson, Henry (Hank for short), David, and my favorite which my husband never liked! – Stenner (old Norwegian name). Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  147. 152
    Mary says:

    I’ve always liked Neil. And thanks for the idea of the finished quilts tab, I think I’m going to add that to my blog this year. Happy New Year.

  148. 153
    sarah says:

    Oh, that would be a lovely package of fabric to win πŸ™‚

    I’m fairly sure that we’re naming our baby boy (due 3 weeks from today) Graham Thomas.

  149. 154
    J Strizzy says:

    One of my favorite boys’ names is Noah – didn’t use it for our own boy because it would have sounded awkward with our last name. Happy New Year!

  150. 155

    Happy happy new year Ashley. Thank you so much for all of your support!
    I know 2011 will be a wonderful year for you. Can’t wait to e-meet the baby!

  151. 156
    Erin says:

    No kids yet but I’ve always had a list of girls names going – strange since I’ve got my heart set on the first being a boy but boys names are tough. I kinda like Nathan and Gavin.
    Your quilts always inspire me! Gorgeous patterns! Lovely colors! Thanks!

  152. 157

    I like strong sounding names like Hunter. Finn is so artsy. Antony is unusual, but probably a bit girlie.

  153. 158
    Nikki says:

    gorgeous giveaway! I’ve only got one piece of FMF so a few more would maybe push me into actually using it πŸ™‚

    I like Charlie, Sam, Callum and Jamie (the last 2 are my boys names).

  154. 159
    Kelly K says:

    Wow! Wow, I can’t believe I won! (so saying because if you are reading this chances are that I’ve won, and trying to put positive thinking into action) I have never owned any flea market fancy and this would be a wonderful start! Thank you for continuing to blog, I rarely comment but visit each time you update. I’ve gotten tons of inspiration from seeing your creativity and really enjoy your posts. Favorite boy name? Jack or Andrew.

  155. 160
    Kirsten says:

    I like both Brendan and Spencer for boy names. Good luck coming up with a name; that was the hardest part for me and my husband!

  156. 161
    Flaun says:

    I’ve always loved Gilbert for a boy, Gil for short, obviously. I blame the Anne of Green Gables series…

  157. 162
    Nadeen Coursen says:

    I have a son named Cole Rowan. If I had another (which I won’t), I’d choose Kiefer as the first name. I lived in Japan for roughly a decade, and I always liked the name Hiro (pronounced hero), too. Best wishes for 2011 and your own little boy!

  158. 163
    Amber says:

    Great giveaway! I had a baby girl in October but if she would have been a boy we would have picked Jacob Russel as the name. Jacob is the last person I can trace my family tree back to and russel was my father’s name.

  159. 164
    Amy says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the great giveaway! I like the name Carter…

  160. 165
    zrinka says:

    We have two boys, so my two favorite names are Luka and Sven. If we have a third he might be Kai. We like short names…

    and I love the fabrics!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. 166
    plima says:

    What a great montage of quilts for one year. Your works is fabulous! As for a name, we like traditional ones here (Michael, Anthony, Alexander) but for something fun how about Quinn or Oliver?

  162. 167
    Elise H says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I jumped on the fabric train not too long ago and have been lamenting that I missed this line! Thank you! Boy names are hard to come up with, but my hubby’s and my current favorites are Logan and Brandon.

  163. 168
    Tomi says:

    I’m a novice quilter (finished my first two during my maternity leave) and I find your blog inspirational! I especially love the way you photograph your quilts/fabric, etc.–so amazing. The names “Henry” and “Linus” made it into our top three but we chose Zachary.

  164. 169
    Rayna says:

    I year of beautiful quilts! Boy names stump me too….do you have a book? Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. 170
    cabesh says:

    I like biblical boy names: Peter, Noah, Micah, Jonah.

  166. 171
    Katie B says:

    Thanks for all of the inspiration this year! Boy names can be hard. I’m partial to Luke (my son’s name).

  167. 172
    Netta says:

    Thank you for sharing your love of quilting. You have been such an encouragement to me. I love to sew and following your blog has inspired me to polish my skills and dive back in to quilting after years of inactivity. nanasew at gmail dot com

  168. 173
    Lauree Myler says:

    what… fmf… you are so KIND!
    i have a cory (the husband elect) and a dylan (9 yr old son) but i also like the names owen and quentin.

    happy baby!

  169. 174
    Alexis says:

    Boys are the best! Choosing names are so difficult. Our last boy, my husband and I couldn’t agree on a name, he was nameless for about a week after his birth and finally, I told him to choose and I’d go with whatever. His name is Reuven (Hebrew variation of Reuben) when I heard it I said, “NO…ANY name but that one” but now he is totally a Reuven πŸ™‚

  170. 175

    I love reading your blog and I love your quilts. The Anna Maria Horner quilt is just divine! Thanks for all of your hard work! πŸ™‚

  171. 176
    Michele says:

    Thanks for the eye candy! You had a pretty year. 2011 should be lots of fun with a new baby! Boy names: Adam, Austin, Cole, Liam, Rex.

  172. 177
    Emmmylizzzy says:

    You seem to have Flea Market Fancy coming out of your ears! Does your stash just magically keep replenishing itself?
    Good luck on choosing names – we thought for sure our little Phoebe was going to be a boy, and if she was, we were going to name her Henry. Have fun and happy new year!

  173. 178

    Congrats on the new baby! It is such an exciting time for you and your husband, enjoy the anticipation!!

    I like names that have a special meaning for the parents. Our first son we named Conner Tolhurst using our mother’s maiden names. For our second son, which we are expecting in March, we are going to name him Graham Thomas, after Graham Greene and Thomas Jefferson, two people my husband and I both admire. Maybe you and your husband could find inspiration that way?

    Thanks for the chance at the FMF!

  174. 179
    Jessy says:

    LOVE all of your quilts, can’t believe you had time for so many. I think I made 6 or 7 all year, and most were baby sized. So glad I found your blog in 2010, definitely an inspiration. Just bought Lotta Jansdotter’s book for simply baby sewing, can’t wait to start cranking out some baby supplies. We just found out we’re having our 2nd next August, on our son’s birthday actually. So as for names, our son is Brayden Wayne….I really like Wayne, but my husband did not. And for another boy we like Cooper Ross….any of which you may borrow. πŸ™‚

  175. 180
    Kate L says:

    I wish I could help you on boy names, I work at an all boys school so I’m scarred for life with most boy names… congrats!

  176. 181
    Sally says:

    Thank you for your constant inspiration and for this chance to win. Can’t wait for your little “FO” to be born! How about some lovely tree names: Rowan or Linden?

  177. 182
    Jen says:

    Great giveaway and it’s a fat chance I’ll win, but that’s ok!

    I’m smitten with names that start with “E”. “Evan” ; “Eli” ; “Elias” ; “Elliot” ; “Ethan”

    Then here’s one of my all time favorite boy names: “Gavin”

    Good luck and can’t wait to hear what you choose!

  178. 183
    Darcy says:

    Those really do continue to be great fabrics don’t they? Interesting also to the newest line from Denyse and how her work has evolved. If our little girl had been a boy she was was going to be Max and I still love it for a little boy (and can you imagine his delight at Where The Wild Things Are – too fun). Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work in 2010 and Happy New Year!

  179. 184
    Elizabeth R says:

    Thanks for a year of such inspiring work. Can’t wait to see what you get up to in 2011, other than being a mommy!

  180. 185
    Ana says:

    We’re trying to find a boy’s name that works (ie. is properly pronounceable!) in English and German, and so far all we have is Thomas (and that’s reading the baby name book from the beginning!)
    Love the fabrics. Happy new year!

  181. 186
    Andrea says:

    Thanks for writing such a fabulous blog and for this sweet giveaway. My favourite boy name is Jack – short, simple and impossible to shorten into a nickname. I look forward to visiting your blog and to continue to get inspiration from your great quilts in 2011.

  182. 187
    Beth Lehman says:

    HOLY COW!!! Too generous!! I LOVE Owen, John, and Asa. I love simple and not too trendy (which Owen might be). Thanks for the chance and the inspiration!!!

  183. 188
    Sarah says:

    I love Oliver and Elliot

  184. 189
    Katrina says:

    oooooooooooooooooooo! i have been looking for this fabric everywhere with no luck…how lovely to find it here as a giveaway!

    let’s see, i love simple and classic names. some of my favorite boys names are max, jack, and ben. best of luck with your list πŸ™‚

    also, i wanted to thank you for sharing all your gorgeous quilts and projects here on your blog. i just started following earlier this year and i am always inspired by the things you make!

  185. 190
    Leanne W says:

    I love the fabric! I have an Evan, so I’m partial to that name.

  186. 191
    Sarah says:

    Jack is my favorite name! Thanks for the chance!

  187. 192
    Teala says:

    I am always so inspired when I read your blog, full of beautiful and unique quilts and gifts!!! I have three boys and with suck with traditional names like Nathan and Caleb, but I also love Seth, Jesse and Asher! Good luck and raising boys is pure joy!!

  188. 193
    Andrea says:

    Oooh, Flea Market Fancy, such lovely fat quarters!

    Here in Germany the following boy’s names were popular this year: Leon, Lucas, Fynn, Jonas, Paul, Louis, Maximilian, Luca, Felix. I think many of them would work in English as well!

  189. 194
    tayamg says:

    Next year will be an exciting one for your family! Best of luck to you on the name hunt. Just remember that you and your husband should really love it and not worry too much what other people think! Health and Happiness in 2011!

  190. 195
    wishes, true and kind says:

    And thank you for a great 2010, too! Your quilts look so beautiful in your mosaic!

  191. 196
    Elisha says:

    You’ve been so productive this year! As for boy names, I really like Josiah, Elijah, & Liam. If we have boys, those are the names that we’ll choose from. I’m stumped on girl’s names though and the clock is ticking since I have to have one picked out for our little-one-to-come by April! So much pressure!

    Happy New Year!

  192. 197
    JennS says:

    Boy names are hard! Our son is Porter. When our daughter was born last year (sex a surprise) our boy name was Hank.

  193. 198
    Jess says:

    It would be fun to win this fabric! I have two boys already, but if I had another, I’d name him Henry. We’re having a girl & I think her name is going to be Maggie.

    Urban Patchwork

  194. 199
    Cheryl Shiflett says:

    I would love, love, love to win this beautiful fabric and get started on a new year project!

  195. 200
    wishes, true and kind says:

    And thank you for a great 2010, too! Your quilts loJok so beautiful in your mosaic!

  196. 201
    Tammy K. says:

    love your blog. my son’s name is nicholas everett and he just had a birthday a couple days ago. i also thing the name joseph is a strong name. happy new year!

  197. 202
    Becca says:

    That fabric is so cute!
    My favorite boy names right now are River(my son’s name,) Samson and Simon

  198. 203

    Happy New Year!

    I like the name Anakin or Edward, but my hubby doesn’t like the idea of a kid named after Darth Vader or after a dude that sparkles πŸ™‚

  199. 204
    carrie says:

    Ah, Ashley, we’re in the same baby-name boat! (I’m due a bit after you, I believe.) Doesn’t naming seem like just an absolutely overwhelming responsibility at times?

    That said, a few favorite boy names that we like but are unable to use due to rhyming or overlap with our daughter’s name include Elliott and Zeke.

    Good luck to you in your naming odyssey!

  200. 205
    jessica says:

    my baby boy is Alexander – it was the only name my husband and i could agree on, but we both love it! congratulations, and thanks for such a generous giveaway…i always love reading your blog.

  201. 206
    Lucrecia says:

    I have 4 boys. I think boys are way easier to name than girls. I love the name’s….

  202. 207
    WendyLou says:

    What ever happened to the campaign to bring back FMF? Haven’t seen that around in quite some time. Boy names … Levi or Micah are my faves right now πŸ™‚ I used them both on (what we thought would be) our last son. Now it seems I may need to pick out a couple more, so I’m thrilled to read thru the comments!

  203. 208
    Karen Anderson-Abraham says:

    beautiful giveaway– love all that you’ve done with these in the past, it’s great inspiration.
    we have three girls and it’s a good thing because we always had trouble coming up with boy names. one however that stuck for me and i really loved was Jasper….
    Very happy new year to you and yours…..

  204. 209
    Amy Rochelle says:

    I get so much inspiration from your blog. . . . Thanks so very much. I have two boys. Our oldest is “Eric Louis” (Louis is my Dad’s name). . . . My youngest is “Ryan Robert” (my husband and his father are named Robert). It is amazing to me, but the boys have taken on traits of the names they carry. If there is a man/boy you are particularly fond of, I’d use his name as inspiration. Best of luck. . . and I look forward to following along with you on this part of your journey!

  205. 210

    LOVE the fabric.
    “Fabric”? lol kidding
    Linden. I love Linden – like the flower and the tree. Sweet boy’s name.
    You like stronger names?
    Archer (my daughter’s idea)
    : )

  206. 211
    Jody says:

    A chance to win AND a chance to talk baby names? Gotta love that! Boys names … if I’d had my way my last son would have been Jude. I’m also partial to Daniel. My sons names are Ian, Adam, Kaden, and River … all good ones, I think!

  207. 212
    Linda A says:

    I’ve admired this fabric in so many quilts I’ve seen on Flickr but never owned any so it would be a great Giveaway to win. I also enjoy following your Blog and wish you joy in your expected baby. As an ex-teacher I would just say be careful which name you choose ( think about what the shortened forms could be, any that would cause amusement with other children?) Also what will the initials spell and does the whole name make something else. eg a child I heard about called Crystal Poole! My favourite name is Christopher which we chose for our son.

  208. 213
    Tiffany says:

    I love boy names!!! Almost had a Luke but he ended up being Cole instead.

    I’m liking Elliot lately πŸ™‚

  209. 214
    Gailanne Upton says:

    You, your quilts and your blog are AMAZING!
    Hope you have a New Year full of blessings, and all the love you give comes back to you tenfold!

    ps..I have a Jesse, Joshua, and Jason, but to break outta my mold, I like Michael too!

  210. 215
    Marjorie says:

    Such beautiful quilts and that fabric is darling! I have all girls, but the boy names we always liked were TJ (Thomas James), Christian, and Alexander. Have a Happy New Year!

  211. 216
    Lisa says:

    My favorite boy’s name is Sage. Also, Seth, Mathias and Ian. And probably others that I’m not thinking of right at this moment! Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway! πŸ™‚

  212. 217
    Betsy Lynn says:

    Wooo…Flea Market Fancy!!
    Charlie and Jeffrey are two of my favorite names!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Happy New Year!

  213. 218
    elsa says:

    love the fabric and thanks so much for the giveaway!
    as for boys names ~ William has always been a favorite along with Elliott and David.
    not sure that’s any help, know it’s quite the process picking names. When my son was
    born we still didn’t know for sure what to name him and we both said William at the
    same time.

  214. 219
    Carissa says:

    Boy names, huh? My husband and I can only agree on Samuel and Henry though we can’t use those names for several reasons. I love Owen and Elliot, but my husband is not too thrilled with those names. (BTW, we must be due around the same time…I’m almost 28 weeks).

  215. 220
    Kathleen15 says:

    Ihave so enjoyed reading your blog and always look forward to your posts and your fabulous creations.
    Happy New Year and I think Jordan is a great name.

  216. 221
    Elizabeth R. says:

    Well I’m actually due right around the same time as you and we had the name Asher picked out if we were blessed with a boy but it ended up being girl #2 for us! Our little Veda Jewell is due the first week of April.

  217. 222
    Debbie says:

    I love this fabric especially the orange. I only have girls but liked Eric Daniel but my hubby liked the J names, Joshua and Justin. Best of luck. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your wonderful creations.

  218. 223
    Jen says:

    Love seeing your collection of quilts from 2010! My little brother is named Evan, so I am partial to it:)

  219. 224
    Andrea says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I like the name Rosemary…

  220. 225
    Janna says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I love this fabric and could really put it to good use. My favorite boy name right now is Harris.

  221. 226
    simone says:

    Thank you for all your inspiration over the last year!
    Wishing you all the best for 2011!

  222. 227
    Tanis says:

    I found your blog this year and have loved every beautiful photo of every fabulous quilt! I’m really looking forward to what this next year has in store.

  223. 228
    Kelly says:

    Happy New Year. Your selection of quilts is amazing – what an accomplishment!

  224. 229
    Betsy Lynn says:

    Charlie and Jeffrey are two of my favorite names!
    Flea Market Fancy…Thanks for the chance!
    Happy New Year!

  225. 230
    Bailey says:

    My boys are Hunter and Calvin. Good luck with picking just the right one!

  226. 231
    Natalie says:

    I have loved looking at all of your quilts and projects for inspiration this past year! Names are hard because they’re so individualized, but I’m sure you’ll pick a great one.

  227. 232
    Val says:

    Love the FMF!!! Boy names, my fave is Charlie.

  228. 233
    Missie says:

    You are such an inspiration!
    I, of course, am biased with the name Jacob (Jake) as that is my son’s name. However, last night I watched the movie “Leap Year” and fell in love with the name Declan. Very cool…

  229. 234
    Susanne says:

    Our son (Who is also 1/2 asian and white : D) is Christopher. I love the name!!

    I also real like the name Zachary.

  230. 235
    Esther says:

    Hi, thank you for blogging this last year! Your one of my favorite reads!
    As for boys names I adore the name Jude although everyone always says “eww” when I tell them that… But I don’t care I think it’s a lovely name.

  231. 236
    Amy Newbold says:

    I think my favorite boy’s name is Lucas & Leon.

  232. 237
    Miranda says:

    How about Toby? I love the name Toby.

  233. 238
    Rebecca says:

    Oh my goodness… what a generous giveaway! I started sewing too late to get my hands on any of this line. I can’t believe you’re giving it away… like, for free!

    My favorite boy names are Jackson and Ethan.

    Thank you for the chance to win… I will have my fingers crossed until the New Year.

  234. 239
    Jules says:

    Happy New Year – you’re certainly poised for a great one. As for boy’s names, I love Micah. If only my second been a boy…

  235. 240
    char says:

    I had a boys name picked 18 years ago when I had my daughter. Had she been a boy her name would be Everette Alston(great-grand fathers name) Taylor.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  236. 241
    Brenda E says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I get so much inspiration from the things you do! As for the boy name, I wish you luck. It took my husband and I a very long time to agree on one for our son.

  237. 242
    Carol says:

    you are an inspiration. I am currently babysitting the cutest little boy in the world named Levi!

  238. 243
    Brina Rohloff says:

    I have always loved the name Angus. Not a very popular name, but striking nonetheless…thanks for a chance!
    blrohloff At aol dot com

  239. 244
    Elizabeth says:

    Very Pretty Prints! Thanks for the giveaway!

  240. 245
    Val says:

    Love the FMF!! Favorite boy name? David!

  241. 246
    Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful blog. It inspired the most beautiful quilt I ever made (a wonky string quilt). It would be fun to have a way to have your readers share images of quilts they make inspired by yours, no?

    Happy New Year!

  242. 247

    I have a Jack, if I would have had another boy we would have named him Reid. Garrett and Guy were on my list too!

  243. 248
    Denise says:

    Thanks for providing so much inspiration in 2010! My favorite unique boy names: Xavier, Gabe, and Zeb.

  244. 249
    Deanna says:

    I drool over your quilts and love that your completed projects are so easy to look at and be inspired by. My husband calls it my quilt porn. =)

    I love the name James btw.

  245. 250
    Jackie says:

    What a generous giveaway – I’d love to be entered!

    LOVE your montage of quilts. You had a great year! Boys names? Oliver, Garrison, Harrison, Stone, Drew, Luke

  246. 251
    Mary Perrine says:

    I too like traditional names. Maybe from being a school teacher and seeing too many oddly written ones… I like Christopher, Michael, John and Jack which is a nickname for John

  247. 252
    Barb B says:

    I have fallen in love with your quilts. I have always been a “traditional” girl but your colour choices always delight me. I am breaking out of my mold and going bold.

  248. 253
    Barbara says:

    His name will come to you and you’ll know it when the moment happens.

    Your string quilt continues to be my fav of all the exquisite pieces that you have made

    Happy 2011 and all that it brings !

  249. 254
    Julie says:

    Pretty! We have a Brendon and Jack. I always liked Gavin and Aiden too. Good luck, sometimes when you see them, the name is obvious.

  250. 255
    Amy says:

    What beautiful quilts! And congratulations on the impending arrival. Boy’s names are hard, a couple I liked and didn’t use are Archer and Anders.

  251. 256
    Cynthia I says:

    I would love to use some of the FMF. They are such beautiful colors.

    Names…Well our three are Ian Alexander, William Henry and Spencer Ryan. I love Alistair and Edward and Reginald (all family names).

  252. 257
    Jenny says:

    what a beautiful montage of quilts! banner year i think! hope that baby likes the hummmmm of a sewing machine! i love the name Bruno.

  253. 258
    h2ogirl76 says:

    Thank you for a lovely blog. I adore following the items you share. You are a lovely inspiration. Happy New Year with new adventures for all of us.

  254. 259
    Kerry says:

    Have yourself a Happy New Year! Beautiful fabrics!

  255. 260
    Alison says:

    I’m partial to Henry.

  256. 261
    Heather says:

    oooo….I want these so badly! As for boy names, I have a Slone (it’s his grandmother’s maiden name) and Bo. If I had another boy, I’d name him Asher. Happy New Year!

  257. 262
    Portia says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration… your work and ideas are a notch above the rest! So original!
    My boy names are too embarrassing to admit (Wolfgang was on our list… it was a girl though so she turned out to be ‘Larkin’).

  258. 263

    When I was pregnant I was leaning towards Rafael (I like Nadal) but we had a girl and named her Gina… go figure! Happy New Year’s!

  259. 264

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    Boy names…Judah, Zeke, Timothy, William…I have a Holden and my friend has Nolan. Love those two names as well…

  260. 265
    Julia says:

    Love this line!! Hope I win ::crosses fingers::…our baby due mid-January is surprise, but we’re thinking Jacob (Jake) or Asher! :o)

  261. 266
    Rachael says:

    omw, fmf wow i cant believe it i love this collection.

    as for the name my favourite is Ben

  262. 267
    Lynne says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. A boys name I like is Cole. Happy New Year!

  263. 268
    Emily says:

    So many lovely quilts!
    When our son was born we had such a hard time finding the right name but we decided to go with Jackson (his greatgrandfather’s name). And if we have another boy someday then I’ve already fallen in love with the names Levi or Colton. Of course, that means we’ll probably have a girl.

  264. 269
    Amber says:

    Your blog and quilts are truly my favorite! I get endless inspiration from you πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!

    As for boy names, here are a few of my favorites: Cameron, Henry, Jonah, Brady, Lucas… Or my favorite (and the name of my son), Calvin πŸ™‚

  265. 270
    Marcia says:

    Your quilts are such an inspiration! And I LOVE flea market fancy (who doesn’t??) There are so many great names, and I’m sure you will decide on one by the time your son arrives. Happy New Year!

  266. 271
    Caroline says:

    Well, that is quite a collection of beautiful quilts for this year – well done!
    I’m partial to Hunter myself as boys go – but then i’m biased. Turns out though that Hunter is a super popular name, so you might want to look elsewhere. Happy New Year!

  267. 272
    Carla says:

    Love the Flea Market Fancy fabric! Happy New Year!

  268. 273
    woolcat says:

    If I had had a boy, I wanted to call him Arthur or Edmund – I also like Jack, Oliver and Henry.

  269. 274
    Linnea says:

    I like the names James, David, Aaron, Dylan, and Graham…They’re the tried and true…they’ve been around for what seems like forever but they’re not over used. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

  270. 275
    EricaB says:

    Thanks for so many great quilts this past year – your blog has definitely pushed me to try more quilts and more techniques!

    My favorite boy name is Caleb – good solid name and not super common.

  271. 276
    Leila says:

    We all love FMF!!! I missed that boat completely so it would be wonderful to win some.
    My favorite boy name has to be my son’s; Hunter. Finding the right name can be quite challenging, especially when you start concidering your kid will have to spend the rest of their life with that name!
    Thank you for this lovely give away, and happy New Year to you!!

  272. 277
    Molly says:

    Your blog has given me sooo much inspiration all year. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2011! I have three boys and their names are Russell, Jason and Carson. If I have more boys I love the names Ethan, Henry and John. Boys are awesome and you will love all the fun adventures you will have with them.

  273. 278
    Colleen says:

    Love the fabrics!! I still don’t have any of these in my stash but I’m off to a quilt store in a few minutes so maybe I’ll get some. My favourite boy name right now is Ethan. Best of luck!!

  274. 279
    Rachel says:

    What a beautiful collection from 2010. I’ve always liked the name Logan.

  275. 280
    Jenny says:

    I would love to win this! I love boys, but names are very hard. My two are Jack and Joel. Jack is waaaaay too popular, but he is named for my husband’s grandfather. Good luck. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Your quilts are amazing.

  276. 281
    Zarina says:

    I would go for Robert, for my favourite soccer player Robert Pires (he’s French).

  277. 282
    Diane says:

    I lurve your blog and I lurve looking at all your quilts.
    Flea Market Fancy is so beautiful and I would love to win the fat quarters.

    Boy’s names: Jesse. Xavier ( not ix-zavier as it is commonly pronounced here in north america- in may parts of the world, it is pronounced zavier)

    Good luck with the pregnancy and prayers for a safe delivery.

  278. 283
    kristina modich says:

    We have a little girl named Eloise. I really like old names and these are the ones on our list if we have a boy next… Henry, Hank for short and I also like Irving, or Irv for short.
    Hope you find a good one, but what a great idea for suggestions!!!!

  279. 284
    Sandy N. says:

    I love the names Evan and Christian.Thanks for the great giveaway!=)

  280. 285
    Shannon Margaret Brott says:

    I would love to say that I won this…I would make it into gifts for family…..okay lets see I will give you my favorite top boys names: Christian, Nickolas, Samual, Clint, William, Charles, Alan, Leo

    Hope those help!

    Shannon Margaret
    shannon . margaret . brott At Gmail DOT com

  281. 286
    BirthdayGinny says:

    What a fabulous year this has been watching via the blog as your creativity gets sewn into quilts! You are going to have SO much fun with your little one in 2011. Every day will be a new beginning and an inspiration.

  282. 287
    Kate says:

    Lovely giveaway! Boy names we considered: Liam, Nial, Will, Max, Alexander, Thomas. We eventually settled on Andrew Finn and we call him Finn. Good luck in your search!

  283. 288
    Amy says:

    I have SO enjoyed your blog this year. I just started sewing in August, and I TOTALLY fell hard for Good Folks fabrics. So far, I’ve made two quilts and one pillow out of it – all inspired by your projects. πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL 2011!

    We have a Matthew Brady, Sam Wyatt, and Jack Owen. Boys are the best! πŸ™‚

  284. 289
    Candace says:

    I found your blog earlier this year and it set me on a quest of quilting blogs which I’m entirely thankful for.

    My husband and I are attached to the name Sebastian which works for us here and when we are in Spain.

  285. 290
    krista says:

    Ah, boy names are so tricky! Coming up with one for my son Cooper led to the first (and really only) disagreement I’ve had with my husband.

    My favorites that got rejected are Cole, Reed, Gage, Gavin, Jude, Jack, Lucas, and Owen.

    Good luck!

  286. 291
    Kirstin says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and the year round inspiration! As for boy names…. I am partial to more traditional names, like Henry, Thomas, Stephen…. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  287. 292
    Susy Trower says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for 2 years and your work is consistently amazing! I’m thrilled you’re expecting a boy. I’m partial to using family names. My husband wanted a Joseph Jr. but I didn’t like the typical associated nicknames. We researched names of his uncles and found a special Uncle Slaton. We named our son Joseph Slaton and he’s been called Slaton all his wonderful life. Warmest wishes for a spectacular New Year!

  288. 293
    Laura T says:

    As a fairly recent follower, it was great to see the collection of your work for this year. All with such great designs and use of color.

    For boy names I’ve always been partial to David, Isaac, and Oliver.

  289. 294
    Heathir says:

    I always wanted to name a boy Simon. My husband wouldn’t go for it.

  290. 295
    Julie says:

    i still love the summer sherbet plus quilt, even in the middle of winter. benedict and sebastian are two of my favorites.

  291. 296
    sherry says:

    Congrats on the next exciting adventure of your life! Our top three names were Perrin (Perry for short), Emmett and Jared. We liked names that are different but not unpronouncable or unspellable. Thanks for the generous giveaway πŸ™‚

  292. 297
    Martha Lindberg says:

    I love your quilts….and plan to make a few of them in 2011. Thanks for your wonderful posts on FB. Look forward to seeing them.

  293. 298
    Hannah says:

    Wow! I had not idea that so many other people had discovered your site! My favourite boy name is Joshua – I hope to use it next year but I can share…

  294. 299
    eadaoine says:

    Count me in for the drawing.. You could always do like the Southerners do.. give him his grandmother’s maiden name!

  295. 300
    BethAnn says:

    Well my choice for a boy name would be Daniel. But I didn’t have a boy and I think my MIL would have had a fit.

  296. 301
    sherri says:

    I love your blog…and every quilt is amazing! As for boy names…my youngest is a “Sean,” and I really love his name as much now as nearly 16 years ago when we picked it! (Love FMF,too…what a wonderful giveaway)!

  297. 302
    Monique says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I don’t own any FMF fabric, so I would love to win!! For some reason I have always had a hard time coming up with a boy’s name I liked for my 2 pregnancies. My first was a boy~ we named him Dylan & the second was a girl and I knew right away a December girl would be Holly. If she was a boy we had 3 possibilities & I went into labor still not knowing, so I’m not much help! Best wishes!!

  298. 303
    beth says:

    Your blog is entertaining and inspiring. My favorite boy names are Jude, Owen, Nolan, Finn and Patrick.

  299. 304
    Katie says:

    Just got my first sewing machine for Christmas… I’d like to try to make a little quilt like yours for my first that is due in June! We don’t know what we are having yet but I love Peter, Charlie, and Porter for boys!

  300. 305
    Wendy says:

    How pretty! I’d love to win. Happy new year!
    PS: We had an awful time with boys names. Had a few picked out, then ended up waiting 4 days to find the Γ’β‚¬ΛœrightÒ€ℒ name, and choosing Andrew.

  301. 306
    Trudy says:

    The names I did not get to use (cause I had girls) are Ryan and Jackson. I love FMF and have not ever bought any. I am relatively new to quilting. I love your quilts . your style is my style. Hope I win and Thanx for the give away!

  302. 307
    lisa swinney says:

    i love that fabric and your blog! I like names like sawyer, greyson, wyatt (cowboy names you reckon?) my son’s names are Logan and Eli…Logan was always my favorite but when i found out i had boy number 2 we spent ages figuring it out…

  303. 308
    Tracy says:

    We’re working on baby names, too – due at the end of April. I really like Emmett, Henry, and Rhys… we don’t know if ours will be a boy or a girl, so we started a google doc with lists! Good luck picking a name!

  304. 309
    Kerry T says:

    Only recently found your blog but your quilts are amazing and full of inspiration for a newbie quilter like me.

    I have 2 girls but my boys names were Finley and Oliver. I named my cat my all time fave boy name – Oscar, after the grouch from Sesame St!

  305. 310
    DianeY says:

    I think the name Finn is cute. I think it has started to be more popular in the last few years.
    I would love that FMF! I came in a little late & missed that line!

  306. 311
    Theresa says:

    I named my little boy Kenneth – and Kenny is such a great nickname.

  307. 312
    Ramona says:

    I love the Baby Name Wizard book… it helped us narrow down our kids names a lot… Good luck!

  308. 313
    Mama Spark says:

    I have enjoyed your quilts this year. You have been an inspiration to us in blogland! I am excited for you to have a little boy! My “little” boy is now 20. I liked someone’s suggestion of using your maiden name. Otherwise I love the name Declan or my son’s name, Thadd. It will be exciting to hear your final choice! Love FMF and would love to win. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  309. 314
    Meg Thurgood says:

    What a wonderful give away! Love the name Tyler.

  310. 315
    Megan says:

    Benjamin is my favorite boys name. Its strong and commanding in its full form, but can also be cute and sweet in a shortened form like Benny. Happy New Year.

  311. 316
    Courtney says:

    Gorgeous boy names that I love (and hope you do too): Tobias, Triston, Caleb, Sebastian, and Finn <3

  312. 317
    Heather says:

    Well, your original spotted squares is what convinced me to start quilting and I am proud to say I finished 11 this year with 5 under the tree and gifted to kids, hubby, and Grandma. I have a 4 year old Simon and the name works – simple to spell, pronounce, and preppy without being too trendy (and he’s Si for short). Just an option… Happy New Year!

  313. 318
    lorena says:

    Thank you for a year of great reads and a chance to win such fantastic fabric! πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

  314. 319
    Tammy Welcome says:

    I have never quilted before but certainly enjoy the color and pattern on your site!

  315. 320
    Fran says:

    Thank you for a wonderful diversion and a place of inspiration all year.

    My husband’s advice would be to not name your son one thing and then call him by his second name. My husband is called by a variation of his middle name which is even more confusing. We have a rare last name so people just assume it is us when looking us up as the initials in the directory do not match the name he is called. On the phone, some people as for him by his true first name and I have to guess whether they want my husband or have a wrong number. Simplify.

    Spell the name in a conventional fashion to simplify his life.

  316. 321
    Beth says:

    I LOVE your blog and have used a couple of your quilts as inspiration for my own projects. Thanks for sharing such great photos!

    We’re partial the boy name Caleb – common, yes. But it’s also in the Bible. And it’s easy to spell. Good luck on the names. Boy names are much harder than girl names for us…

  317. 322
    Brenda says:

    My son is named David Aaron. I have a friend who named her son Crew. I also like Matthew.

  318. 323
    Angela says:

    I would like to spend more time at flea markets in 2011. Can you believe I’ve never been?

  319. 324
    Marianne says:

    What a generous giveaway for all of us who weren’t smart enough to buy FMF when it was in print. The seed ones are my favs.
    O and Adam was the name I choice if I had a boy…I also like Hank! ruff and tuff

  320. 325
    Marianne Ogg says:

    My favorite boy name is Todd. But it doesn’t go with my last name (Todd Ogg sounds like Ta-Da!)

  321. 326
    Lindsey Zea says:

    I love your blog and your gorgeous quilts and projects. I love the boys name Beckham. I like it both as a first name or a middle name.

  322. 327
    Melanie says:

    We named our son Lucas and I’m still pretty pleased with it. Now, if I had another boy, I’d quite like to call him Benedict. I like that it is a very old name and that it can also be shortened easily.

    I like old, traditional names in general, as they won’t go out of fashion as much as some other ‘new’ names. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and thanks for the giveaway! πŸ˜‰

  323. 328
    Margaret says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration. Little did you know… We had a girl (Fiona), but some of the boy names on our list were Miles, James, Tobias (Tobe or Toby for short).

  324. 329
    shirley says:

    boy names are hard! i always tell my husband that i hope we have girls so i don’t ever have to think of boy names. πŸ™‚

    but one i DO love… jason (my husband’s name) πŸ™‚

  325. 330
    SoniaB says:

    I love your quilts and all the inspiration you send out into the cyber-world.

    We just went through the namming thing . . . always end up deciding on the way to the hospital. Oliver, Joe, Michael . . . I’m a traditionalist.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  326. 331
    Claire says:

    Thanks for having such a wonderful blog! I really love hearing about all of your lovely creations.

  327. 332
    Alexis says:

    Wow, great giveaway! Boy names were so hard for us too… some that made it to the top of our lists were Douglas and Coltrane. All the best to you & yours in the new year!

  328. 333
    Molly says:

    I’m working on good boy names, too. πŸ™‚ Some of our favorites include: Jonah, Micah, and Ezekiel. (I’m partial to Hebrew prophets, as you can see…)

  329. 334
    helen says:

    Happy New Year Ashley! Love your quilts…always a great source of inspiration! My favourite boys’ names are James and Alexander. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  330. 335
    Elizabeth says:

    We seemed to be backwards when I was pregnant, we had a million boy names but no girl names (and she ended up being a girl, haha).
    My current favorite boy’s names: Oliver, Ethan or Owen.
    Goodluck choosing!

  331. 336
    Elena says:

    Thanks for the chance, the fabric is beautiful! I like some of the last names for first…my 2 faves are Hartman & Mathis.

  332. 337
    Kristin says:

    Beautiful! Please enter me~

  333. 338
    Maggie says:

    We have also recently found out that we are pregnant (9 weeks today!). Obviously we don’t know what we’re having yet, but if it is a boy, we’re leaning toward Maxwell Nicholas (Max for short).

    I love your website and if I could ever find the energy to get back to my sewing machine, I have a whole list of ideas to try thanks to your wonderfully photographed inspiration. Best of luck to you and your family in the new year!

  334. 339
    Amy C says:

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. These fabrics are so cute. It is tough picking a baby name.

  335. 340
    Sandy says:

    Happy New Year!! Thanks for the great eye candy this year. Your quilts are always so inspiring.
    Love Liam and Aiden. No boys in my family but if I had a boy, I would have to go with one of those… or Benjamin. I like Benjamin too.

  336. 341
    Christina says:

    Great giveaway! I just had a baby girl and we thought for sure it was a boy so I have a ton of names, but my top two are Henry and George! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy boy.

  337. 342
    Valerie says:

    Happy new year!

    I named my younger son Jonah and I’m still completely in love with that name, it’s masculine, but still cute, it’s timeless and classic but still a little unusual.

  338. 343
    Trisha says:

    What a great display of finished quilts! I have got to figure out how to do a mosaic so I can show my finished quilts for 2010 too. I like traditional names so I have a Joshua.

  339. 344
    Jackie says:

    Wow I am drooling! Such beautiful colors and so freaking hard to find.

    I really love the name William. Husband is very opposed though but I do love it.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  340. 345
    susan fuller says:

    Ah, a boy’s name…. I won’t give you any suggestions since it’s such a personal taste thing, however I will offer this – consider not telling anyone your choice until after he’s born. I’m always shocked at how many people will say “oh, I don’t really like that name, it makes me think of….(insert your own rude comment here)” Ugh, how insensitive! So enjoy these precious weeks of pregnancy and having the little one all to yourself – it flies by before you know it!

  341. 346
    Rachel B. says:

    Your quilts are amazing. I love reading your blog.
    Boys names – My son is named Nova (after the pbs show – my husband is a scientist). If I had been a boy my parents were going to call me Benjamin Stewart. Other names I like are: Hayden, Alex, Lee and my brother’s name Matthew.
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck deciding on a name.

  342. 347
    Samantha says:

    I LOVE your website- I think you have the most inspiring blog I’ve seen!

    I love the name Ethan for a boy, but my husband isn’t convinced πŸ˜‰

  343. 348
    Wendy says:

    Thanks for the FMF giveaway! That’s very generous, and I’d love the fabrics.

  344. 349
    Betsy says:

    I’m now two years in to quilting, and you’re still my #1 inspiration! I have never had any Flea Market Fancy….

  345. 350
    Jen S. says:

    Happy New Year Ashley! As usual, I’ve loved watching you bust out a million gorgeous quilts and inspiring me :). My little boy is named Joshua Daniel (and we’re keeping him Joshua as long as possible). Jeremiah and Benjamin were also on our list (and funny enough, we didn’t intentionally go for Biblical names). We had such a hard time with boy names! In part b/c there are tons of boys in the family: Drew (Andrew), Nick, Tyler, Curtis, Kyle, Bobby, Noah, Evan, Hudson, Zack, Jake, Luke, Austin, Cody ;). Good luck finding the right name!

  346. 351
    niki says:

    thank you for letting me enter this lovely giveaway~Happy New Year to you!
    I have 3 boys~Alex, Marcus James, and Joseph Andrew. Pretty boring and if I had to do it all over again, not sure these would be their names. I like these names: Colby, Hunter, Quinn, Brett, Bryan, Jason, Spencer, Skyler(ar), and Joshua (josh).
    Hugs to you and your lovely family πŸ™‚

  347. 352
    Lisa A says:

    What a great give away! Winning some flea market fancy would be an awesome way to start off the new year. My boys are named Nicholas Joseph and Jeffrey Thomas.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  348. 353
    Alisa says:

    Wow! Your work in 2010 was incredible and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work and process throughout the year. Looking forward to 2011 with the addition of lot of darling boy projects and fabrics. As far as names. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. If I were to add another boy his name would either be Jack or Deryk. Love those strong names. Good luck with the naming and congratulations again. Happy New Year!

  349. 354 says:

    I love these fabrics. I would love to win the giveaway. I read your blog all the time. Have a Happy New Year. Thanks

  350. 355
    Sydney Simon says:

    I love your blog and it has been a pleasure getting inspired by you through 2010. Good luck picking a name — after over 300 comments, I’m sure anything I’d suggest has already been mentioned.

  351. 356
    Linda Urban says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to win a give-away as much as I want to win this one!
    As for boy names, I wrote a book with a boy character named Wheeler. I love that name.

  352. 357
    Ivy Mae says:

    Wow, a lot of Irish/English names on here! I’m glad Liam is so popular–that’s one of my favorites. I like Isaac, Isaiah, Miles, Andres, Xavier. Our son has a fairly South American first and middle name since he was adopted into a half-Peruvian family. My husband really wanted an Incan middle name, but I wasn’t about to name a baby Apocataquil or anything, LOL.

  353. 358
    Kristen T. says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the great inspiration! I love stopping by to look at what you have made. Good luck on naming your little boy…naming kiddos is tough!

  354. 359
    Karen G says:

    Love your blog!! Love the colors you use in your quilts and the patterns. Good luck with the boy name – very hard to do. I wanted to name my youngest Blake Alexander, but was outvoted.

  355. 360
    Jennifer says:

    How exciting!!My favorite boy names are: Ian, Oliver, Fletcher, Jamie, Aiden, Max

  356. 361
    Wendy says:

    Thanks for posting a FMF giveaway – that’s so generous!

  357. 362
    Jessica G. says:

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway and for sharing your work to inspire others!

    I have always loved Thane and Sean for boys names…

  358. 363
    Kelli H says:

    Those fabrics so cheery! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

    Also, how about Bronson? It’s my brother’s name. I’ve always liked that one.

  359. 364
    Jessica F. says:

    Ashley – your blog is wonderful and I am inspired every time I stop by! You definitely have a God-given talent for all things textile! My twins are named Nathan and Taylor, but I really love the name Afton. (Just knew my hubby wouldn’t go for it!) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  360. 365
    Chris says:

    I’ve yet to see any Flea Market Fancy for real so this would be great start to the New Year!
    Favourite boy’s name – Kai
    Best Wishes for 2011, I’m sure it will be a year full of happiness
    Chris x

  361. 366
    Rebecca says:

    LOVE those prints! THANKS for the chance!

    Our style for name-choices has always been gender-strong, not unisex names. And I’m not a fan of trendy names, I hated being Rebecca A all through school because there were so many Rebecca’s around. Our boy is named Justin Peter, and I also really like the names Derek and Darrin.


  362. 367

    The fabrics are beautiful. Quilting more is on my list for 2011 and this would be a good start. My favorite name is my son’s – Nathan. Second on my list is my grandson’s – Kaiden.

  363. 368
    Jessica says:

    Love the quilts! Looks like you’ve done a lot this year. As for boy names, I’m in love with Oliver right now πŸ™‚

  364. 369
    Holly says:

    I have wanted to learn how to quilt and expand my horizons beyond curtains, so for Christmas, my husband surprised me with my very own sewing machine (I had previously borrowed my moms 40 year-old Singer). Within this past week, I have become glued to my computer looking at all the different fabrics and possibilities…..and needless to say, I’m in love. Your blog has been an inspiration, and I hope to create beautiful works of art of the same caliber as you. Thank you for fueling my new obsession!

    And for a boy name, I love Adrian.

  365. 370
    Katie says:

    My boys are Declan and Rowan. I have a million girls names, but boy names are always so hard for me. I’ve always loved Asher though

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  366. 371
    Lynn says:

    I love the quilts you made, and am inspired to try similar designs in the future (or at least make more quilts :p) All the best with the upcoming new arrival (I just welcomed my new one in November).

  367. 372
    Sarah says:

    Yet another entry! I don’t see how you’ll have time to read all these suggestions.

    I am partial to classic but less popular names. I agree with other posters who don’t want their child to have “name mates” in every class at school. (Plus I’m a teacher – so there are certain names I could never use!)

    My brothers did pretty well though …

    Douglas Daniel
    James Andrew
    Steven Patrick

    (and Doug now has a son named Andrew …)


  368. 373
    Cindy A says:

    Oh, thanks for such a nice giveaway of FMF. My favorite boys names are Trent, Ryder and Grant.

  369. 374
    angela says:

    love that fabric! I think my next quilt is going to be inspired by your starburst one πŸ™‚

    and I love the name Isaac πŸ™‚

  370. 375
    Jodi says:

    Ezra would have to be my fav at this time – he’s my 8-wk-old grandson!

  371. 376
    Kim says:

    I love Abraham and I love FMF!

  372. 377
    ellesquare says:

    Looking at those quilts you featured…what an inspiration.

    Boy names: I like Eli, Henry, Leo, and Tate.

  373. 378
    Kara H. says:

    What a nice giveaway! Thank you so much! As for name suggestions, my son’s name is Jack. Once I have another boy, his name will be Luke. My husband really likes Link.

  374. 379
    Kristy V says:

    My boys are Elliot and Benjamin, although, if I had gotten my way, Ben would be a Miles. (he’s a fantastic Ben though!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  375. 380
    Dory says:

    I love the FMF! And especially your FMF lattice baby quilt.

  376. 381
    teaginny says:

    Hapy New Year! My favorite boy name is Tristan. My husband wouldn’t go for it though, so I have a Gabriel and a William. Also nice :).

  377. 382
    Meg in CT says:

    Thank you for another generous giveaway! And thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration to me and other quilters and sewists!

    I love the names Timothy, Matthew and Zachary!

  378. 383
    Amy Lynne says:

    We have 3 boys…

    Zackery Michael
    Lukas Alexander
    Nikolas Andrew

    Good luck with your decision!

  379. 384

    Bobbin… Bobby ; )

    What a great quilting year you’ve had. I love seeing all your quilts posted like that. Happy New Year. 2011 is going to be GREAT!!

  380. 385
    Bethany says:

    I’m amazed by all that you have completed in one short year! My husband and I are also expecting our first child, if it is a boy we are naming him for my grandpa and great grandpa: Everett Walker. We are really into family names and some others that top our boys list are Jack, Harrison, and Harper. =)

  381. 386
    Kristen says:

    I recently found your blog and love all your talented work!! That line is so cute and I have been unable to find it in any local shops. Good luck on names- they are hard!

  382. 387

    Best wishes for the New Year… I like traditional names – we have Jon & William. I like the idea of using family names. Our oldest has the first name of my dad and middle name of my FIL and then we used my husbands name for the middle name of our 2nd son and then just picked a first name to go with. Or perhaps use your maiden name as a middle name?

  383. 388
    Kristine Fox says:

    I love visiting your site and gathering beautiful inspiration for my own creative endeavors. With a new machine in tow I plan on conquering quilts this year (at least one, is that still “conquering?”) I love your aesthetic. My favorite quilts are the lattice and honeycomb type quilts with all the bright colors and beautifully detailed bright white backs. Our son is named Keats Anchor. Keats is an obvious homage to the famous poet while Anchor is more of a daily symbolic reminder. I’m not sure whether our future children will have equally out there names but I say don’t be afraid to pick something you really love. πŸ™‚ We’ve received many compliments on his names (and many blank stares) but we love his name and our boy. He’s so fun!

  384. 389
    Asiyah says:

    What a nice giveaway. I’ve always liked the name Elliot which is what we named our son. Other cool boy names are: Wyatt, Finn and Bryce.

  385. 390
    Jane says:

    Naming children is a challenge-love some of the names you have already received. My advice is to choose something that not only fits them as a child, but as an 80 y/o as well! I chose names for my kids that could be made into nicknames…some folks don’t like nicknames, but I love that family and friends can call them something special. Good luck…thanks for the giveaway.

  386. 391

    You should make those gorgeous quilt photos into a calendar!

    As for boy’s names, I’ve always liked the classic ones – John (with the nickname Jack) or Harry. πŸ™‚ Good luck with whatever you choose – it will be perfect, I’m sure.

  387. 392
    Michelle says:

    ohhh my fingers are crossed!! As for boys names: Cole, Nolan or Adrien.

  388. 393
    Nadine says:

    Wow, your quilts are amazing. not sure how many times I’ve said that but can never hurt to say it again. And thanks for the giveaway, I have yet to see these fabrics in person, there is no way I could get any in the UK. And they are so lovely. As for boys’ names, we have been playing with names too and just as a joke we thought of Chili and Coffee. then we found out Chili Palmer already exists, in a John Travolta movie, so that’s that. I like Tristan too. All the best and a happy new year to you and your family.

  389. 394

    Fun…great giveaway! Hmm…I’ve always loved the name Tristan…there are lots of nice Hawaiian names too πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see that little guy πŸ™‚

  390. 395
    Brandi says:

    Love looking at your quilts, especially when I need some inspiration! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  391. 396
    TiffanyM says:

    I’d have to say my favorite boy name is Sammy! πŸ™‚

    I’d even take one of the ftqtrs! πŸ˜€ I wish i had the ability and time to quilt, my 2yrd almost 3 takes a lot of time!

  392. 397
    Stephanie says:

    Wow, I really would love to win those!! :0) I have a Ben but I also love Zachary and Andrew.

  393. 398
    Alice R. says:

    Oh, what a beautiful show of your work! It’s so inspiring! Yep, that naming thing is hard sometimes, but don’t worry, somehow it always works itself out in time. Thank you for the giveaway – hope it’s me!

  394. 399
    Lisa says:

    Hi, we have four boys – Lucas, Matthew, Samuel and Adam. I love Aiden and Jack as well, but we went traditional and are happy we did. What a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  395. 400
    julie says:

    What a great way to start the new year. I am very sentimental and like family names. My son is named Warren- my favorite grandmother’s maiden name. Good luck!

  396. 401
    kate says:

    thanks for sharing your inspiring designs!

    i have 2 girls, but love the name ben:)

  397. 402
    erin says:

    my 7 yr old is Benjamin Scott, and i adore the name! friendly, yet strong…just like him! i love the name Jack as well. Joshua and Asher were also contenders. good luck choosing! it’s a hard thing for sure!
    i can’t believe how much FMF you have ended up with! how?!? i would love to win some!:)
    Happy new year! thank you for all the inspiration…i can’t wait to see what you come up with next year! (though, i know you’ll be a tad busier with that little one!)

  398. 403
    Laurie says:

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful quilting goodness with us this past year, and have a wonderful 2011!

    My son’s name is Andrew, a good, easy to pronounce and spell name that never goes out of style. If I ever have another boy I think I may use the name Jacob… (not actually expecting, just like to think about the names!)

  399. 404
    kelly jo says:

    We just found out we’re having a boy as well, so I’ll definitely be checking out everyone’s suggestions!! I love the Flea Market Fancy line and just received a nursing cover out one of the prints and would love to have more of the prints!! Happy New Year!

  400. 405
    Jenny says:

    My oldest boy’s name is Holden. Unique but not made up. I also have an Owen and a Nathan.

  401. 406
    Ann-Marie says:

    I am inspired by each and every one of your quilts! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Boy names that I love are:

    I wish you all the best with your upcoming blessing πŸ™‚

  402. 407
    Margarete says:

    I love that fabric!

  403. 408
    Rene B says:

    I think I would have a heart attack if I won those little beauties!!!

  404. 409
    bdaiss says:

    Thank YOU for a wonderful year of inspiration! I didn’t get many finished in 2010, but I’m well on my way to planning out at least a quilt a month for 2011. AND getting organized so I can get them done!

    As for boys name, I’m fond of old fashioned names. Leo is my absolute favorite. And we’re lucky that it’s a family name, something else I’m rather partial too. I presume you’re familiar with the baby name voyager ( I like it for judging popularity of names and recent trends. Choose something that speaks to your heart and you’ll never go wrong…

  405. 410
    Madeleine says:

    I love Alex and Jack.
    Happy new year!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  406. 411
    Liz says:

    It’s such a pleasure following your blog and getting inspiration for new quilts!

    Ooh, baby names. We’re right in the thick of it, too (less than 10 weeks to go!), but have a girl this time.

    If this baby was a boy, I think we’d name him William Henry.

    My favorite baby name book: The Baby Name Wizard. Entirely too much fun to read the entries, which give a “snapshot” of the name, rather than origin/meaning. Also a bit about popularity/useage over time, potential nicknames, and even suggested sibling names! So if you like one name but don’t want to/can’t use it, look it up and it will give you other suggestions. πŸ™‚

    There’s also a website if you want to look up the useage graph over time.

    No, I don’t work for them or anything. I’m just a name geek. Heehee.

  407. 412
    adina says:

    i have 3 boys and i’ve always liked strong modern-ish one…it’s all about what style you’re after…classic, old school modern. owen is a good one.

  408. 413
    Andy says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration through out the year! I look forward to the next as well – but understand that you might be a bit busier πŸ™‚

  409. 414
    regina says:

    Awesome blog, quilts and giveaway!
    I have a few, since I keep having girls: Silas, Cedar, Fox, Spencer, Oliver, Sebastian, Cypress, Birch (love tree names), good luck!

  410. 415
    Judith says:

    Thankyou for a very nice giveaway. I like Joel.

  411. 416
    Wendymoon says:

    Nice giveaway!

    My new nephew is Onyx, and was almost Tiberius! I’m more traditional when it comes to names. And I like Js: Jesse, Joseph, Joshua, Julian.

  412. 417
    Mandee Jo says:

    I liked Oslo, Cael, and Calvin when I was pregnant. We had a sweet little girl though..

  413. 418
    Lisa says:

    Our son’s name is Asher, and we have always gotten compliments on it. Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabric….we are due with our 4th (a girl!) in early April and this seems like just-right fabric for a quilt for her.

    I love all of your quilts. They are so beautiful! πŸ™‚

  414. 419
    Lyndee says:

    We just named our boy Liam and I love it! but I am the mom and I did pick it πŸ™‚

  415. 420
    Traci says:

    Best giveaway in the history of forever!!! Oh my gosh–whoever wins will be sooooooo lucky! I love seeing all your amazing quilts in one mosaic–I would love to make each and every one of them! You are so stinking inspirational–I hope you know that! Anyway…boy name…since we are Officially Done (just decided last week) you can have my two favorites: Oliver (Ollie for short–I think this one shows my British upbringing) and then Ben (Benjamin, but this would have to be a boy with a daddy other than my husband because he’s adamant that this is a paste eating name. He’s so wrong!) I also love Tim and Matt. (Basically anything you can add a ‘y’ to at the end to make a special little momma pet name.) πŸ™‚

  416. 421
    Stephanie says:

    Wow what a nice giveaway! I started reading your blog about six months ago and have really enjoyed your tutorials and quilts. Keep on blogging through 2011! πŸ™‚

  417. 422
    jennifer says:

    Comment #403– Holy smokes!

    I think my favorite boy name must be Michael or Mark. Traditional biblical names are my favorites. Everything else is just putting on airs! πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the generous giveaway. I do love that orange seed print.

  418. 423
    Abra says:

    My boys names are Griffin, Grayson, and Ryder. My favorites of course!

  419. 424
    Merlin says:

    Oooh! Being a mother of 4 boys, I love to get something free, because fabrics don’t come cheap! The fabrics look awesome!!! I’d love to win the giveaway!!!! 8^)

  420. 425
    Alisha says:

    Quinn has always been a favorite boy’s name since I heard Bob Dylan’s Quinn the Eskimo.

  421. 426
    bess says:

    good luck with choosing a boy name – it isn’t easy! πŸ™‚ my husband’s from hawaii, so our sons have hawaiian names, but some friends have a son named ryker, and i just LOVE it. great giveaway!

  422. 427
    Jennifer says:

    These comments are so much fun to read. Almost as good as your blog, which I love. I have been reading for awhile and have delved into quilting pretty much thanks to you. You make it seem approachable, while providing incredible inspiration at the same time. (And I mean that – it’s not just to win the fabric)

    (Although, I would love a chance to win the fabric and would pay for international shipping since I live in Italy where fabric is so so so so expensive.)

    I have two boys: Jack and James. I also like Luke, George and Tate, but my husband ruled those out early on. If I have another boy, it will be George.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Boys are so much fun and so absolutely lovable. They are also fascinated by the sewing machine! I am sure your little boy will keep you good company as your machine hums him to sleep.

  423. 428
    Sarah says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration to me – only yesterday I was looking at your Timber! quilt and oohing and aahing (that and the dark grey farfalle quilt – my absolute favourite – this minute, that is!)

    I’ve never managed to be in the same room as any FMF and it’s on my lust list. This would be a fantastic start to the new year!

    My favourite boy’s name is Jake. I like the soft beginning and the crisp end to the word.

    Happiest of New Years to you and thank you for all your wonderful quilting enthusiasm!

  424. 429
    jessie says:

    Happy New Year! Thank you for all of the inspiration! I love classic names for boys – Henry, John, Jack. Although we went with an Italian classic for our little one, Giovanni.

  425. 430
    tanya says:

    love your blog…baby boy names on my list (waiting for a match – trying to adopt):


  426. 431
    Ruth says:

    I love Luthe (but maybe that is a little out there?)

  427. 432
    sudi-Laura Overstreet says:

    You are so very generous! It is truly a gift to sneak a peak into your sewing life on your blog. My son is named Isaac, so I am partial, but if I were to have another boy I would name him Elijah. I am sure what ever name you and your husband choose will be exactly right πŸ™‚

  428. 433
    Amanda says:

    I like the boy names, Levitt, Jake, and Eli. Love your site.

  429. 434
    Blogless me says:

    Simeon, Vladimir (means “rules the world”), Volen (free, independent), Kalin (from the greek “kalos”= beautiful/handsome), Kaloyan (meaning “handsome John”) … Good luck and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  430. 435
    Brenda says:

    Our friends have a young boy with the sweetest disposition. His name is Hayden. We love the child and his name! Your blog is my daily inspiration. I’m retiring next month and hoping to be able to produce a quilt vs. reading “how to.” Happy New Year!

  431. 436
    Sarah Louise says:

    I just love this fabric! I used it in my very first quilt years ago! Thanks for having this wonderful giveaway! Hmm, as far as boys names go…I’m partial to Bennett.

  432. 437
    Audrey C says:

    You have such a great blog – one that I visit daily in hopes of finding new inspiration for my next quilt.
    And what about the name Spencer? Miles? Zane?

  433. 438
    tara says:

    I love your twin baby boy goldfish quilts! My mom asked you for permission to use them as inspiration for a quilt she made for my 2 month old baby boy, Ezra, with the same goldfish and I love how it came out, so thanks for letting her borrow your idea. And my favorite name for a boy is, of course, Ezra.

  434. 439
    Elizabeth D. says:

    Awesome giveaway, thanks Ashley! As for boy names, when I had my son two years ago, I had a hard time coming up with one I really liked. We wound up going with Ryan, but we also really liked Oliver, Spencer, and Logan. Good luck picking one! πŸ™‚

  435. 440
    Chrissy Lux says:

    Aren’t you super generous! I totally missed getting any FMF so I’ve been just swooning over everyone else’s projects. πŸ™‚

    Favorite boy names … Jackson, Camden and Mason

    Looking forward to all your 2011 projects!

  436. 441
    Kristin says:

    Oh my gosh I love Flea Market Fancy! What a great giveaway. πŸ™‚
    We just had our son on December 6th and named him Luke Danger. πŸ™‚ I also LOVE the boy name Judah. Good luck with your name list, it’s loads of fun. πŸ™‚

  437. 442
    Lauren says:

    Ooh- I actually had some scraps of the top fabric given to me, if I had more I might actually be able to do something with it!
    I have been following your blog ever since the blog tour for The Practical Guide to Patchwork. I can’t believe you made your first quilt in 2008 and look where you are now!! It’s so inspiring to a beginning quilter like myself.
    If I have another boy, I will name him Aksel. It’s a Norwegian name and I’m in love with it.

  438. 443
    Kara says:

    You’re going to have such a great new year with a little one in your life πŸ™‚ We just had our first child in May, and we named him Nathan, so I happen to think that’s the best boy name around. We also liked Jacob, Benjamin and Nicholas. Whatever you pick, it’s exciting to plan for a new life!

  439. 444
    Sharon says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Two new boy names in our family are Logan and Gavin. Good Luck!

  440. 445
    Rachel Locke says:

    What an awesome giveaway!! I have always liked the name Wyatt.

  441. 446
    Shanley says:

    Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what you create next year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  442. 447
    nichole says:

    oh, oh! me! it would be a great way to end the year! πŸ˜€

  443. 448
    Bridgit says:

    Such a beautiful collection of fabric! When I was expecting our second child we came up with names at 38 weeks! Simon was the boy’s name (Amelia is our little girl!). Best wishes in this parenting adventure!

  444. 449
    Jan says:

    What gorgeous fabrics! I have always been partial to traditional sounding names. One of our longstanding family names is Josiah. Love that.

  445. 450

    I have always loved the name Cory but since our last name is Corry haven’t been able to use it for any of our children, that would just be cruel πŸ™‚

  446. 451
    Kirsten says:

    Naming your child will be the hardest part of raising a child. Being Danish – I wanted our son to have a danish name SOREN, We were all set with this name until our son was born and called my husbands parents and told them they had a new grandson named EDWARD. It just came out EDWARD.( I couldn’t have a son named Edward. I grew up with Eddie monster and Eddie Haskell). My father in law cried because after raising 7 beautiful children and wecolming 18 grandchildren this was the first EDWARD. What a gift our son is today and even though my father in law passed away two years ago – he is very much with us because you see his named was Edward. I smile everyday when I call out for my son

  447. 452
    Laura says:

    What a great giveaway! I want to make a lattice quilt like yours for our bed, but could never decide on colors- this would take care of that problem for me! πŸ™‚

    My PERSONAL favorite name (probably because of the little boy attached to it!) is Noah Winslow.
    Other names we almost went with were Wyatt, William, Avett and Stokes (all family names… except for Avett- that’s from a band we love!).
    If we ever have another boy, we will name him James David!

  448. 453
    Doreen says:

    Love how prolific a quilter you are and your use of color.
    as for names I like Finn and Henry.

  449. 454
    Nathalie says:

    Your blog is one of my top 5 that I have to read everyday!! I am truly inspired by how prolific you are in our quilting and am totally amazed that you are able to get anything else done. I have never had any of Denise’s fabrics and love the chance to have some FMF thank you. As for boys names, the name Drake keeps popping into my head for you. With 7 nephews, boys names are our specialty. (I also have 3 male dogs) However, you may not want to decide until you actually see him before choosing your final name. Can’t wait to see what you quilt next and to find out your options on boys names.

  450. 455
    Lisa Mason says:

    I love your blog! Your quilts are so fresh and modern.

    I love the names Owen and Miles.

  451. 456
    Ariane says:

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful fabric! For boys’ names, I like Anthony and Sebastian.

  452. 457
    Sarah says:

    Such a lovely giveaway, I absolutely love these fabrics!

    I’m partial to the name Andrew, so that is my suggestion.

  453. 458
    Kristin W says:

    Awesome giveaway!

    I don’t have any kids yet, but my favorite boy name is Declan. It’s unique enough, but he can be called Dex for short. πŸ˜€

    Happy New Year! (my favorite holiday by far)

  454. 459
    Bertha says:

    I have no advice for boys names! My husband and I didn’t know what we were having in advance and we could not agree on a boys name for the life of us. Good thing we had a girl or we’d have been screwed!

  455. 460
    karen says:

    I have 3 sons, and always had girls names picked out!
    My 3rd son is Luka. Great name.
    We have a friend with a son, Silas. He’s a great kid!

  456. 461
    Heather says:

    Ooooh, fat quarters!!!!

    I like sturdy names – Henry, Alexander, William – combined with a hat-tip to history – Phineas, Franklin, Harrison.

  457. 462
    sharonj says:

    Hi, I like Thomas, Michael and Finn. Have a very Happy New Year!

  458. 463
    Katherine says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Your blog has been inspiring me for years, and 2010 was the year I finally started to quilt. It’s awesome! I think you should find a name that rhymes with Kim and Zach’s baby’s name. Otherwise, I like Nathaniel.

  459. 464
    Julie says:

    Beautiful giveaway. I don’t have any particular favorite boy names to suggest, but I am sure y’all will find something that fits when he arrives.

  460. 465
    Irelle says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I just discovered quilt bloggers a few months ago and it is quite addicting. I love the name Dominic – my grandson who is adorable!

  461. 466
    aimee says:

    What a productive year! All are great and unique.

    Boys names…

    Good luck – choosing the name is a difficult process!

  462. 467
    Rebecca says:

    that flea market fancy looks delicious! as a teacher, i’ve seen a million interesting names: among the coolest are Dixon, Chase, Mason, and Spar. good luck!

  463. 468
    Colleen says:

    Thanks for blogging this year!! I love your work –it is truly inspiring!! I am a teacher so there are alot of boy names that enter into my mind. This year I have a Christopher, Matthew, Vincent, Andrew, William (Will), Jake, Jack, Cole,and Chase. Most of the names in my class this year are tradiitonal.

  464. 469
    moira says:

    How about a good scottish nam? like Angus or Dallas?

  465. 470
    Molly says:

    My favorite boys name is Matthew!

  466. 471
    Janelle says:

    How sweet of you to share some of your precious flea market fancy! For boys names I’ve always liked Abe (my grandfather’s name was Abram), but my husband was never crazy about it.

  467. 472
    Tracey P says:

    Thanks for sharing all your amazing quilts with us and giving away some FMF!

    We have 2 girls, but they would have been Lucas and Alexander if they had been boys. (Both are family names.)

  468. 473
    Stephanie says:

    I gave birth to a boy just this past July! We named him Ryan (which according to the baby name books means “little king” cute!) We also liked the names Logan and Alexander. Good luck! My husband and I didn’t both agree on the name until after our little guy was born!

  469. 474
    Allison says:

    Beautiful quilts! And love the fabric. My favorite boy’s name these days is Jackson.

  470. 475
    Melanie says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! We have girls, but if a boy ever comes along, we’re going with something gender-specific and with simple spelling like Joshua. We’re boring like that πŸ™‚ But I also like a lot of the suggestions I’ve read so far!

  471. 476
    Katie says:

    It’s so hard to imagine a name for a baby boy that will also work for a grown man! We used Brice Alan for our son.

  472. 477
    Kirsten says:

    We love short and easy boy names . . . Max, Sam and Gus are family favorites!

  473. 478
    Marlena says:

    Wow! How kind of you to do a FMF giveaway. Love your blog and your quilts. As for names I have always liked Jake or Jacob and Peyton. Good luck and what an exciting year you have in store!

  474. 479
    Noodles says:

    Love your work this year! I’m going with “Sam” as a boy’s name. Traditional, but thoroughly contemporary — like your quilts!

  475. 480
    Kate D says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog this year. Thanks for sharing!

    Not too original, but I like the name Ben for a boy.

  476. 481
    Jan says:

    Wow – what a fabulous and thoughtful giveaway. Thank you so much for all the inspiration your blog has provided in 2010. I look forward to continue following in 2011. Happy New Year!

  477. 482
    Amber H. says:

    Well, I’m a 2011 boy mama just like you are! Except that my little guy is due in April. Since I’ve already got two girls, and had a boy name picked out since I was pregnant with my firstborn back in 2005, we had NO problem picking a name.. Oscar! When I met Lizzy House and her sister; we were discussing the importance of names… and Oscars go very far in the world we decided!

    So, my advice is to pick a name that’s NOT found in any of the Twilight series, or after any current young celebrities, and of course that will work with your last name.. no funny acronyms!

  478. 483
    Lana says:

    I love your blog! and my boy name choice is Dallas Joseph!
    Great Giveaway…but I wanted to especially wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  479. 484
    jan says:

    I like two of our family names: Wynter and Blaine. Rather old fashioned. And Ned, from Edward?

    This is fun givaway–and VERY popular!

  480. 485
    Kathryn says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog this year! I love really traditional names like Luke and David. Thank you for the giveaway!

  481. 486
    Carla says:

    I love the name Gabriel. That’s my 4 year old’s name and it is so nice!

    The popular names we have seen at work lately (I’m a postpartum nurse) are Jack, Sebasitan, Mattais, Aiden. I love Silas and Jonah.

    Good luck with the name!

  482. 487
    needlenose says:

    Your quilts are literally “eye candy”! They inspire me! Congrats on the new baby and happy new year!

  483. 488
    Laura Capps says:

    Love your quilts!!

  484. 489
    Connie says:

    That’s so nice of you to do a FMF giveaway! I love the line and the bright colors. My favorite boy name of all time is Asher, but it doesn’t sound good with our last name. If we have another boy, it will be Calvin and we’ll call him Cal. Hope you find your perfect name!

  485. 490
    Christa says:

    Awesome giveaway. Some of my favorite boy names are Emerson and George.

  486. 491
    Kim says:

    Thanks for a year of inspiration. Happy New Year!

  487. 492
    Susan says:

    Thanks for a great, inspirational year!! How about Morgan JR??? :))

  488. 493
    D Spack says:

    How about Harrison, Jackson or Remington? depending on how it sounds with your last name. Thanks for the chance to win this DS fabric, I do so love it, wish I could get over it, but alas, it is too lovely. (BTW, you look great!)

  489. 494
    emma says:

    Your quilts are an inspiration (I’ve made three of them already)!
    I can’t wait to see what you create in 2011 (besides a life, that is).
    My favorite boys name is Simon. Unfortunately, by the time I was pregnant with my son I had already named the cat Simon and just felt I couldn’t name my son after the cat.
    But Justin is a nice name too.

  490. 495
    Maddie says:

    Your quilts are lovely! As for names, I’m partial to Michael, Anthony, and Matthew. =)

  491. 496
    Jamie says:

    My favorite boy names are Jackson and Morgan! Happy 2011!!!

  492. 497
    Bridget says:

    I am so inspired by your quilts! I vote for Jacob.

  493. 498
    Kacey says:

    I really like the name Soren…but my husband doesn’t, so we’ll never use it. I hope someone else does! πŸ™‚

  494. 499
    Amy says:

    Nathan is my contribution – that one was always on the short list but never got used.

  495. 500
    Consuelo says:

    Thanks for the great year of blogging! Some fun boy names I like are Oliver and Xander. Thanks!

  496. 501
    Pearl says:

    I want to make some placemats out of these fat quarters. Boy name….Slate?

  497. 502
    Stephanie says:

    Here’s two boy names to consider… Owen or Ryan. Both are favorite of mine!
    I’ve never been lucky enough to get my hands on some FMF… oh, how I would love to win!
    Mostly want to thank you for sharing a look into your world…your blog and quilts are amazing! Thank for all the inspirations.

  498. 503
    Jackie H says:

    Yeah, it’s been such a fun year – thanks for the tutes and all the inspiration! Enjoy the rest of your New Year!

  499. 504
    DebbieKL says:

    Great fabric collection and love all the projects too! My sons name is Tucker, so that’s a favorite for me. I’m pregnant with twins, so we’re working on names too! It’s hard.

  500. 505
    Lara says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. My two favourite boy name would have to be my sons – Oliver and Gus. I got Ollie’s name by talking to a girlfirend one lunch so hopefully you see something you like in the list. Boys are such wonderful little people. Happy new year!

  501. 506
    Adrienne says:

    I like weird names… I have an Ember (girl), Ronin and Zach (I know… boring!). We want to have two more kids and already have two boy and two girl names picked out… Annique and Eiry (girls names) and Versin and Torix (boys names).

  502. 507
    Courtney says:

    Boy names are tough – I have two & the first is Jack (almost Aidan for 6 mos in utero), Will was tougher (almost James, Connor, Colin or Scott and not decided until an hour after birth, in a frantic, “if we don’t pick a name the grandma’s will” moment!) Good luck to you, you’ll pick the right one & wonder how you could have named him anything else!

  503. 508
    Anne says:

    Many years ago, family friends had a son and called him Derward. I hated the name, but he turned out to be a very nice young man!

  504. 509
  505. 510
    Vickie E says:

    I don’t own any FMF. would love to have just a bit πŸ™‚ thanks

  506. 511
    Jane says:

    I really like the names Zachary, Benjamin, Luke and Andrew

  507. 512
    Karen S says:

    My heart thumped when I say that your giveaway was FMF!! Favorite boys names today are Maxton and Joseph

  508. 513
    Belinda (tiffanywinnie) says:

    I love looking at your quilts and I wish I had half the energy you have to be so motivated and inspired.

    I’m building up a stash to help me in my moments of need and would really love to gaze at this flea market fancy for a while x

    Thank you
    Belinda x

  509. 514
    amanda says:

    We are such nerds, but we want to name our first boy Benjamin Franklin Fetters. Oh yes.

  510. 515
    Erica says:

    crazy i love flea market fancy and haven’t had any in my stash.
    my favorite boy name after ten months of deep thought is charlie. wanted a friendly, surfy (i don’t think that is a word, but picture sun bleached hair, glowing skin and salty days at the beach) and smiley name. we went with charles harper serrance gerston in case he ever becomes a supreme court justice πŸ™‚ the second name was a close second for the first name and the third name is the name of the tiny village in the south of france where my dads family is from and still is.
    hoping this baby in the belly time is a joy!

  511. 516
    Meg says:

    I love to read your blog and find new quilting designs!

  512. 517
    delia says:

    So many awesome quilts! I like the names Michael and Edward. Thanks for the end-of-year giveaway! Happy New Year!

  513. 518
    Elizabeth says:

    Picking out names is so much fun! I always like the classics – Christopher, Joseph, MIchael, etc. Happy New Year!

  514. 519
    Jill Matyastik says:

    We named our son Conner, a family name, but I also love Abraham.

  515. 520
    Laurie says:

    Happy New year! I love the name Ryan.

  516. 521
    P. says:

    Such a beautiful collage of your quilts! I was just thinking about boy names yesterday, for no reason, really. I like Russell (it’s also my brother’s name), but it wouldn’t have been on my list 20-something years ago. Interesting how things trend in and out.

  517. 522
    Rachel says:

    ooooh…I love those fabrics! Hmm…I like the name Ralph personally.

  518. 523
    Cathy says:

    I ADORE flea market fancy but just can’t find it anywhere! Thanks for your site- FITF is what got me quilitng just over a year ago and I come here often for inspiration. As for names, I have 3 boys and for some reason I find boy names more difficult than girl names. Some of my favs are: Joshua, Henry, Isaac and Simon. Good luck deciding! πŸ™‚

  519. 524

    I love your quilts, they are all gorgeous! The colours, the patterns – I love it all :o) And what beautiful fabrics to give away, hope I win! I do have a favourite boy-name, but I dont think it will suit your baby – its norwegian. I have always wanted to name my babyboy Lars, but I have only got girls…. :o)
    Have a wonderful New Years Eve and wishing you a happy new year!

  520. 525
    Erin says:

    I always love reading your blog! And good boy names? Biblical names for boys are always good…Caleb, Jonah, Jude, Gabriel, Elijah, Noah, etc.

  521. 526
    Renee says:

    Love all the quilts from 2010 and the inspiration I get when looking at your work. Great give away! How about the name Forrest. It’s my nephews name and I like that it’s a bit different but not too out there.

  522. 527
    Jennifer says:

    Bennett? Warren? Please enter me for the fabric giveaway. Thanks. Your projects are very inspiring.

  523. 528
    Liz says:

    Happy New Year! Hope you have a great start to 2011. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. I love fmf! My boy’s names are Aidan and Grayson (Gray for short) so I love those of course. Also love Leo and Brittain. Best of luck!

  524. 529
    Lindsey says:

    Ooh! I would love to win some Flea Market Fancy! I got into sewing a little too late to buy any of my own. I love your blog and am always so inspired by your creations!

    As far as boy names go, we like Cooper (it’s my dad’s middle name).

  525. 530
    Casey says:

    Have a safe and happy new year! I have a boy name suggestion, Parker πŸ™‚ I love that name!

  526. 531
    Sina says:

    What a generous giveaway! I have never even seen FMF in person so I would love to win some! My favorite names are Oliver, Tyler and Ethan. Thanks for the chance!
    Happy New Year!

  527. 532
    Amanda says:

    I would LOVE to win some Flea Market Fancy! I like the name Benjamin for a boy.

  528. 533
    Lindsay says:

    I wanted to say thankyou for all of the inspiration you have given me over the year. This is my first year quilting and I am happy I stumbled across your blog. As far as boys names. I am a huge fan of Conner.

  529. 534
    Joey says:

    That is a lovely set of FQs! I’d love a chance to win. I don’t have a boy but have always been partial to the name Connor.

    jlradmall at gmail dot com

  530. 535

    What a great giveaway! you are sooo generous!! We just found out on christmas that we too are expecting!! YAY!! We have TONS of girl names, but hardly any boy names we can agree on. I like Wyatt, Jhan and Asher. My husband likes William, Oliver and Theo. I have a deep feeling that this ones a girl, but we will have to wait and see! Best of luck to you in the new year!!

  531. 536
    Melanie says:

    There are so many super boy names on this list! I can’t wait to see what you and your husband decide on. Love your 2010 quilts and your 2009 quilts and your 2008 quilts, too, lol.

  532. 537
    Chanda says:

    Thank you for all the lovely quilty inspiration this past year. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! As for baby boy names? I’ve always loved Marcus and Elliot.

  533. 538
    Jaclyn says:

    What a generous giveaway! My favorite boy names are Henry and Oliver.

  534. 539
    Amanda says:

    What am amazing giveaway! I’m a FMF devotee, but got to the party a little late.

    My two cents on a boy’s name: Graeme. (Traditional spelling of “Graham”) Always been a favorite of mine!

    Best wishes for a happy & healthy new year.

  535. 540
    rachal m says:

    Wow fmf! great giveaway. i love the name Max!

  536. 541
    Heidi aka Digital Misfit says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!
    Your blog and beautiful quilts are what have inspired me to make 2011 the year I learn to quilt. I have ordered books and will be picking up my cutting mat tomorrow!
    For boy names, I love literary names like Bradbury and Sawyer, and strong, classic names like Jack (or Jackson) and John.

  537. 542
    Jodi says:

    We are very traditional around here…Ethan and Matthew were what we picked for our boys. I do like Silas and Matthias, though. πŸ™‚ Boy names are hard, good luck!

  538. 543
    Linda says:

    Thanks for another year of inspiring quilts and a chance at some Flea Market Fancy FQs! I like the names Ethan and Matthew. Have a wonderful 2011!

  539. 544
    Maria says:

    My two favorite boy names are Weston and Dominick, because I have one of each!!! Here’s to a productive 2011.

  540. 545
    Nancy says:

    Love these fabrics! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    My favorite boy names are Cooper and Dane. Good luck with the choosing.

  541. 546
    Crystal says:

    I have a Johann, and he is a wonderful little boy!! Good luck to you in 2011. Love those FMF fabrics!

  542. 547
    Lindsay says:

    Love Flea Market Fancy. How about Dallas or Austin?

  543. 548
    Mary says:

    My first born is an Eli and he loves his name. Bonus: he will look like a genius when he learns to spell his short little name before anyone else!

  544. 549
    lauradodson says:

    oooh FMF. pick me.

    silas. caleb–have one of those. jack.

    and that guy on the tv show parenthood who sold his houseboat and is getting married, has a little boy? yeah, him. in real life his name is dax. i’m not sure what that stands for, if anything. but for some reason i kinda like it.

  545. 550

    oh for fun. I am so excited for you. I’ve named my boy after my Dad and I think my Dad has the best name ever, David Eugene. I think David is the BEST name ever. blessings on your year!!!

  546. 551
    Jenni says:

    Oh, I am a smitten kitten when it comes to FMF! Thanks so much for sharing! Sadly, I’m afraid I’m not much help in the baby name department. I can offer some advice, though…don’t stress over it. My husband and I poured over baby name books throughout the pregnancy (once we knew we were having a girl – makes it easier to only have to search one gender) and came up with a short list that we liked. Then we waited to meet our girl. After just a few hours we knew it was between two names, and by the next day, we made our decision. Or rather, she made the decision. A little talking to her, and a simple smile back, and all fell into place. I’m sure it will for you, too! Congrats again and a very Happy New Year!!

  547. 552
    Paula says:

    I love your quilts – you always inspire me! My suggestions for boys names are Liam, William, Owen and Seamus … Congratulations!

  548. 553
    robin says:

    Great giveaway. How about Seth?

  549. 554
    Becky Little says:

    Joel or Amos are two of my favorites but both got shot down by my husband for our boys. Hope you find some good inspiration, Happy New Year!

  550. 555
    Laurel says:

    So generous!!

    For boynames, I have several favorites.. Ethan, jack, Adrian…

  551. 556

    Thanks for all the inspiration! Boy names I love: Jude, Eliot, Henry, Luke, Jack, Wyatt

  552. 557
    Brandie says:

    I love this fabric, but have never (so far) been able to make myself spend that much to get it! Found your blog earlier this year and love it! Good luck with the baby names…that may be harder than having the baby!
    Suggestions: Oliver, Isaac

  553. 558
    Erin K says:

    Like I’ve said before, I love your blog and your quilts are my favorite. I still want to make the unfurnished quilt! anyhow I like the name Lincoln. I have two girls so maybe one day I’ll be able to use it.

  554. 559
    sang says:

    What a lovely and generous giveaway, Thank you so much! I really like classic names such as Matthew, George, Henry etc…although if my husband had his way our son’s name would have been ‘Eli Peyton’ πŸ™‚

  555. 560
    Leslie says:

    Will, Peter, Austin…all good names.

  556. 561
    Kristen D says:

    When I was pregnant coming up with a boy name was one of the hardest things! We ended up with Aiden and it turned out just perfect! Good luck!

  557. 562
    Kelly says:

    I have 3 boys, and coming up with their names was the hardest (had girl names picked out early :). Michael (JR), Jake and Nick are my boys names. I also love Vincent, Alexander, Wayne…Enjoy searching, and when you hear the name of your baby, you will know!

  558. 563
    Norma says:

    I have yet to own a tiny bit of this fabric. Thanks for sharing.

    I like Everett πŸ™‚

  559. 564
    Amy K-P says:

    Thank YOU for all of the inspiration (and help) you have shared! Wishing you & your family a WONDERFUL new year!

  560. 565
    Lauren says:

    Great fabric! I love the names Cooper and Collin.

  561. 566
    Anjanette says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your quilting with us. I love your quilts! As for names, I like Thomas.

  562. 567
    Lisa LeBlanc says:

    How I would love to win!! Matthew Peter

  563. 568
    Shasta says:

    What beautiful fabrics. I don’t have a specific name suggestion for you, but I can tell you how I picked. I looked through a book of baby names, and as I did, I started narrowing down the criteria of what I wanted. I wanted a not common name, but one that wouldn’t sound unusual, so it would be easy to pronounce and spell. With that criteria, I could look through the names and narrow down the choices. Then I said them over and over again with the last name to see how they would sound and be mispronounced. Look at the initials to make sure they don’t spell anything bad. I really enjoyed the process, so I hope you can have fun with it as well.

  564. 569
    Lisa Michelle says:

    All the best for you and your family in the new year. Thank-you for all the wonderful quilting inspiration you provide.

    Fav. boy names:


  565. 570
    Elizabeth says:

    Well, we like the name Jude (that’s our boy’s name) but we also like Micah, Hudson, Cade, Cohen . . . Good luck picking a name out!

  566. 571
    Claudia says:

    Congratulations! We had our 5th baby 10 months ago and so I’ve been a bit too busy to read blogs. We named him Miles Luke. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name! I took some time to peek back at your blog last night and saw your cute baby bump. So happy for you. You are so kind to give away these great fabrics. You are a great inspiration!

  567. 572
    Cherry says:

    Boys names are hard! I like Luca and Matteo. And Oliver too, as I have one of them!!

    Thanks for the giveaway…

  568. 573
    Joanna says:


    I just adore your blog. I can’t tell you how many quilts of mine are inspired by yours! Thank you for being such a wonderful example and great person to learn from! Boy names are hard, so many are boring or too “old.” My sister just got engaged to a “Lane” and I love that name! Thanks for the giveaway-best wishes!

  569. 574
    Stacey says:

    I’d love to win this fabric!

    Favorite boy names: Alastair, Dennis, Elliot, Jamie, Linus, Luca, Nestor, Oliver, Owen, Quentin

  570. 575
    Frogdancer says:

    I made a quilt for my niece for Christmas based loosely on your Postcards from the Park quilt.
    She loves it. Thanks!

  571. 576
    Kim says:

    I love the name Marek!!!!!! I need the fmf for a quilt along we are having in Feb!!!!!!! Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  572. 577
    Laura says:

    Wow, beautiful FMF line!!! And gorgeous quilts, by the way.
    As for the boy name, I really love Hector and Aritz (this last name is a Basque name, it comes from the north of Spain).
    Happy New Year 2011!!!

  573. 578
    Amanda says:

    Hi, discovered you blog this year, really love that you put in as much thought into the backing as you do the quilt tops, beautiful! I like Quinn and Tom.

  574. 579
    Genevieve says:

    I love the classic names like James and Henry. πŸ™‚ But, old fashioned names like Milton, Harvey and Elson are nice too. πŸ™‚

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks!!


  575. 580
    tanya says:

    My boys are Nathan Taylor and Nicholas(Cole)Allen. I can’t believe how many beautiful quilts you finished in a year. I’d love to win the fabric. πŸ™‚

  576. 581
    Margaret says:

    Love seeing all your fantastic quilts — your blog is a constant source of inspiration! We named our son Duncan.

  577. 582
    Stacey Price says:

    Flea Market Fancy…..LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for the chance to own some for my self.

    Boys names are fun. Malachi, Ezekiel, Silas, or something like Hayden, Kase, Traverse.

    Have fun picking one for your little guy.


  578. 583
    Sarah says:

    I adore your blog – I only found you about 6 weeks ago and have already earmarked most of your quilts to try making! Thank you so very much for the inspiration you provide

    Turning to boys names – I have twins (one of each) and it was the boy’s name we struggled with. We went for James in the end, which is a fabulous name if I say so myself!! My sister has two boys – George & Oliver (Oli for short). Am also liking Joshua and Jack

    Thank you for the opportunity to win

  579. 584
    Kerry says:

    An amazing year of quilting. Boys names always seem to be harder but I have a soft spot for Ned and also for Quinn

  580. 585
    Eeva says:

    I´m sorry, but I can`t help You with babynames. Those finnish boy names which I have in my mind are not so useful in USA. I know how hard it can be, I have three children.

    I`m looking forward to read Your blog also in 2011! Happy New Year!

  581. 586
    Millissa G says:

    Thanks for another chance to win something!!! Love your blog! As for boy’s names, I like Mathias and Donovan.

  582. 587
    Barbara says:

    What an inspiration you are!!! We have a Gus and an Oliver – beautiful grandsons!! Looking forward to reading your blog in 2011!

  583. 588
    andi says:

    I would kill to win this giveaway!!
    How about ‘Denyse’ for a boy?

  584. 589
    Sarah says:

    ooo! FMF! My favorite!

    I just sent a quilt off to customer whose friend is naming their son Harper Emerson, now I’m hooked on that name!

  585. 590
    Anna says:

    Matthew and William would have to be my favourites. They are “normally” spelt, and can be shortened to something sensible (an important trait in Down Under parts of the world!)

  586. 591
    Julia says:

    Your quilts are so great! I wish you the best of luck with the baby.

  587. 592
    Dianne says:

    Happy happy new year!!!!!!! Keep the quilts coming for 2011, you are great inspiration.

    How about Spencer, Edward, or David.


  588. 593
    Vicky says:

    I found it hard to come up with boys’ names, so I told my husband it was up to him. He chose Levi Ciaran – a Jewish, Irish name for a Chinese boy πŸ™‚ Go figure. I hope to one day be able to quilt as beautifully as you.

  589. 594
    Allison says:

    I love reading your blog and those fat quarters are wonderful!

  590. 595
    Kristin says:

    I love my little Nathan! Thanks for the chance to win such great fabric!

  591. 596
    Anna JM says:

    I love boys’ names that have a c in them; Oscar, Eric, Lucas. Maybe because c is an unusual letter here in Sweden?

    Thanks for keeping up with your great blog. Your work is inspiring!

  592. 597
    Jenny L says:

    Happy 2011! What a fantastic year it will be for you guys! Our boy choices were Owen, Zachary and Nathan – different favorites for each pregnancy. We finally got our boy the last time around, the only time we found out gender, so Nathan it was πŸ™‚

  593. 598
    Tina says:

    I am a seasoned pro at boy names πŸ™‚ We have four. Our favorite names are Hunter, Carson, Tyler And Quinton. I love the names Beck, Crosby and Quaid. That fabric is fabulous πŸ™‚

  594. 599
    Bec Clarke says:

    Oh that is beautiful fabric. I loved Oscar, we didn’t use it because DH was not convinced but I still love it. If we ever had another boy I would push for Oscar.

  595. 600
    Debra says:

    What a generous giveaway! When we had a boy 4 years ago (prior to the Twilight saga), we debated between Jasper and Lyndon, Jasper won out but I still love Lyndon. Wishing you an easy pregnancy and a wonderful 2011!

  596. 601
    Donna says:

    I love those fabrics! My grandsons are named Riley and Quinn and I love those names too!!

  597. 602
    Flying Blind says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to start quilting – if you take to motherhood as well as you have to sewing, you are going to be the best!!

    Names – well mine, like yours can be male or female – Hadley, and our son is Oscar Tate; my husband is Ashley so you won’t want that!!

    Happy New Year x

  598. 603
    Jo says:

    I like names that sound like 1776 patriots. John, Samuel, Thomas, Paul

  599. 604
    Toni says:

    I adore this line of fabric, too! Congratulations on expecting a boy! We just had our third boy a few weeks ago, so it is very crazy at our house right now! Our boys are Wyatt, Carson, and Max. Hope everything goes well for you!

  600. 605
    Rebecca says:

    If our baby turns out to be a boy, we’ll probably name him Reuben. However, I like Ira, as well.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  601. 606
    Tammy W says:

    I love the green fabric. My husband bought me a long-arm quilter for Christmas so quilting is definitely in my future. I’ve got a quilt in progress using one of your tutorials.

    When we were expecting our son we narrowed names to Brendan and Zachary. We went with Brendan.

  602. 607
    ara jane says:

    oh boy! boy names are seriously difficult. i am pregnant myself and though it’s too soon to know the sex, i’m almost praying for it to be a girl just because there are so many more great girl names. my suggestion, though, is to go with classics: tom, george, henry, jack. they aren’t at all trendy and i doubt you’d regret any of them in later years. congratulations again, and happy new year!

  603. 608
    Shelley P. says:

    Those fat quarters are fabulous – thanks for the fun giveaway!! I’ve loved looking at your quilts this year! Boy names are tough I think, but Daine, Brody, and Luke were winners for us πŸ™‚

  604. 609
    Sarah O. says:

    I have been so inspired by so many of your projects!! Congrats on the upcoming birth of your son! That is so exciting πŸ™‚ I don’t have any sons- 4 daughters instead- so I have lots of unused boy names. We liked: Caleb, Samuel, Jonah, Jacob, Nicholas, Everett, Daniel, David, Paul and lots of others. I know that there are a lot of bible names in there but in my husband’s family they use Andrew for every male’s middle name so those names I mentioned were ones we thought may go with that. πŸ™‚ Best wishes and many blessings on this special time! Thanks for the giveaway- FMF is my all time favorite!!

  605. 610
    shelley says:

    Oh I love coming to your site. I liked the name Koa but we just had a little girl so maybe next time πŸ˜‰

  606. 611
    Andy says:

    My son has a friend named Creed and we’ve always loved that name. Luckily we knew this Creed before the Office character came to be πŸ™‚ He’s a little on the creepy side.

    Happy new year!

  607. 612
    Sharon says:

    Thanks for the chance to win these absolutely fabulous fabrics. I am in awe at your gorgeous work and continue to follow your blog, its such an inspiration. In our family we have Steven, Matthew, Kevin, Tyler and Morgan. You’ll know when the name is right, maybe even after you see his sweet little face gazing up at you!! Best of luck.

  608. 613
    Layla says:

    What a great giveaway! I’m afraid I can’t help you with boynames, I couln’t even come up with one when I was pregnant!

  609. 614
    Elisabeth says:

    We named our son Wallace, but my husband’s lacrosse players at the time thought Ethan would have been better. Other family names to choose from Garrett and Edgerton and Willem

  610. 615
    caralee says:

    I love your blog and the fabric. Good luck with boy names. It took us half pregnancy and 4 days to name our last two boys. They are Caleb and Eli.

  611. 616
    Jessica says:

    Your quilts and website continue to be an inspiration for me! :o) And I would love me some of that fabric!! xoxo and happy new year!

  612. 617
    Ellen says:

    We had Quentin on our boy list. πŸ™‚

  613. 618
    Jennifer says:

    Wow. Scrolling through these comments is a great help for us as we try to pick our own boy name. Paul is on the list. So is Carl. Thanks for being such a faithful blogger. Your productivity is amazing.

  614. 619
    Kerstin says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration! Thanks for the giveaway! My sons are called Jakob and Max, and should there ever be a third one it’ll probably be a Jasper…

  615. 620
    Melissa P says:

    Happy New Year to you and congratulations again on the baby. This is such a wondeful giveaway. Thank you for the bounty of inspiration you have brought us all year long. Hats of to you. As far as boy names go, I tend to like strong classic male names, such as Charles, Matthew, or Jacob. Good Luck making you choice!

  616. 621
    Ginger says:

    I love your quilts…they are so inspiring. I like the name Kai…it means water in Hawaiian.

  617. 622
    zeti says:

    I love reading your blog. Very interesting and informative. Please add Alexander in your list πŸ™‚

  618. 623
    Jill B says:

    Wow! That’s quite the giveaway – ending 2010 with a bang ;). I’ve always liked the name Caleb.

  619. 624
    Paula says:

    My boys are Hugo and Aengus (but called Gus), still my two favourite boys names. If we had a third boy though, we’d be in trouble! All ideas have been used up!

  620. 625
    Anna says:

    FMF! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration from your blog – just found you this year. Boy names are harder than girls, I think. We chose Daniel and Benjamin for our two. Best wishes!

  621. 626
    Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful quilts and for this terrific giveaway!

  622. 627
    KristyR says:

    Love those fabrics. I really like the name Connor these days. And Luke.

  623. 628
    Cathy A says:

    I have 3 sons…I love all their names, of course…Desmond and Charles are my favorite of the names–I didn’t pick the other name, Ethan. I like Davis for a first name. And Grayson. Good luck choosing one you love to say over and over and over!

  624. 629
    Fiona M says:

    Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! Please count me in, and Happy New Year!

  625. 630
    Anne says:

    So much eye candy!! :O The quilts are gorgeous and so are the fabrics. πŸ˜€

    Boy names…well, I’ve always been partial to Michael (my brother’s name, and he’s awesome), but I also like slightly untraditional names like Tristan and Alistair.

  626. 631
    Lori Medrano says:

    I love your quilts and get great inspiration from you…as for boy names: Here are some of my favorites – Jaxson, Aiden, Broderick and Carson. Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  627. 632
    Stephaniey says:

    Our favorite boy name was Grady, but our best friends have a son named Grady. So, our two boys are Owen and Eli. Of course, once you name your baby, you’ll never imagine that they could be anything but that name!

  628. 633
    Jennifer says:

    What a fun giveaway! I’ve loved everything you’ve done this year.

  629. 634
    Beccy says:

    I LOVE this fabric. Thanks for sharing with us. :o) Happy New Year!

  630. 635
    katie r says:

    no boys names, but LOVE the flea market fancy!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  631. 636
    Anna says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway!!! for boys name. Evan or Samuel.

  632. 637
    Nicole says:

    Wow, what a collage of beautiful quilts – thanks for the inspiration! We love the classic (and old fashioned) names that won’t be shortened when our boys hit school and so, we have an Ethan at the moment, and hopefully a Caleb sometime in the future!

    Congratulations and best wishes in the New Year for your little family!

  633. 638
    Marci says:

    Juna for a boy.

  634. 639

    OOOO FMF I have been hunting for bundles of this fabric but with no luck πŸ™ Keeping my fingers crossed thank you for the chance!!

    Boy names Tobias (Toby) or Broderick (Brody) or there is always Fred :o)

    Congrats on the baby and the wonderful year you have had with your blog and quilts and the new things you have learned… I hope that your next year is filled with joy and happiness and a healthy baby…. good luck and thank you for the inspiration and the chance at getting some fabric!!

  635. 640
    Slack says:

    You have been a great sewing inspiration to me this year! Thanks!

    We’re having a girl in April but boy names we thought about were: Jack, Jude, Job, Andrew, and Spencer.

  636. 641
    Kornelia says:

    You made really nice quilts this year.
    I have a friend in the US and his name is Shale. I never met anybody else with that name, and I kinda like it. Good luck!

    And thanks for the nice giveaway, it would be really nice to win.

  637. 642
    Stacie says:

    Hooray for quilts! Thank you for sharing all of your loveliness this year! I’ll have to throw “Flapjack” into the ring for boy names πŸ™‚

  638. 643
    Jodie says:

    My all time favourite fabric πŸ™‚ My all time favourite boys names… Jacob and Lucas

  639. 644
    Michelle Keenlyne says:

    Jackson, Bradley, Graham, Braxton, Cullen, …

    Thanks for the giveaway! You are very generous!

  640. 645
    Bea Langeweg says:

    Thanks for the great give a ways .
    Love to read your blog and love the colors you use for quilts ect ect .
    The quilter who wins the fat quarters will be a blessed person.
    Have a great sew new year .
    Greetings from Bea Canada

  641. 647
    Michelle says:

    I would love this fabric!! And I’ve always been partial to Benjamin and Nathan. πŸ™‚

  642. 648
    Chelsea says:

    Oh boy names…I was hoping for a boy, but I got a beautiful baby girl instead!

    We’re planning on Landon James for our next child, and I was supposed to be a Tyler. I agree with someone up there tho, Jack is a great name!

  643. 649
    Shirley says:

    Happy New Year! You have some great suggestions for names. As you soon as you hold your beautiful son, you will know which name fits him so don’t stress too much trying to figure it out now! Just enjoy your last few months of peace and quiet! πŸ™‚

  644. 650
    2hippos says:

    I’m still staring at the wonky brick quilt and trying to figure out how to make it without gads of thick seams from tiny white strips, but perhaps I’m juts scared of seams and/or can’t think of a better way to make it. As for boys names, I like Leo and Shai. Happy 2011!

  645. 651
    Kathi says:

    I almost didn’t get to work on time this morning because I got caught up in your last post (Thank you, sponsors!) Your work is lovely and you brought some great fabric to light. I am personally fond of Max.

  646. 652
    erica says:

    What a great giveaway…I’ve never owned any of these prints before-they’re gorgeous! As for baby boy names, I am partial to the old fashioned ones like Harrison (harry), Turner, Charles, Woodrow and Fabian. Good luck picking out a name…some of your followers have shared some great ones! Oscar seems to be a hit this year πŸ™‚ Thanks again for the chance to win.

  647. 653
    Celia says:

    I’ve read all the comments so far, looking for a boy name myself! We’ve got Boy Number 2 due April 30th and no idea what to name him. I feel like we used up all the good names with our first: Sullivan (Sully for short,) Daniel Bruce. This list has been helpful though πŸ™‚

  648. 654
    phiona says:

    don’t judge me–my fabric addiction is REAL & absolutely NEEDS to be added to!
    favorite boy name? my vote would be…morgan jr. HA!


  649. 655
    Amy Gentile says:

    Your blog was one of the first to inspire me to make my own quilt. Thank you for the inspiration!

    I love the name Dylan for a boy.

  650. 656
    Anne says:

    Wow thank you for your great blog…….look forward to seeing more of it in 2011.

    My favorite boys names currently are Harley and Finn. Enjoy

  651. 657
    Jodie says:

    How amazing and unselfish of you to share some Flea Market with us all, thanks. Here are some smart/strong boy names and I say that because I know boys attached to the names. Keiton, Bo, Dalton and Connor.

  652. 658
    Sandy says:

    Congrats on the baby! I seem destined to have girls but if I had a boy I think I’d go with Oliver. Thanks for the chance to get some FMF!

  653. 659
    Amie says:

    I also like Oliver! Naming a baby is so hard for us though. They wouldn’t let us leave the hospital until we did name our last child. Congratulations!

  654. 660
    Tracy says:

    You have such a great blog. I love stealing ideas from you πŸ™‚ As for boy names, I’ve always liked the name Owen. It’s a bit old fashion, but I still like it. I have two little beautiful girls, so I’ve never gotten to use it!

  655. 661
    Nikki says:

    Oh, boy names! Since I have just 1 girl, I’m inevitably full of unused boy names. πŸ™‚
    I love the name Seeley, but it also has a special reference to me bc the church my dad grew up in was on Seeley in Chicago. I also love Elliott and Boston. Luke is at the top of my list, too.
    I can’t wait to hear what you decide on!

  656. 662
    Munaiba says:

    My advice is that whatever name you choose, stand at your back door and yell it out loudly 3 or 4 times and see what you think because that’s the way you’ll hear the name as you call your son home from playing outside and some names just don’t cut it out there! Thanks for the give-away.

  657. 663
    Amanda says:

    I love the name Brogan, but have yet to have a boy to use it.

  658. 664

    What a wonderful giveaway AND congrats on your pregnancy! I am 19 weeks along myself! We are finding out the sex of our baby next week and if its a boy, we are naming him Cash Thomas. We have also liked the names Eli, Owen, Charlie and Dylan, but have seemed to narrow it down to Cash πŸ™‚ Good luck in your name search.

  659. 665
    Kelly says:

    I find boys names ridiculously easy, but thats probably because I have 5 girls lol!! So the names I didn’t use are, Declan, Tarburton, Blake, Alexander and Harrison. I also love Tobias, Ethan, Thomas, William, Oliver, Atticus and so so many more!! Good luck with choosing!! And thank you so much for such a generous giveaway!! Happy New Year!!

  660. 666
    Rachael says:

    OOh, boy names, how about Rohan?

  661. 667
    Pam says:

    Thanks for the nice giveaway! I’ve become a fan of the Flea Market Fancy fabric thanks to your blog and inspiring projects. I used to want to name any future son “Javier”, but changed my mind after marrying a man with the last name “Hipp”. “Javier Hipp” just sounds too much like a comic book character! So you are welcome to take Javier if you want it.

  662. 668
    Kim O says:


  663. 669
    Heidi Ruff says:

    I’m a new reader/quilted….LOVE your blog! Best of luck with your baby name. We have Henry John and William Charles… I also love Benjamin Charles…. Happy New Year!

  664. 670
    Nancy says:

    I enjoy your blog, and have it in my Google Reader list so I never miss a post! And I love FMF fabric! I read somewhere that girls tend to think their names are not unusual enough, and that boys want their names NOT to be unusual. My favorites? David, William and Alexander. Whatever you name him, your baby will grow into his name, and you’ll always feel that you made a good choice.

  665. 671
    Kathy Jacobsen says:

    What a generous soul you are!! Thanks for sharing all your mad skills and the coveted FMF! I’ve been following your blog since I found your market bag tutorial. I missed the FMF craze, so I’d be thrilled to win them. BTW, how about GRANT for your boy?

  666. 672
    Kate says:

    Aaaahhhh!!!!! Flea Marker Fancy! I love love love this beautiful fabric, but I’ve never actually owned any! Reading your blog and looking at your amazing quilts makes me want to just quilt ALL the time! As for boys’ names, I love the name Oliver, and I’m a fan of Max as well. I’m so excited for you and your husband – can’t wait to see more baby crafts!

  667. 673
    Lindsey F. says:

    Whata great giveaway to end the year. Thanks. Two names I like are Gordon and Duncan. Happy New Year!

  668. 674
    Georgia says:

    Yikes! A *lot* of comments!
    I had two daughters so my boy names didn’t ever get used. Joseph (Joe) was at the top of the list beacause it was my Grandad’s name. Rowan, Rory and Leo followed close behind. πŸ™‚

  669. 675
    Rebecca says:

    I like Indiana, that’s what I wanted to name both of my boys, at least their middle names, but was overruled both times. For the record my boy’s names are Jarrett William, and Aidan Christopher. Good luck, boy names are hard:)

  670. 676
    rusty says:

    Oh I love that flee market fancy so so much!!! What a treat that would be! I have a Will and a Sam. I love those names and I am also loving Elijah lately. Eli. Hope you are feeling well!!

  671. 677
    Megan O'Leary says:

    I would love the Flea Market Fancy fabric to kick off a new quilt in the new year. My sons are named Patrick, Seamus and Conal, and are all great young men. Fingers crossed for us both!

  672. 678
    Nicole says:

    I like Jonas, Alexander & Collin for a boy. I also like my grandmother’s maiden name, Beckham but my husband has this “no family name” lame! πŸ™‚ Happy New Year, and happy baby naming, you’ve got a lot of suggestions here!

  673. 679
    LeahR says:

    I love your blog. I am always amazed how quickly you turn out a quilt. Each of them is amazing. I wish you could come over and show me your mad skills!

  674. 680

    I would LOVE to be a part of your give-away!!! I have three boys and their names are Aaron, Seth and Kai. I love their names and, of course, Them!!! Have a wonderful New Year!

  675. 681
    Jill Pittman says:

    I am very new to your blog site and am already checking in regularly. I’ve recently spent time on your site showing my 18 year old son examples of your lovely quilts. This summer my son had the opportunity to work in Africa for a few weeks with his dad. One of his souvenirs was 6 yards of fabric to be made into a quilt for him to take off to college next fall. He’s considering the wonky string quilt and the modified bento box against a lone star – I’m hoping for the wonky string or bento box! Happy New Year from Indiana!

  676. 682
    Kimberly L says:

    Oh, such a lovely giveaway! Our daughter who was born on the 17th would have been named Xavier Thomas if she had been a boy. Good luck with the name thing, hopefully your husband is more helpful than mine! πŸ™‚

  677. 683
    Betty says:

    Wow–lots of responses for this great give away! My favorite boy names are: Atticus, Dominic and George Carlo. My three sons!

  678. 684
    Hannah O. says:

    I would love to own some Flea Market Fancy. I missed the line and keep hoping they will re-release it. As for boy’s names, our son is named Soren and if my current pregnancy was a boy we were thinking Roman. We’re having a girl, though, and really struggling with names, too.

  679. 685
    Karin says:

    I love the FMF! So gorgeous! Names — Ethan and Drew

  680. 686
    rebecca says:

    Love your blog. I get so inspire and motivated by your work. Thank you for sharing. I would love to be considered for your give away.
    Rebecca O
    Oh and my suggestion for names are George or Nathan or Seth. Love these!

  681. 687
    Katharine says:

    670 comments already! Oh I would so like to win this giveaway. I started quilting too recently for FMF and have only little bits I’ve managed to buy from unsuspecting quilt shops in Australia. Oh and hands down my favourite boy’s name is Peter. Unfashionable but plain strong and almost impossible to misspell. And when you see my name, Katharine, which almost no-one ever gets right, you’ll understand the virtue of easy to spell!

  682. 688
    lizzie says:

    Oh! those gorgeous fabrics. <3
    I once dated a guy named Julian. While it wasn't for keeps, I've always thought it was a great name (and obviously couldn't use it myself!) πŸ™‚
    Happy 2011 to you!

  683. 689
    Crystal says:

    There are lots of boys names that I like, but I have been especially liking Liam lately. Probably a pretty popular name right now though. Thanks for the giveaway. How much of FMF are you hoarding?!? You have so much!! Happy new year!!

  684. 690
    Holly says:

    My favorite fabric! How could I resist?

    As for boys names – I like Oliver, Jameson and Oscar

  685. 691
    Jena Lee says:

    Thanks for writing such a beautiful and inspirational blog – you motivate me to keep working on my quilt designs and color arrangements. Keep it up in 2011, and congrats on the new addition. I like Nate and Jake…

  686. 692

    My Morgan’s boy name suggestions were Douglas, Sterling, and Alexie. The family name, the Scottish one, and the Ukrainian one. And we had girls and went the Ukrainian/Scottish route!
    An unsolicited tip? Whatever name you choose, don’t go for creative spelling. That’s just mean.

  687. 693
    Heather says:

    fantastic giveaway!!! my favorite boy names are Michael, Zachary, and Seth.

    Happy New Year!

  688. 694
    Leigh says:

    I am a huge FMF fan, but missed the boat on that one πŸ™‚ I named my boys Miles and Benson. Good luck on choosing a name, we had such a hard time both times!!

  689. 695
    Kirsten says:

    I have 3 boys, so welcome to a world of LOUD fun! My boys are Aiden, Jack and Bennett. Would love to win this fabric – thanks for the giveaway!

    • 696
      Stephanie says:

      Wow, I can’t believe you are parting with such beautiful and coveted fabrics!

      We find out the sex of our baby next week and already have a list of girl and boy names lined up, though I think the list will change between now and June.

      I like the names Dustin and Adam. Have you started decorating the nusery yet? I am excited to see what you do with the baby’s room.

  690. 697
    Erica says:

    Fave boy name: Noah – it’s our baby boy’s name, so of course we love it!

  691. 698
    Suzanne G says:

    I love that fabric!! Would love to win some! My favorite boy names right now are Matthew and Ryan.

  692. 699
    Greta says:

    My brother and his wife are expecting their first son and haven’t been able to pick a name yet. Not for a lack of recommendations. Some of my favorite suggestions have been Mason, Brody, Jaxson, and Logan. Personally I’m a big fan of Sawyer, but that might be to much of a LOST reference for a while. Thanks for the chance to win some great fabric. Good luck with your upcoming bundle of joy. And thanks for the seemingly endless inspiration.

  693. 700
    lucie says:

    Oh love this fabrics!

    greetings lucie and a happy new year!
    from the netherlands..

  694. 701
    Angie Merchant says:

    Love the fabric! I like Alex!

  695. 702
    Erinn says:

    Lovely blog and it has been a wonderful year. Thanks for continuing to share your great talents. I look forward to 2011.

  696. 703
    Bailey says:

    My 2 yr old daughter decided to sit down and roll over in the snow today while I unloaded the groceries………she was in a dress! Boy names, don’t have any advice as my husband and I are expecting a boy in March and we still cannot come up with a name that we agree upon!

  697. 704
    marlene says:

    Oh, I love FMF! For boy names, I’ve always liked Luke! Classic! Biblical.

  698. 705
    Sarah says:

    Your quilts are always a source of inspiration! Thanks for the giveaway!

  699. 706
    Lis Trueblood says:

    Love – Love – Love all your wonderful ideas. I just started quilting this year so your site has become quite the inspiration!

    As for boy names – I have only had girls so the two names we didn’t use were James Christian and Quinton Lane.

  700. 707
    Joanna says:

    Happy New Year! I have been dying to make something with flea market fancy…one of my favorites!

  701. 708
    joh says:

    Ohhh Ashley, some things to remember….. when he is 2 and you need to find him, when you call it a thousand times will you get sick of hearing it as a sing song….for example: COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr This is starting to grate……….2ndly when he is 6 and you need him to come and explain the a)mess b)disaster c) broken precious object …can you say that name with such quick sharp authority that he will heed the warning and run! example: RILEY BENNETT Come Here! and thirdly when he is a grown man and walking into a job interview and he puts out his right hand for that all important firm shake will he be able to do the james bond thing : Cayden, Cayden Bennett, Nice to meet you. As the mother of 3 boys- including 1 set of identical twins I know the deliberations of choosing a name so In light of being no help in the process how about Fleamarket, Fleamarket Fancy- it works for the Bond thing!

  702. 709
    Laura M says:

    Love your blog! Just saw an article about you in a magazine while I was waiting in line at Joann! I can’t remember the name of the magazine now, but the article was great. Good luck to you in the New Year, thanks for all the inspiration!

  703. 710
    Eleanor says:

    What a lovely giveaway! I’m also pregnant, but found out we’re having a girl so I will suggest our boy name to you: Max πŸ™‚

  704. 711
    Tong says:

    love all your fabulous quilts and it’s been fun looking at all the baby projects you’ve been doing. i love morgan and tyler for boy names. happy new year and thanks so much for the FMF giveaway!

  705. 712
    rachelmp says:

    Love, Love the fabrics! Our boys are Ayden Luke, Callum Thomas and Kane Darcy. I like Damon too but it wasn’t on my husbands list and Digby wasn’t on mine. Good luck picking that perfect name!

  706. 713
    Hope says:

    Love FMF! My hubby has a great name: Brice and I have always liked Cooper.

  707. 714
    Paula Ganyard says:

    You do such beautiful work. As for a boy’s name I have always thought that Joseph was a nice strong name.

  708. 715
    alli b says:

    I can’t give you my top baby name as I’ve not told anyone, but my second baby boy name is Kingsley. Love it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  709. 716
    Wendi says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love Flee Market Fancy πŸ™‚
    Favorite boys names are Benjamin, Micah, Noah & Josiah.

  710. 717
    Beth T. says:

    Many thanks for adding to the happiness of my 2010 with your blog, your quilts, and your inspiration. As for a boy’s name, while I am quite fond of traditional names, such as Thomas, James, Joseph, and Gregory, the name that has been whispering to me for awhile now is “Theo”. I feel free to share it with you because you live on the other edge of the US–plenty of room for two Theos.

  711. 718
    Susan Snooks says:

    Oh How I would LOVE to win this – I have a big stash but no Flea Market Fancy! It is a beautiful range. My two boys (men!) are named Benjamin (Ben of course) and Daniel (Dan!) and I have never regretted choosing these strong names. Happy New Year!

  712. 719
    terri says:

    FMF whoo hoo! have heard soooooooo much about this fabric line – how very nice of you to share πŸ™‚
    names……my son’s name is Christian but he was so nearly a Sam or a Max πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year to you & yours

  713. 720
    Beth says:

    By far my favorite boy’s name is Malachi. A cool and a very cool man from the Bible. Check him out.

  714. 721
    Christie says:

    What a gorgeous stack of fabric! Happy new year to you!

  715. 722
    Jessi says:

    You have a beautiful collection of quilts! I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2011.
    I have a few scraps left of this flea market fabric that I’ve been using in an elephant quilt for my friend’s wedding.. I would love to have a few more options to add to my bundle! Check out my blog if you’d like to see the pattern I’m using. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    Happy New Year!

  716. 723
    Janna says:

    Ok, so my heart skips a beat when I see that stack of fabric!!! I love the name Emerson. But we already have a daughter named Emmi and we call her Emmers sometimes, so thats out of the question for us;) Good luck, can’t wait to see what you name him. Boy names have always been hard for us too! Our last boy we named after both our dad’s – Charles Robert (they are pleased!!! As you can imagine. Noone else in the family has used the name;) ) We call him Charlie, and LOVE HIM TO BITS!! He just turned one in Oct, little boys are so fun:)

  717. 724
    michelle in fl says:

    my chances are slim to win this stack of happiness, but felt like I should still thank you, as your quilts have been far-and-away the most fabulous in blogland this year, in my opinion. thanks for the continuing inspiration.

    my sweet 6-year-old is named Zane. I highly recommend it. πŸ™‚

  718. 725
    kimland says:

    I love your blog, you truly are an inspiration and such a breath of fresh air! I like Clancy or Morton for boys names.

  719. 726
    Kelly Williams says:

    I hope I win I have been trying to find that fabric everywhere!

  720. 727

    Yes please!!! I’m partial to Eamon Isaiah, Finian Malachai, or Tristan Elijah. :O)

  721. 728
    Tess says:

    I think a solid boys name like: Oliver or Jack would suit the two you of you beautifully. Besides, they’re such beautiful stand alone names. Have a great New Year.

  722. 729
    Sally says:

    Just love your blog, you’ve inspired me to try a new style of quilt making. When my kids head back to school i’ll start pulling from my stash. My favorite boy name is Michael, mine turned out to be a wonderful young man. Happy quilting in the new year…can’t wait to see the beautiful quilts you come up with in 2011.

    Happy New year!

  723. 730
    Kim says:

    I’ve always loved the name Owen for a boy. But I ended up marrying someone with the last name Owens, so that kind of took that name out of the running. Good thing I had two girls!

  724. 731
    Georgia says:

    I have two boys– Dakota (Kody) and Liam. If I had another, I’d be likely to name him Rowan. Love that name!

  725. 732
    Nicholas says:

    I love the name Bernard for a boy. He was be Bernie while little and Bernard when he needs to be all grown up.

    Happy 2011!

  726. 733
    Heidi says:

    Love your blog and inspiration. Thanks for the chance to win some of my favorite fabric!

  727. 734
    Polly says:

    Got a baby on the way…would love some cute fabric to create with!

  728. 735
    Allison says:

    Thanks for offering the contest! I love the name Mason. πŸ™‚

  729. 736
    Audrie says:

    Such a great giveaway! πŸ™‚ I love the names Benjamin, Adam or Matthew. We’ve had a whole bunch of cousins and friends fall pregnant all at once so we’re constantly suggesting names!

  730. 737
    Bronwyn says:

    I missed the boat when it came to having these fabrics – so a chance to win is just fantastic!!! I have two girls, so boys names are not so familiar to me, but my new nephew is called Archie – kinda cute!!

  731. 738
    Angie says:

    Thanks for continuing to be such an inspiration to so many! My 2 favorite boy names that I got to use almost 30 years ago are James and Erik! They really are not used that often now, but both are so masculine but sweet!

  732. 739
    Manette Gutterman says:

    Dying to make my first quilt this year with FMF! I have two boys: Grant and Gibson. Best of luck to you in the New Year!

  733. 740
    Missy says:

    unbelievable giveaway! Happy New Year and I love Wes, Wade, Elijah, Emmanuel to name a few.

  734. 741
    Nicole says:

    I love seeing every update on your blog. Thank you for sharing.
    We named our little boy Soren Dante. It is a very eurpean name, but it fits perfectly to him.

  735. 742
    Erika L. says:

    I would LOVE to have this fabric as it’s so hard to fine and I got into quilting after I even knew what FMF was!! As far as boy names, our favorite is THOMPSON. Lots of versatility and it’s just plain unique, not too strange, and cool. Good luck!

  736. 743
    Heather says:

    I love the name Rowan for a boy. And I swear it is not just because I like Rowan yarn πŸ™‚ I also really like the names Charlie, Henry and Orion. I’ll have to read all of your comments – I’m due March 30th and we have not made any progress on names yet. Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway.
    heather dot nevits at gmail dot com

  737. 744
    Tamie says:

    Oh my- so many comments and such pretty fabric. We had three girls so we never got to use a boy name. The third one might have been Noah or Hayden. We did use my husband’s middle name- Bennett (his great grandmother’s maiden name) for our oldest girl’s middle name. She loves it. Good luck.

  738. 745
    Samantha says:

    I just stared reading your blog about 3 months ago and i love it! I am new to sewing so seeing everything that you have done inspires me to want to try it all! Thanks for the giveaway! I like the names nathaniel, ethan, and jeremiah.

  739. 746
    kim says:

    Hayden, Ari, Noah, All my nephews. Love the FMF too

  740. 747
    Loribird says:

    Gorgeous fabric! Thanks for the year of blogging – I’m a newbie to your site (in the past two months) and hoping to take up quilting in 2011!

    Don’t stress the name; you’ll know when you find the right one.

  741. 748
    Lisa says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    I love James and Cody.

  742. 749
    Angela says:

    I love your designs. You are so inspiring. Best wishes for 2011!
    I like Bennett & Cooper.

  743. 750
    Amy says:

    a generous and beautiful giveaway! well, i personally love the name Nicholas. just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

  744. 751
    Tara says:

    Beautiful quilts! I have twin sons, Alexander Samuel and Benjamin Joseph, so I’m partial to those names. Can’t go wrong with classics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  745. 752
    Wendy D. P. says:

    Ooh beautiful – thanks for a year of inspiration! I love the boy name Alexander (nicknames Alex or Xander πŸ™‚

  746. 753
    Ann says:

    Happy new year! I’ve met a lot of young Alexanders this year – very nice name.

  747. 754
    Aimee says:

    I have 4 boys and they are so fun – lots of energy! We have a Noah, Garrett, Reese and a Carter – just a few suggestions!

  748. 755
    Connie says:

    Happy New Year — You have a wonderful year ahead of you!

  749. 756
    Jolinda says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with all of us! I have so enjoyed visiting this blog for the past year! As for baby names… Dylan is a personal fav!

  750. 757
    Linda says:

    You are so talented and creative – such an inspiration!
    Best wishes for the new chapter of your life.
    Our boys names are Alfie and Ned which have been just perfect for them!

  751. 758
    Ashley says:

    Hi Ashley!

    Thanks so much for your blog. It’s been a totally valuable tool for me – I’m a newbie quilter who only got her first sewing machine for Christmas 2009. This is one of my favourite sites to visit for ideas and inspiration.

    Here’s my name suggestion for you – Elliott. (We welcomed our little nephew, Elliott, last spring and I’m totally in love with the name. His parents have nicknamed him “ElliBeans.”)

    Congratulations on your successful 2010! All the best for 2011!


  752. 759
    Andrea_R says:

    We thought our last baby was going to be a boy and had the name Joseph Benjamin all picked out for… HER! πŸ˜€ She wound up an Emma.

  753. 760

    Tristan is our son’s name – we had such a hard time choosing! Good luck!

    You’ve had a wonderful quilty 2010. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up in 2011 πŸ™‚

  754. 761
    Ali says:

    I just love all your work. I hope when all three of my babies get a little bigger I willl have time to quilt more. 2 of my little people are Parker and Blake.

  755. 762
    Tanyafinken says:

    We liked the name Benson. We are fans of last names for first names, though. I just made a string quilt top using your tutorial. Thanks for that. Can’t wait to quilt it! I adore the fabric in your giveaway!

  756. 763
    Michelle says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway….love FMF!! We were down to Benjamin and Ethan with our son, and ultimately went with Ethan…which is unfortunately very popular right now…it wasn’t as popular 10 years ago.

  757. 764
    amy christine says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the name Drake for a boy. :]

    Thanks for the chance to win, and I hope you have a very happy New Year!

  758. 765
    Bobbi says:

    Love your blog! Chauncey is a good name. πŸ™‚

  759. 766
    Marcia W. says:

    Thank you for this lovely blog. Yours is one of the first blogs that I started reading regularly. Thanks for introducing me to a new world – quilters on the net. Happy New Year! You are closing out 2010 with a firecracker of a giveaway.

  760. 767
    Maggie says:

    wow, so many quilts!
    We just had a boy and named him Charlie, I also love Henry and Nicholis and James and Noel and Ben, I could go on, but we found agreeing on a girls name hard…

  761. 768
    Shannon says:

    Great fabrics! Gosh, picking names is so difficult but so much fun:) Here are a couple names to add to the list:) Alexander and Michael I really like the old strong names:)

    Thanks for having the give a way:)

  762. 769
    traceyjay says:

    all right, all right — I’m entering! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you Ashley.

    Looks like everyone is discussing names — we named our son “Steiger,” after a tractor. It’s unique, but strong.

    Best wishes for a wonderful third trimester!

  763. 770
    Sarah C. says:

    Hi, Ashley! What a fabulous giveaway – and as Jan. 1st is my wedding anniversary, this would be a fabulous win! I’ll keep my fingers crossed…..

    And I’ve always been partial to Paul and David as boy’s names…..

  764. 771
    Joy says:

    Thank you for putting out such an inspirational blog. I really enjoy seeing your work and am often encouraged to dive back into my own projects after spending time looking at yours. Thank you!

    And thanks for the chance to win such fun fabrics!

  765. 772
    Amanda says:

    FMF! Be still, my heart!

    My favorite boy’s name is Ethan Alexander…it may be because we have one of our own. πŸ™‚

  766. 773
    Angie says:

    I have a nephew named Marshell. WE love him dearly and I love his name! Good luck!

  767. 774
    Kay Taylor says:

    I have three sons, James, Michael and Joseph and three grandsons, Zachary, Seth and Nickolas. All good names, all good “boys”. Wishing you the very best for the rest of your pregnancy and for a happy, healthy baby!!

  768. 775
    Jennifer says:

    You have made some really amazing quilts, what a great year to look back on! As far as boy names go, my favorite was Weston, and it fits out little guy perfectly. Good luck choosing a name, its tough work.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  769. 776
    Amie says:

    I just want to thank you for inspiring me to get back to quilting. Over this year you have shown me that quilting can be fun and modern and now I always have one on the go. Now normally I would not give away my boy names as I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but I love Eli, Oliver and Gus. I figure you live far enough away from me, it won’t matter if we use the same ones(haha).

  770. 777
    Melissa B. says:

    I would LOVE to win this!!!!

  771. 778
    Adele says:

    Hi Ashley, Wow, a FMF giveaway – how very generous. What a lovely way for someone to start of 2011!
    My favourite boy’s name is Angus, that’s our son’s name. Occasionally he gets called Angus, mostly people call him Gus. I think it’s a good strong name that will carry him well beyond his childhood. All the best with picking your son’s name… there are lots of good suggestions here. Happy new year.

  772. 779
    Erin says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration this year and thanks for the generous giveaway!

    My husband is Italian, so the boy names for us run in the family; Dominic, Vincenzo, Enrico (Henry)… But I also like Emmett, Riley, and Noah. It will be a battle if we ever have to choose.

  773. 780
    Carol says:

    I had 2 girls and no boys. The boys names I had lined up: Leighton, Levi, Gavin, and Calder.
    Before a baby is born, choosing a name seems so insurmountable, but when the baby arrives, you somehow find just the right name.

    I am greatly enjoying your blog. I quilt vicariously through you…but might be persuaded to really quilt if I were ever lucky enough to wind the FMF fat quarters. Thank you for your generosity!

  774. 781
    tuolivia says:

    I have a London and have always loved the name River.

  775. 782
    Andrea says:

    Your quilting is always inspirational! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. Personally, I love traditional names too, so I’m going to suggest Charlie. Happy new year!

  776. 783
    Cara says:

    Great giveaway! My favorite boys names are Connor, Payton and Jacob…Though we named our boy Camden- I like obscure names!LOL Good luck picking a name and Happy New Year

  777. 784
    Carol says:

    All of your quilts are beautiful. I love them all. Happy new year!

  778. 785
    Jenn says:

    What a great giveaway! I’m so enamoured of all your quilts!

  779. 786
    Karen says:

    I love your blog. I work in a quilt shop in NYC and I recommend it to a TON of customers! Keep up the great work! And my favorite boy name is Gavin. Congrats!!!

  780. 787
    Rachel says:

    I love reading your blog! You are so talented and inspirational! This is a very fabulous and generous giveaway. What a great way to start 2011!

    Sorry – I don’t have many ideas for boy names. Maybe Mason? That’s a really cute one.

  781. 788
    MoeWest says:

    Thanks for the FMF giveaway. I love that fabric. I like the names Curtis and Jackson. Happy New Year! It will be a special one with a new baby.

  782. 789
    Angie says:

    Love the give away – Bridger, Quade are my boys Seth, Porter, Hudson – a few more of my favorites – Best of Luck in the New Year, and thanks for always inspiring!

  783. 790

    Ashley, I enjoy your blog. Your photographs are terrific. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wish you nothing but the best. By the way, my favorite boy’s name is Adam.

  784. 791
    Debbie says:

    The colors and prints of the Flea Market Fancy line ARE wonderful, Ashley. Best wishes for an easy delivery. How about Nathaniel?

  785. 792
    Bea says:

    I’ve always loved the name Henry, but there are so many good names I can see where it would be hard to get started on a list. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one!

  786. 793

    We always found Boys names very tricky, I love all the old classic Jane Austin novels and Have a son called Bennett – as in Mr Bennett and our younger boy is Darcy – as in Mr Darcy. Happy new year and hear’s to a great 2011 πŸ™‚

  787. 794
    Smileyhills says:

    Always loved my grandfather’s name…August John. Had two girls so I did not get to use it. Maybe you could….=)

  788. 795
    Karen Moore says:

    I love Jack and also Christian (I love it so much we have a son whose first name is Christian and a daughter who has it for a middle name). Oh, and I love Flea Market Fancy (but not for a boy’s name – lol).

  789. 796
    Faith says:

    Great giveaway!

    Boy names are so hard. We named our little man Kyler. My husband liked the name Kai but I thought that was a big girlie, so I suggested Kyler and we could shorten it for a nickname if we wanted.

    I really liked the name Jackson (and call him Jacks) but it didn’t work with our last name that well. But that one is getting really popular.

  790. 797
    KimmyG says:

    Thank you for your continued inspiration and beautiful quilt designs! Hopefully 2011 will bring nothing but joy for your growing family! I’ve always loved the name Julian.

  791. 798
    Megan L says:

    Ashley, I adore your blog!

    As for name suggestions, I don’t really have a specific name for you; I do, however, have a website suggestion! If you haven’t heard of it, here it is: The voyager is AWESOME, and it lets you know how popular a certain name is in your state. I do love the name Jack, but it’s number 1 on the list right now, which takes it off of my list entirely. As one of five Megans in my class, it’s important to me that my kids names aren’t super popular. I’m sure as an Ashley you understand that!!

  792. 799
    Jen says:

    Ooh, what a wonderful giveaway. I have lots of little boys in my life, and the favorite names – including some that they ended up with and some that they were called in utero include – Finnigan, Atticus, Sylas, Samuel, Milo, Elwood. My sweetie is chiming in with Mack and Malcolm… Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  793. 800
    Judy R says:

    We are having our second boy in February. Our three year old is Henry Merrill the Fifth. New baby will be Peter Tristum (another family name. )
    We are doing Petie’s room in orange adn blue submarines and whales theme (as soon as Birch Marine comes out).

  794. 801
    monica says:

    Thanks for a great blogging year. What about Baxter? I have always liked that name for a boy.

  795. 802
    Lori says:

    Wow a lot of comments on this post!!

    I love seeing your favorite quilts in a mosaic. I’ve been a long time lurker and love your work. AND wow that fabric giveaway is enticing!

    For names (congratulations by the way) I really like traditional non-trendy names. If I had a son (no kids) I would have named him after my dad and his dad: Daniel William. The advice my brother & his wife got from someone on her side of the family about naming kids seems very appropriate for boys: pick a name you can easily yell.

  796. 803
    Paige says:

    Oooh, good luck with names. I have two boys and I can say it has been incredible fun! I hope I win!

  797. 804
    Paige says:

    I can’t believe you are willing to part with that fabric – you are so generous.

    Still love the name we chose for our 6yo – Aiden. It is a family name and I’ve always loved it, just disappointed it became SOOOO popular – there are 2 other Aiden/Aidan’s in his 1st grade class. So, now I’m leaning towards very unusual names and love Quinlan, Keegan, and Callan (maiden name).

  798. 805

    I love love love this fabric and of course would love to have some to play with. My friends had a baby girl almost 2 year ago so weren’t able to use the boy name I tried to pawn off on them, but I still love it – Harrison. Quite dashing I think. Happy New Year!

  799. 806
    Deb says:

    I somehow stumbled upon your website about a month ago and I’m hooked on your beautiful work! Very inspiring! At the same time I discovered a quilt shop in town that sells absolutely fabulous material. A deadly combo! Got myself a string quilt hanging on the wall that I made last weekend, thanks to your great tutorial!

  800. 807
    Holly Days says:

    I always loved the name Joshua David. Thanks for a chance to win your give away.

  801. 808
    shannon says:

    I love reading your blog, you continue to inspire me. Congratulations and I always liked the name Oliver, we named our son Johnnie after my Dad.

  802. 809
    sarah says:

    Love, love, love your quilts! Our little guy’s name is Micah James which I love. Others we considered were Anders and Davis.

  803. 810
    Kellie says:

    You’ve inspired me to get busy making and crafting things…..not just dreaming about them. Thank you for the fabulous blog…….looking forward to what you will show us in 2011~

  804. 811
    elizabeth says:

    Great giveaway…I have been admiring this fabric for quite some time!
    Congratulations on a sweet baby boy….you will know when the right name comes along : )

  805. 812
    Tracy says:

    Ah, boys names are so hard! My 10 yr old is Ian Ashton. My 3 yr old votes for that. My 5 yr old is in strong “like” with a boy named Kai, so he gets her vote. Ian says he would like to be named Tino. So there are our votes! No matter what you decide it will end up fitting him perfectly!

  806. 813
    kate C. says:

    I LOVE all your quilts and your blog. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! My favorite boys name is Miles. I have a few girls so haven’t used it … yet. But for our next, if it’s a ‘he’ it will be Miles, finally. πŸ™‚

  807. 814
    Anie says:

    I really like Paul.

  808. 815
    Beth says:

    Love those colors!

    My boys are named Ian, Wesley, and Micah.

  809. 816
    Erin says:

    I always wanted some flea market fancy! I am partial to the boys names Luke and Liam. Blessings! And thank you for your BEAUTIFUL and FUN quilting blog.

  810. 817
    Kristi says:

    Happy New Year! Love your blog, it’s a constant source of inspiration for me. You have a lovely eye for pattern and color. Your little one will be surrounded by tons of lovely creations I’m sure.

    In my family, we just had two new nephews born this month…Owen & Oliver. We call them the Oreo twins.

  811. 818
    Carmen says:

    Love your blog — it’s the first one I check!! I’ve always loved the name Lennon for a boy (after, obviously, John Lennon) or Edmund after Ed Blankenburg, my favorite neighbor when I was a kid. Thanks!

  812. 819
    Ally says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to this new quilter and thank you for this giveaway…I love flea market fancy! My fingers are crossed! Happy New Year!

  813. 820
    Amy Pruden says:

    Well my one and only child is named Wyatt. But now we hear that name all the time…I always said if I had another I’d name him Levi but Bristol Palin’s ex ruined it for me. I’m sure what ever you come up with will be just perfect!

  814. 821
    Emily says:

    hmm baby names… I love the Biblical route:

    off the top of my head! I hope your narrowing of names is not damaged by all the suggestions! thanks for the giveaway

  815. 822

    At the risk of sounding a little off my rocker, I like names when there is an odd number of syllables. If you are going to use his middle name when you address him, then add those syllables to the lot (last name included). For some reason names with an odd number of syllables seem to roll off my tongue better. Try it out with the list of “possibles” and see if you agree. I think your baby boy is going to be gorgeous – I can see it in the picture of the two of you. The baby already has good genetics on his side and a guarantee of having a quilt all to himself. Now all he needs is the perfect name. You will know it is the perfect name when you see him face to face. I wish you all the best, being a mother is a gift. Carolina

  816. 823
    kamila says:

    I went to The City Quilter in New York tonight for the first time. (I’m going to take a quilting class there, and hopefully soon start my own projects) One of the witty and talented sales associates “Karen” if I may disclose her name, suggested you as her FAVORITE quilter, and that I should check your blog because I would love it… well, she was so right! I DO LOVE it! And here I am, just in time to enter your contest! (giggles) Well, for boy names, I have no kids and I’m horrible at names, but I do have a niece and nephew! Introducing, Kayla and Justin. Kayla is 2 years old and Justin is 8 months. Kayla can’t quite pronounce Justin’s name as yet, (but she loves him dearly). So, anyways, in her frustration of not being able to say “Justin”, she always spits out at the top of her lungs (in what I’m sure is her sincere conviction of what ought to be his rightful name) the only best alternative: “Beso”. (Please note, we do not speak Spanish but somehow, Kayla does. Beso means kiss.) We’ve been calling him Beso ever since! :0)

  817. 824

    I love your blog! I’ve learned how to do string quilts from you this year. And for that, I thank you. There is always something in your photos that is a feast for the eyes. I’ve always loved the name Max. My son’s name is Justin. And then there’s Isaac or Izaak. How about Tenzin? My true suggestion? Wait till you meet him and hold him and spend time with him; he’ll tell you his name.
    Happy New year!

  818. 825
    Kamal says:

    How about Hunter, or Dylan, Nathan, Ethan, Mason, Wyatt… thanks so much for the giveaway! And Happy New Year to you and your growing family!

  819. 826
    Kristen says:

    have you had a chance to play with the Baby Name Voyager? It’s a great site! Swistle also has a great site with name advice, and it’s fun to read what her suggestions are. I love more unusual names (Felix, Kiah, Orion, Cedric) as well as more traditional or historical names (Timothy, Robin, Oscar, Eben). I can’t wait to hear how you decide on a name for your little one! (I work in the healthcare field and I’ve seen everything from families that show up with one name that is “the” name, to those who come in with a list and pick something off the list, as well as families that come in and then change their mind completely. Names are funny that way.

  820. 827

    I love your blog! As for boys names, these days I like Oliver, Sebastian, and Gabriel.

  821. 828
    Val says:

    I am hyperventilating over your give-away right now. I could only dream of winning this! I have been swapping like a mad woman trying to collect any FMF! Boys names, hmmm… I have 3 of them and they are all wonderful boys, so I recommend Ethan, Caleb, & Jack! However, I’ve always loved Eli, but my husband always vetoed the name b/c we are from Peyton Manning land and he was worried people would think we named our child after Eli Manning!
    Thank you for so much inspiration. I’m thrilled you are having a boy, and can’t to see all the cool boy stuff you create.

  822. 829
    Barb says:

    Wow, what a generous give-away! I love Alistair, Daniel, and Cormac.

  823. 830
    Theresa says:

    I think you could name baby, Flea, after the rock star of fabric or the red hot chilli peppers! Or Louis……that was our choice! Have a lovely 2011, thanks for the constant source of inspiration!

  824. 831
    Deb says:

    I’ve never sewn with any of the FMF and would love to own some!

  825. 832
    amanda says:

    a girl could never have too much FMF! thank you so much for sharing it with fabric lovers, like me, I hope ;

  826. 833
    Shannon says:

    What an amazing giveaway! And that green with the black is my FAVORITE fabric ever!!! We are expecting too, and will hopefully find out in a few weeks if it’s a boy or girl! We are looking to our family tree for names, because we are traditional like that. Are there any in your family you like? (We are avoiding the Agnes, Gertrude and Bruni girl names though; family loyalty can only go so far!)

  827. 834
    Leigh says:

    We have 5 boys – Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke, and Henry. Those are my faves. But I also love Max and Joe. Good luck!

  828. 835
    Cameron H says:

    I’m partial to the name Isaac. It means, “He laughs.”

  829. 836
    Katies says:

    Oliver is a sweet name.

  830. 837
    Lyn H. says:

    What a terrific giveaway! I like Benjamin, Jasper, Jamie, Max, Nathaniel (Nate), Zack, Henry, Kyle, Luke, Sam, Dylan.

  831. 838
    Grace says:

    wow you are so prolific! The quilts are wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win. I like the names Jake and Keiran. Happy holidays!

  832. 839
    Valerie F. says:

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! I’m partial to Henry, but that’s because I have the cutest little man in the whole world and his name is Henry…;)

  833. 840
    Dani says:

    How about Benjamin? Sounds cute for a kid, dignified for an adult, everyone can spell it but not everyone has it!

    Thanks for so many great inspiring posts this year!

  834. 841
    NIchole says:

    Wow – such a generous giveaway! Love seeing your collection of quilts from the year in one place. I love the names Conner, Drew, Tyler, William, and Henry. Good Luck!

  835. 842
    ozjane says:

    If I have seen flea market Fancy, I have not identified it by that name but I love the variance of things we are attracted to. This would not normally be my choice but the more you look the more possibilities you see.
    As for names. Kingsley and Caleb are my favorite boys names.

  836. 843
    Donna from Australia says:

    I am due on 22nd of April. At the top of my boys names list are Heath & Darcy but I think mine will be a girl (in which case I am favouring Amara). Good luck with everything !!!!!!

  837. 844
    Theresa says:

    Wow! What a generous giveaway! Not many people are willing to part with any FMF! I have enjoyed your inspiring blog this year!

  838. 845
    Jo Chu says:

    My suggestions: Henry, Felix, Milton, Oscar, Amos, Norman, Dennis, Virgil, and Luther.

  839. 846
    Natalie says:

    You seriously inspire me with your quilts. They are so, so beautiful… Plus, I can’t believe the number that you finish! Wow! I hope one day that I will take the time to make one myself. I love the colors you use!!

  840. 847
    Chase says:

    Finnegan is the name that I’d like to suggest! For the nick name would be Finn!
    I enjoy coming to your blog each time because I am the secrete admire.
    However, I wish to win the Flea Market Fancy stash! Thanks for sharing what you make and congrats the new addition to your family~ cheers~

  841. 848
    Diane Maxwell says:

    My 3-yr-old is Benjamin. It was the day after Benjamin was born that we picked his name (after trying out a few). Due to complications in my pregnancy, he was born at 30 weeks, so we were not ready with a name yet.

    My 18-month-old is Jacob. It took us three days to settle on Jacob. We had originally thought we’d name him Nicholas, but it just didn’t fit when all was said and done. Jacob, as it turns out, is quite a character, so we have a lot of nicknames for him, including Jake, Jub and Little J.

    Everyone at the hospital thought we were crazy for not naming either of them right away. I’m glad we didn’t do anything hasty. πŸ™‚

  842. 849
    goosie says:

    I like Tybalt, Clement, Augustin.

  843. 850
    Hil says:

    Happy New Year! (almost)

    I like the name Liam.

  844. 851
    Katie says:

    Wow such a beautiful array of quilts — they are so inspiring. I love classic but strong boys names such as Nicholas, Oliver and Louis. Finn is really lovely too.

  845. 852
    AnitaP says:

    I would love to win some FMF!!! Love those prints so much & they’re so hard to find now. Thanks for the awesome giveaway & happy new year!!!

  846. 853
    Jessica R S says:

    Your creativity is so inspiring! I love seeing what new quilt you are working on and hearing about your upcoming arrival. Congrats and Happy New Year!

  847. 854
    Anastacia Louise says:

    Thanks for another giveaway! I’m currently loving the names Oliver, Jack, Henry, and Jacob (Jake). πŸ˜€