a black friday heather ross giveaway

We took part in the Black Friday madness one year – heading out at some really early hour. If I recall, it was snowing and sleeting, and quite cold. For whatever reason, we headed to Home Depot, where we bought a flashlight and a shop vac. Maybe they were really great deals, or maybe there were really limited quantities of these items. Probably not though. Something tells me that we could have gotten those deals at any time that day. Or any day, even.


There was something kind of fun about searching for a deal at some crazy early hour, but since then I’ve decided to stick to finding deals online instead. While wearing slippers and sweatpants. And drinking coffee.

Speaking of, here are a couple sales I’ll probably be taking advantage of –

Pink Chalk Fabrics – Kathy’s having a Pink Friday sale. You can head over to her shop to see what’s on sale. There’s also free shipping if you spend $50 or more (I’m always sucked in by free shipping!).

Fabricworm – 15% off orders over $100 with coupon code thanks150ff, good until 11/30. (And for those who asked, I hear that Cynthia will be getting Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley in her shop midweek next week.)


Anyway, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to hear stories of those who do head out early to find deals on Black Friday. So perhaps a giveaway will entice you to tell those stories…. how about you leave a comment here to be entered to win – Do you go out shopping on Black Friday? Have you found great deals? Do you wait in line for hours to be the first in the store? If you do not, or if you live somewhere where today is just another Friday, then of course feel free to leave me a comment about anything!

I’ll select two winners this time and each winner will win two fat quarters of fabric. I’ve selected a few of my very favorite out of print Heather Ross fabrics from her Lightning Bugs line – goldfish, banana seat bikes, VWs… I love them all! I’ll let the first person selected have their pick of two, and then the second winner will win the remaining two fat quarters. Sound good? Let the commenting begin!

(oh, I’ll select the winners on Monday morning)

Comments are now closed. I’ll select a winner soon!

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467 Responses to a black friday heather ross giveaway

  1. 1
    Carla says:

    I’m the first commenter on Black Friday morning … hmmm … I’m obviously not shopping (does on-line count?) and missed the good deal I would have wanted to take advantage of so I will content myself with surfing around and checking out my favorite blogs! Love the fabric. Definitely need the banana seat bike stuff for my sister.

  2. 2
    Ingrid says:

    I did go shopping this morning but I only spent $12 at Joann’s for cooking making supplies! This year in an effort to save some money my family and I drew names from a hat so we each only have one person to buy for plus the kids, so I really didn’t have anything in mind to buy, I went out more for the fun. Thanks for the giveaway! Online shopping sounds much more relaxing that’s for sure.

  3. 3

    I’m heading out now (it’s 8:25 AM here) and I’m only going to Joann to hopefully buy an automatic bias tape maker that is $40 off and I have a coupon and a discount card. Oh, and a new self healing mat. I *need* them for efficient Christmas gift making. For reals.

  4. 4
    Michelle says:

    I love shopping black friday, but not for the crazyness. We will go around to stores later in the evening and its just a ghost town and you can sometimes still get some good deals!

  5. 5
    stephanie says:

    I’ve done it once – to replace my laptop and I got a fantastic deal. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  6. 6
    Brady says:

    I’m staying in on Black Friday too, organizing my Martha Stewart magazine collection. I love Heather Ross! Especially the little goldfish!

  7. 7
    Ginger says:

    I usually avoid black friday too-but I think I may venture out into the city to do some shopping- don’t think I could brave a mall, though. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. 8

    I have never been ambitious or crazy enough to set foot in a store on black friday, except for the 3 years I worked retail, which reinforced my dislike of early mornings and shopping with the masses! Now, we go to the zoo every black friday; it’s so much fun!

  9. 9

    I have shopped black friday before, this year I did not think there was much out there to shop for 🙂

  10. 10
    Martina su says:

    I only go if I have something in mind or it is a big ticket items with deep discount.but since I am in LA, I am going to check out the textile district in a few hours

  11. 11
    Gert says:

    Hi, I’m a Dutch male quilter and, in the Netherlands, we don’t know Black Friday. I’m always very surprised when I read about it, and see movies about it ^_^ I can’t figure out why you would be doing your Christmas shopping on THAT day. Perhaps you can compare it to this: in the Netherlands, we celebrate a lot of holidays in two days. We have first and second Christmas day, first and second Eastern day. And on a lot of these “second days”, shops are open, especially furniture shops, like IKEA. A *lot* of people go shopping on that day, and that’s why it’s VERY busy… Why would you go on THAT day, when there are so many other days you can go? ^_^

  12. 12
    Shannon says:

    No shopping for me. Just planning on some tiling and home improvement.

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    The Christmas after my daughter was born, I was out at Target at 5:30 to get digital frames for grandparents (my husband thought it was a huge deal to have to watch a sleeping baby while I was out). Even that early, I had to stand a parking lot away from the store in the freezing cold and snow. Pretty much decided at that point not to stress about it. Handmade gifts are so much more appreciated, right?

  14. 14
    Margaret says:

    Didn’t go out early this year but will be going to Joann’s later.

  15. 15
    Dara says:

    No black Friday in Canada, either. Because our Thanksgiving was in early October. Hope you enjoy yours!!

  16. 16
    Ramona says:

    I think I’ll go to Joann’s early saturday morning, for the sale on fusible interfacing (70%off!), but in general, with 2 small kids, I don’t have the option of black friday shopping, the crowds are too crazy…

  17. 17
    Jenn says:

    Once upon a time I lined up at 3am at Walmart to get a Furby- which I gave away two weeks later due to how annoying it was… Never again!
    Plus with an 18 month old, I cherish any sleep I can get!
    I LOVE the fish! They are so cute!

  18. 18
    Rory Lee says:

    Fat Quarter Shop is having a sale that I took advantage of!

  19. 19
    Adrienne says:

    I have gone shopping crazy a few times on Black Friday, but stopped once I had kids. I never got a super deal, but I also never waited for hours in lines. I have found that by following bargain forums and using coupons I can get better deals throughout the year. My best deal ever was a Kitchen-aid mixer for $98 that I later gave my sister as a wedding gift.

  20. 20
    Sarah says:

    I don’t like crowds, malls, or big box stores, so that pretty much nixes Black Friday. Since I live in a small town in Vermont, it’s easy to avoid the madness anyway. But I LOVE fabric, especially Heather Ross designs. Thanks for another generous give away.

  21. 21
    amanda says:

    Holy giveaway! That is so generous of you! I don’t go shopping on Black Friday….too much commotion & hype for me. That and I like my sleep waaaay too much.

  22. 22
    Vicki says:

    woohoo! I don’t usually go out on Black Friday, but I am heading to JoAnn’s later today for thread and quilt batting at 50% off and $1.49 flannel.

  23. 23
    Asiyah says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I never go out shopping on black Friday. Actually, my Christmas shopping is always done before Thanksgiving so that I can actually enjoy the season with my family. Not at all what retailers what to hear… 🙂

  24. 24
    Pam A says:

    When are children were small we did the Black Friday Sales. We saved a lot of money on toys. But now they are big and so are their toys! So we have skipped the craziness of this day for internet shopping.But winning some Heather Ross fabric would be the best deal of the season! I just love her fabric.

  25. 25
    Michele C says:

    Now that the kids are older, we have everything we need! There aren’t any reasons to run out for them early on Black Friday. However, I managed to get out to JoAnn Fabrics this morning. Coupons and door busters were just right for my craft studio grocery list! Thanks for having a giveaway. Those fabrics would be a great treat.

  26. 26
    Leah says:

    I use to work at Walmart during Black Friday and decided then that I would never partake in the craziness. I shop from home like you:)

  27. 27
    Callipygian says:

    I avoid shopping on really busy days and I love sleeping in, so Black Friday isn’t for me. I need to buy a sleeping bag today for a camping trip tomorrow, and I’m hoping it will be quieter by the time I can go after work.

  28. 28
    Kim says:

    This is the first time in years that I braved the rush of shoppers on black Friday . I opted not to stand in line waiting and I was still able to purchase the items I got early for. For the rest of it I will do some on-line shopping. Thanks for the tips on the fabric discounts – I love free shipping.

  29. 29
    Emily C says:

    I stay away — far, far away! I don’t want to get trampled. Besides, my husband is always working on Black Friday. One year I did get up early for the JoAnn’s sale. I think I got a free cookie plate for santa for being there so darn early.

  30. 30
    Megan says:

    Black Friday consists of staying in my pajama pants, eating leftovers, and continuing the celebration with family. I don’t want to waste this precious time together at the mall! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. 31
    DianeY says:

    I did the Black Friday thing about 25 years ago & I haven’t recovered yet! I am staying home today! What a wonderful give-away! I might have missed it if I was at line at Wal-mart!

  32. 32
    sudi-Laura Overstreet says:

    I was up at 4:45am showered and ready to brave the crowds ( husband and son were snoring away)! I waited in line at Target for an hour, and that was really the only waiting I did. My best deal, was an Ott Lite that was 60 % off. I will now be able to sew well into the night without hurting my eyes! Yeah. The remainder of my shopping will be done on line.

  33. 33
    cheri says:

    Okay… “This” is the best deal out there… I was looking for HR stuff last night right before going to bed.

    I tried last year to go to a Wal-Mart VERY early and 5 minutes after they were “supposed” to open, I was there… Of course, everyone else had been there when they actually opened 3 hours earlier and ALL the good stuff was gone… So, I went back home, climbed into bed and slept… I decided I’m not made of what it takes to do black Friday.

    I am going try Joann’s in a few minutes, however. I want to see if the Simplicity Bias tape maker is available still… wish me luck!!

  34. 34
    Heather says:

    I always avoid shopping on Black Friday. Instead, I sleep in and spend a lazy day cleaning up and enjoying leftovers. The majority of my Christmas shopping is done online – so much less hassle!

  35. 35
    Megan says:

    What a great giveaway! I work every Friday after Thanksgiving, so I can’t head out to the stores, but I try to find some online deals, since I’m at a computer all day =)

  36. 36
    Kit says:

    However, I attended Black Friday once, several years ago, and as I explained to my Beloved Spouse yesterday, it was somewhat akin to attending the annual non-members sale at The Textile Museum every spring. So I told BSP about my first experience at the sale.

    You arrive at the museum, cunningly early you think (an hour and ½ before it begins!), and yet, an endless line stretches before you, composed mostly of women your mother’s age (if you’re me, who is 46) some with walkers (!), all with contraptions for hauling away the goods, and a handful your own age. Disappointed, you stand there with your now, you realize, paltry large sized backpack, but perk up again, as the line fills in behind you. (You are, in fact, smart. Look! Hundreds of people are later than you!) and all of you stand in line for the allotted time – chatting with one another about sales past, what you’re hoping to find, or the more cagey among us maintain a stoic silence. They’re not here to make friends, they’re here to get DEALS.

    Some time later, a rustling through the crowd – the security guard has passed down the message – “Five more minutes”. People who come together make plans for when and where to meet afterwards, the neophytes smile in anticipation, the rest, gird their loins.

    The line begins to move!

    Heart pumping, you wait impatiently as the security guards let people in six at a time – peering over the others’ shoulders you’re quite sure you’re missing out on some valuable one of a kind item – but at last, you’re let in. Tables after table of fabric piled high lie before you, divided into sections – “quilting”, “upholstery”, “silk” etc. and of course “one of a kind”. But where to go? If you don’t go to “quilting”, all the good stuff will be gone – if you don’t go to “one of a kind” who knows what you might miss??? Oh god… where to go….

    After an interminable second, you rush to “quilting” and are immediately sucked into a vortex of pushing/shoving/bumping elderly women. All of whom seem to be elbow height, and all of whom are extremely aggressive. They’re grabbing willy-nilly while you try to more decorously look through fabric, some are snatching things out of your very hands, and others who want you to move on (“What?! I just GOT here – I haven’t even looked at the pile behind the one in front of me… OWWWWWW!”) the little old ladies jab you with their fleshless elbows or poke you with their amazingly sharp fingers! They’re not afraid to give you a good shove, either! And what you can you do? They’re old! You’re not allowed to push back or say something satisfyingly sharp (that you wouldn’t be able to come up with until later that night as you lie in bed thinking it all over, anyway), and anyway, there’s no chance to do so in any case, because the weight and forward movement of the crowd has pushed you forward and apparently, you’ve just decided on a navy blue cotton sateen with fuschia … are those zinnias because it’s still in your hand and your at the next section where you now feel immense pressure to just grab and go because you’re barely cognizant of what you’re looking at and those sharp jabs are starting already!

    A particularly aggressive short personage with bristly gray hair and teeth that look like they’d be good at biting is barking at you to “Hand me that Christmas fabric above you!”, but apparently, you’re not moving fast enough because she jabs you, and reiterates in an extremely loud tone (one might say, she shouted) “ABOVE you!” In that particular instance, I’m sad to report that you’re so frustrated, bewildered and angry, that you do, in fact, grab the entire pile of Christmas fabric and before her disbelieving eyes shove the entire pile into your own bag (which is why I am still trying to figure out uses for some Christmas fabrics years later) and then, I am further ashamed to report, that you will flee the scene like the coward you are – afraid of the combined wrath of the angry gnome and her minions!

    You go to another section, and have similar experiences in each one. After 45 minutes, you leave, hair awry, heart pounding and sweaty. You have three huge bags full of fabric, but you’re not sure, exactly, what you’ve purchased and go home, grateful to have survived, to sort through your booty, and take your spouse on a boo-boo tour of your body.

    And this story is why I’ve become a member of the Textile Museum. Now, I can go the day before the sale, by invitation, and sort through the fabric at a more decorous pace. I highly recommend that experience.

  37. 37
    Whistlepea says:

    No black Friday here in Canada. I’m spending the day at work – teaching home ec. All of our sales are the day after Christmas!

  38. 38
    Laurie says:

    I’m in Canada, where this is just another Friday. Here the big shopping day for good deals is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas so you can spend all your Christmas money.

    I LOVE these fabrics you picked out!

  39. 39
    May says:

    I did manage to get a couple of dvds on sale shopping online. given that I am not in the US, I’m happy about it. Not great that I had to buy textbooks in the same order, but whatever 🙂 now, off to take a look at the fabric sale links you had put up.

  40. 40
    Donna says:

    I have a tough act to follow with Kit’s comment, above!

    I live in Canada, so today is just another Friday, but that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of Pink Chalk’s sale! (This in the wake of our family community indoor picnic last night where friends urged me to participate in Buy Nothing Day, which is also today.) I bought some artichoke kona soild that I’ve been wanting for a while (I see you share my love!) even though that wasn’t on sale!

    Thanks for the chance to win some out of print goodies

  41. 41
    Marianne says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. What a great plan to shop at home rather. We don’t have black friday here but it sounds like it gets crazy!

  42. 42
    Christa says:

    I spend black Friday in central Oregon with my husband’s family, usually curled up with knitting or a good book.

  43. 43
    Leigh says:

    I live in Canada, so no Black Friday here, I’m at work where I am supposed to be working, but instead am reading your fabulous blog! Heather Ross is my absolute favourite!!!

  44. 44
    Fran says:

    No black Friday here, but ironically the school where I teach was closed for an ‘occasional day’. We didn’t shop, but my husband and I went skiing at an indoor ski slope – fantastic! Love the fabrics…

  45. 45
    qsogirl says:

    crowds give me clausterphobia, so i avoid black friday shopping… but i’m tempted by the online deals!!

    i love those goldfish!!!! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  46. 46

    i do not enjoy the madness of Black Friday. I stay warm and safe hiding out in my house. I dont want to die.

  47. 47
    Zarah says:

    I hate the idea of getting up early and going shopping, but I have done it exactly one time, about 2 years ago. My husband was on the hunt for a new TV. We did find it, at a good price, but blarg… that was an awful experience. Watching people dig through bins of $5 DVDs at 5:30am is just not natural.

  48. 48
    Anna says:

    Hey! I don’t go out shopping today! with two demanding girlies it just doesn’t make sense. Thanks for the giveaway, love the fabric of course.

  49. 49
    Millissa G says:

    I stay indoors on black friday. Doesn’t seem worth the effort and I really dislike shopping anyhow!!! I know, its not natural.

  50. 50
    Liza says:

    Heather Ross fabric is the absolute best! So cute and extra soft. I LOVE the bikes and the VW prints. Heather is the coolest designer around!

  51. 51
    Jessica K. says:

    The only time I went out into the black friday madness (aside from having to work during it at Jo-Ann’s) was when I was in Jr High. Just having to work in it scared me enough. Those fabrics are so cute.

  52. 52
    Trina says:

    Spent the morning sleeping in instead of at the very packed stores. I just don’t have the killer instinct required for Black Friday. Nope, sleeping in, cuddling with my hubby and my girls and pie for breakfast sounds so much better than shopping.

  53. 53
    Hannh O. says:

    My husband ventured out at 4:30 am one black Friday to buy me a pair of diamond earrings about five years ago when we were very poor. It was the sweetest gesture–one that has never been repeated. We are not crowd or shopping people. Putting to two together is a very bad idea. Thanks for the chance!

  54. 54
    Courtenay says:

    Well, I sure didn’t wake up with the sun to go shopping his year, though I have been known to join the crowds in years past, I’m visitiing family in po-dunk nebraska, and I believe not one store was open before 8 am 🙂 I will take advantage of the online goodness though!

  55. 55
    abby o says:

    OK, today was actually my very first Black Friday early morning shopping experience! Having heard all sorts of horror stories I steeled myself to see the very worst side of human nature and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and kind everyone I encountered was! I was standing by a kids pjs display and when the wild rumpus started everyone was happily helping their neighbors find the right sizes. I don’t know if I’ll ever venture out again, but it was a fun little adventure.

  56. 56
    Dani says:

    This is my second Black Friday living in the States and while last year I did not buy anything this year we have done some shopping online, and I will be heading out for some craft shopping.

    The goldfish fabric is my favourite, but I have yet to be able to find some!

  57. 57
    Holly says:

    I am just plain old too lazy for Black Friday. But never too lazy to try to win free fabric!

  58. 58
    Linda says:

    Love Heather’s gold fish fabric. Very cute!

    I’ve done the early-shopping thing when I was younger (and crazy) but nowadays there’s no way you’d find me there! Too many long lines for a deal that I’m sure I can live without.

  59. 59
    wendy says:

    We’re visiting here in small town Oklahoma, so not much open today except a Walmart. I went there to get milk this morning, but no one was there and there were only like two deals on end caps. Hmmf..

  60. 60
    Claire says:

    This year is a first year that I will not be participating in the Black Friday madness…matter of fact I’ve never even heard of Black Friday until 2002, my first month of working at Wal-Mart. But two years ago I got up early with my mother in law and headed to the big city of Fort Wayne, IN (about 30 min away). I remember we went to Kohls (can’t even tell you what I purchased because I don’t remember…must of been junk that no one really needed or wanted)….the only reason I really remember this experience is because I was due any minute now to give birth. YEP, I was about a week over due with the baby and here I was standing in a crazy line that wrapped around the whole store…I remember everyone standing in line looking at me and asking me if I was crazy for being here pregnant….CRAZY? Maybe, but I was thinking that once the baby came I wasn’t going to be getting any shopping done. Who wants to take a new born baby out into this crazy shopping Hoopla? NOT ME. Maybe a little selfish on my part, but the doctor was telling me the baby was measuring small for as far along I was, so maybe I was thinking that if I carry it a little longer it might get a little bigger to make the doc happy. Also, another selfishness on my part…..I wanted to wear this top I purchased for a banquet that I went to with my husband for his work (a $40 top, that I only had wearn once), I was bond and determined to wear it at least one more time and Thanksgiving Day was that one more time.

    But this year skipped out, mainly because I’d have to take the boys with me and who want to tote around a 4 & 2 year old, while trying to get all the stuff that you need as well. So this morning we all slept in until 9 am and it felt great!

  61. 61
    Sally says:

    Nope. We do Buy Nothing Day at our house. Love the fabric, though! Reminds me of my Raleigh Retroglide bike.

  62. 62
    Jessica says:

    My family is all sick, so no shopping today, though the old navy ad is really tempting me…

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  63. 63
    Morgan says:

    I used to really like going shopping, although I don’t recall ever finding any fabulous deals. But now I don’t think the crowds are very fun. I prefer shopping the day after Christmas for all the half price decorations and candy instead.

  64. 64
    Alissa D says:

    I’ve given up shopping on Black Friday. I went to Macy’s a couple years ago to get a great deal on some dishes, which they brought to their package pick-up area. When I went down to the package pick-up (probably about half-an-hour after the store opened). They were shocked and surprised that someone who ventured out would be DONE already. For me, it was a get-in, get-out mission, but apparently that had never happened at this store before on a Black Friday! I spent more time waiting for the dishes to be delivered out of the back room than I did in line to buy them. And that is why I don’t go shopping on Black Friday anymore. But I do still love the dishes from that day!

  65. 65
    mon ami says:

    Well, I live in Canada and up here it is ‘just another Friday’ so no crazy 4am line ups for me. But I must admit I am going to head out and try and take advantage of a tax-free sale today and maybe pick up an injection of winter clothes for my wardrobe.

    While early mornings and long line ups do not appeal to me at all I am a sucker for a sale. However my husband likes to remind me (and himself) that it isn’t a deal if you don’t need it in the first place.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your lovely fabric with us.

  66. 66
    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    No more out in the dark, cold and crowded shopping frenzy for me anymore! My shopping dream would be satisfied with two fat quarters of Heather Ross fabric.

  67. 67
    Jennifer O. says:

    I usually work on the Friday after Christmas, so I don’t do much store shopping, certainly no crack of dawn shopping. I don’t really need anything at Old Navy bad enough to go at 3am, though a local fabric store about an hour from my house had a sale from midnight to 6am that I considered trying out. I would have been really tired today at work though. Instead I’ll shop online until they let us go early!

  68. 68
    Lise says:

    I would love a chance to win, though I don’t shop on Black Friday. I’d like to say I’m participating in “Buy Nothing Day,” but I do plan to order some prints of photos today–it’s our new after-Thanksgiving tradition, to order the year’s worth of photos. Thanks!

  69. 69
    Katie B says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I was at Target at 5 a.m. today. We got there right at 5, so we didn’t wait outside. Everyone seemed very polite and orderly. I got some PJs and jackets for my toddler, a few toys, and a down comforter. Nothing too exciting!

  70. 70
    Charity says:

    I’m in Canada, and we don’t have Black Friday sales, but I find it interesting that Black Friday is the same day as Buy Nothing Day! (I think. I could have my days mixed up, it’s only a short time until Christmas, and I’m feeeeeeeling the preeeesuuuuure!)

  71. 71
    Stina says:

    Much less retail madness here in Scandinavia on this day. But a lot of love for Heather Ross!

  72. 72
    Anna F. says:

    There is no leaving this house on black Friday, too much madness! Thanks for the chance to win some fun fabric!

  73. 73
    Lila says:

    I have only done the black Friday shopping once with a sister-in-law, and it was more for company than the deals. I would rather stay with my hubby and hike with my little girls up in the beautiful mountains where we live to get a Christmas tree!

  74. 74
    Karen says:

    I did some online shopping yesterday! They had some bargains on Thanksgiving day. But, I did go out this morning with my 13 year old daughter to Target. People were crazy – it was my daughters idea. The best part was being with her and going to IHOP afterwards. I love the VW and bicycle fabric. I hope I’m chosen.

  75. 75
    heather b says:

    This is the first time in a looong time that I haven’t gotten up by 5 to shop. I started shopping the early sales for kids toys. One year I was in NY, sister in Kansas & mom and sister in NC. We kept in touch through cell phones as we shopped. Today, I’ve had a good morning at home not missing the shopping. But I am already almost done with my list!

  76. 76
    RosaMaria says:

    Hi, I’m a mexican begginer quilter and in México we don’t have black friday, but I think if I were there, I would not go shopping on this day… I think it is much chaos and commotion!

  77. 77
    Liz says:

    I definitely like to hold onto my sanity and stay in today. However, last year I accidentally stumbled into a Black Friday situation… I was done with my holiday shopping except for one very last thing, a pair of slippers for my mom. I went to Kohls around noon and the line STILL stretched around the store! Needless to say, I bought the slippers on Amazon for the same “sale” price as the store. 🙂

  78. 78
    Wendy says:

    I’ve drooled over these HR prints, but haven’t yet “pulled the trigger” and bought them…hope I win *smiles*

    I don’t get up early to shop on Black Friday, but I usually make my way into town to some of my favorite stores to take advantage of the sales. One of my fav quilt shops is having a blow out sale…and I’ll be there today!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  79. 79
    Jennifer says:

    I tell you, I used to work in retail and I would do ALMOST ANYTHING to avoid the mall this entire weekend!! I am HAPPY to be working today, if it means that I don’t have to get in that traffic…. 🙂 More power to the throngs at the shopping centers who are happily enjoying the festive atmosphere, just leave me out of it!

  80. 80
    Tonya says:

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway. I would love to have those goldfish! One year we went to the outlet malls very early, but I found it wasn’t worth it. This year I am trying to snag some of the online deals, but I am finding the really good ones are very limited. I tried to grab a couple of deals this morning on Amazon, and even though I clicked on it as soon as it was available it was already sold out. Did they have one TV at that price?

  81. 81
    Linnea says:

    Another one from Canada here who doesn’t get to reap any Black Friday rewards for early rising…today is just another work day for us. But we do get Boxing Day sales on Dec. 26th. I think I like the American model better…sales before Christmas to help cut costs of gifts etc vs. sales after Christmas where you just go out and buy yourself all the things on your list that you wanted but didn’t get (oops, it makes us sound a bit greedy when I write that down). Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be gorging myself tomorrow with all of my American friends up here in Canada.

    and just in case…I’d love the goldfish 🙂

  82. 82
    Andrea says:

    Well. Thank you everyone for the wonderful stories! Kit – you have us all laughing til we cry… the annual sale at Keepsake Quilting was like that the one time I went. It’s after Noon now, and I’m still in my pj’s – hubby is painting the dining room (belated birthday present) and just *maybe* I will go out later to see if you all left any bias tape makers at JoAnne’s… But that would mean I would have to get dressed – so maybe not. Ashley – *love* the giveaway – and the blog – and I’m just up the road! Are you going to the Women’s Craft Show in Burlington this weekend?

  83. 83
    Molly says:

    I haven’t gone out on black friday in years but this year my son was dying to get a free legos rock band game from Old Navy. He and his girlfriend left for the mall at midnight but the security would not let a line form outside of the store. When the mall opened at 3:00 a.m. they ran in, grabbed some items and stood in line for over an hour at the checkout. Only to find out that at one time there had been a line and a few people at the beginning got arm band to claim the game later at their leisure.

    Oh well, they had fun shopping at the mall in the middle of the night and got some good deals anyways.

  84. 84
    Jenny says:

    thank you for another tremendous, generous giveaway. I do not shop on black Friday…once upon a time I did, but never found it to be especially fruitful. Either bought things not on my ‘list’ or returned things I did buy. This year Im making a few gifts and online shopping for a few gifts (Hope Valley for me!!!) and my family has decided less is more this year so we have cut way back on who we shop for. It is all making for a more relaxed atmosphere. Thanks again for the giveaway. Love your work!

  85. 85
    Christine says:

    Hi, I don’t know if we have Black Friday in Canada, I guess that shows how much I shop 🙂
    My Friday will be working followed by quilting because I have some deadlines to meet! I love Heather Ross fabrics, especially the gold fish and VWs (and the tadpole/frog prints!!!)
    I don’t know how you can part with them, but if they’re coming my way, it’d be okay with me 😉 (big understatement, haha)

  86. 86
    Lynne Wong says:

    I’ve actually gotten up early, driven to the mall, and then turned around and drove home when I saw the parking lot mess. But, I still feel the draw to go shopping that day! It’s a childhood tradition I guess. Any way, I would drive through a thousand Black Friday parking lots to win this give away! I love Heather Ross!!!!!

  87. 87
    Amanda says:

    I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. This year will be no different.

  88. 88
    Sarah says:

    Love Heather Ross fabric! I used to go out Black Friday shopping, but only my mother braves the crowds now.

  89. 89
    Jen says:

    I did head out this morning. 5:30am and hit the local Walmart, the only store in the town I live in. I got some toys for my girls, and think I got a pretty good deal, but who knows. I was surprised that the parking lot was full and most TVs they had on special were already gone in just 30 minutes! Amazing to me! I wasn’t after any of that stuff, so there really was no rush for me to be there that early, but the little one had woken up at 5am to be fed.

  90. 90
    PaulaK says:

    I have managed so far to avoid Black Friday. I am more selective about the gifts I give – generally those offered on Black Friday are not on my list. I have gotten in the habit of doing a lot of shopping online. Love Etsy! I will do as much shopping as I can in my small town to help the economy here. Thanks for the giveaway – love all these fabrics!

  91. 91
    Sara says:

    Black Friday isn’t “celebrated” in Canada, however, I did hear a few advertisments on the radio about “black friday” sales, locally. It may be catching on!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  92. 92

    I am not a fan of Black Friday, but I would do it for Heather Ross fabric! My husband is the crazy person in the house who often gets up early and braves the lines for great deals. Over the years he has gotten some great loot (and some that left me scratching my head). But he took this year off and is downstairs making me a latte. Good man!

  93. 93
    Eileen says:

    Already did some online shopping, and heading out in a while with my 9yo daughter who wants to experience ‘black friday’ … guessing that she’ll hate it but just need to show her. Have a great day!

  94. 94
    wintu nancy says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! There is nothing that I want badly enough to go out and mingle with the crowds. I am going to stay home and sew today.

  95. 95
    Amy Hodge says:

    We used to go out on Black Friday to pick up gifts for my husbands niece and nephews, and a few other things, but they’re all much older now (some in college!), so we’re out of the toy-buying stage. But we still went out this morning to Target to buy a few things that had nothing to do with gifts, just because it was open early and we had a free day. It actually was pretty tame at 7:00 am or so. The parking lot was packed but the store wasn’t bad (of course, it’s a ginormous new remodeled store that just opened about a week ago). And we also stopped by JoAnn’s to ge a 50% off pillow form. That actually is for a gift I’m making, but it’s not a holiday gift! 🙂 Mostly, I plan to hang out and sew all day. The hubby will likely nap. Calm and sedate around here!

  96. 96
    Alexis says:

    I can’t tell you any stories about Black Friday because I don’t live in the states…BUT I can give you another good deal on quilting fabrics 😉 With the coupon code Thanks25 you can get 25% off all in stock quilting and home dec fabrics at quilthome.com. I’m sure you’ve shopped there before..but if not..they have a great selection. Can’t wait to see all the fabric you get today 🙂

  97. 97
    gill says:

    thanks for this giveaway!
    i’m in the uk – what is black friday??!!

  98. 98
    Eleanor says:

    We went to Toys R Us at 7am. The toys we wanted weren’t on sale and there were plenty of empty shelves. I enjoyed my time with my mom.

  99. 99
    Kendra says:

    I went out at 7:15 am this morning- b/c everyone else was still sleeping and I couldn’t stay in bed a minute longer. The traffic was crazier at 7:30 when I reached the supersize parking lot than at 9 am when I left for home.
    Love those fabrics!!

  100. 100
    Gwen says:

    I have never in my life participated in Black Friday, and I don’t really plan on it. There’s never anything I want THAT bad. I love sleep, and dislike crowded shopping.

  101. 101
    Allie says:

    I NEVER go shopping on Black Friday! I just don’t think there is a deal out there that can possibly be worth that madness!

  102. 102
    Megan says:

    I’ve never shopped on black friday… have yet to see a deal good enough to make me want to fight the crowds.

  103. 103
    Verna says:

    I never been to a Black Friday shopping. Mostly b’cuz I don’t get paid until the end of the month. So every year, it’s the same story of no money for shopping. So I’m just surfing the net. Hope I win something.

  104. 104
    Linda says:

    I’m not going this year. I’m like you – still in my jammies with coffee in hand, scoping out the online sales/deals. I did venture out early only ONCE. I went to a Joanns Black Friday sale about 10 yrs ago. Mainly because they were offering a free “cookies for Santa” plate. I wanted one for my only grandson at the time, and I got it! of course, I managed to spend some cash, too!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Linda 😎

  105. 105
    charlotte says:

    i got up at 5:15 to get to my local joann store today… willing to brave the crowds for great sewing/crafty deals!!! it really was not bad and i got a HUGE jump on my friday 🙂

  106. 106
    Denise says:

    What a generous giveaway! I HATE Black Friday. Never do it. Too stressful just thinking about it. I hate crowds as it is.

  107. 107
    Erin D. says:

    I would rather chew off my own legs than to claw my way through the crowds of crazed, wide-eyed people in search of OMG INSANE BARGAINS. Nope, I’m at home, in my jammies, chilling. 🙂 The fabrics are *adorable*, great selection for a giveaway!

  108. 108
    Kristin Orth says:

    I was going to go out this year since we were home for a change, but chickened out! I do not like big shopping crowds! I thought about taking the 3 kids to Toys R Us, then decided I must have been crazy to even consider it! LOL Thanks for a chance to win!

  109. 109
    Mandy says:

    We don’t have Black Friday in Canada! But, I am going to CostCo today lol! Going to do some Christmas shopping!

  110. 110
    Corky says:

    Still in my PJs, don’t think I have any clothes that fit after two (2!!) amazing Thanksgiving meals with family within the past 10 days. I don’t care for crowds, so I’ll maybe shop online. Thanks for the great giveaway! Can’t wait to win!

  111. 111
    marija says:

    i’ve never experienced shopping on black friday but by reading all the comments, it’s sounds like one frightening venture!

  112. 112
    Meg says:

    I’ve only been out on Black Friday ONCE. It certainly came complete with maddness and insanity. This was back when stores waited until 6:00 am to open. In Opilika, Alabama, where I was living at the time, there was only one place to shop – the Walmart. No one was trampled but it was close. Piles of people scrambling over discounted TVs – we hit an all time low when I watched a man steal one of the TVs out of an old lady’s cart when she wasn’t looking and put it in his own.

    That did it for me. I’d rather pretend like human’s would never act like such animals over electronics. What a way to kick off the holiday season! I hang around at home now and look forward to getting up on Saturday not hating humanity. 🙂

  113. 113
    Angela Biggley says:

    Since I now live on PEI I can’t go shopping in the states anymore so this would make me feel less sad about that.

  114. 114
    Mady says:

    I live in Quebec, Canada and here we never have any sale for which we have to wake up early to get to! The first time I saw a Targets ad on american TV saying «see you tomorrow at 5.00» I didn’t even understand! Thanksgiving is in October around here, mostly because the harvests takes place this time of year. We do have the turkey and everything but no special sales. Thanks to you for the lovely giveaway and happy thanksgiving! 🙂

  115. 115
    Laurie says:

    No black Friday shopping for me! I’d rather stay home and bask in the warmth and coziness that spills over from a blessed Thanksgiving day, spent with family.
    Next up- time to think about Christmas decorating.

  116. 116
    Anita says:

    I live in Holland so no Black Friday shopping here! I hate queuing in sales, infact I am just like you – give me a computer anyday, and the deals can be just as good with less of the stress.

  117. 117
    Erica says:

    I am usually still a little to tipsy the day after Thanksgiving to go out 🙂 and now I can order everything from the privacy of my home in my sweatpants and get free shipping to boot.
    Happy Thanksgiving ,

  118. 118
    Erin K says:

    Oh I want that VW fabric. So cute. By the way, you’re site is one of my favorite modern quilting blogs!

  119. 119
    mariarrosa says:

    I’m writing from Spain, so no black friday here but I like so much Heather Ross fabric I had to write something to have a chance in the giveaway. Thank you.

  120. 120
    linda says:

    We talked about going out shopping, but the soft warmth of our bed this morning made us rethink it. Didn’t seem worth it. Crowds of people and long lines….not this year.

  121. 121
    Sarah says:

    Yippie fabric away….No black friday for me. I ate some left over candied yams and juggled on wii fit plus :). Now I’m “working” and then I’ll do a little holiday crafting.

  122. 122
    cynthia says:

    I have shopped the past couple of years but this year I will not be participating in the madness. I might take advantage of a internet sale or two. It’s fun to do but I just don’t have anything I need to get this year. Great give away Thanks Cynthia

  123. 123
    Norma says:

    Well we slept in, had a nice breakfast than headed to Walmart 30 minutes before the end of the “super sale” and got the 1 item we where hoping to find (a 320 GB external hard drive fro $49 -reg $85) So now we can back up all of our important files. Oh and then we headed off to buy our Christmas tree, we got the pick of the lot since everyone was out buying gifts not out looking for the perfect tree!

  124. 124
    Simona says:

    I’ve only ventured out once for black friday deals and that was because the camera my husband wanted was really really marked down. I mean WAY down! Then the same store had enough rebates and coupons on the printer I wanted that they actualy paid me $5 to take it home! This year? I’m right where I plan to spend the entire long weekend, in my sewing room!

  125. 125
    Alison says:

    My husband and I have gone shopping on black friday for the past few years. We always have a plan and a strategy before heading out and start with a big cup of coffee. This morning we were up at 3 am to get started, and then home and back asleep by 6:30. No crazy crowds, no stampedes, just some great deals on gifts for our wonderful families!

  126. 126

    I’m a diehard shopper, but there hasn’t been deals good enough for me to get up THAT early on a Friday morning! I’ll stick with my online shopping!

  127. 127
    Katy says:

    i’ve never ever participated in black friday and never plan to. i love your idea of sweat pants, coffee and the internet.

    Thanks for the give away!!

  128. 128
    Jen says:

    yes please! It would take a lot to get me out of Black Friday. I’ll stay home and peruse online fabric sales, thank you very much. 🙂

  129. 129
    Kyla says:

    These fabrics are adorable!!! I love the goldfish. I don;t have any black friday stories casue frankly thats wayyyy toooo early for me! I do though remember the year that you guys went out early to home depot. Why you went early and not just some time during the day i don’t know but you got the deals you wanted.

  130. 130
    Christine says:

    No black Friday here in Canada – but I’ve never dared experience the our equivalent day of madness, Boxing Day. Except at the local yarn store, where I was right bang on time for the noon opening, and raiding the sale shelves, but I was all alone until a few ladies wandered in. That is my idea of crazy sales.

  131. 131
    Kimmer says:

    This year I am working, but my hubby is out braving the crowds for a few things on our children’s wish lists!
    Last year I shopped at 4 a.m. to score the $3 board games, Barbies and Hot Wheels cars to donate to Toys for Tots. Was a quick in and out and I made it to work on time afterward! Felt really good being out that early in the day, knowing it was for a good cause!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  132. 132
    Mary says:

    No shopping here. We just enjoy a little extension of the peace and family time shared during Thanksgiving. We went to my daughter’s house today and put up the Christmas Tree (and the tree skirt I made :o) Oh the looks of wonder and amazement on Emily’s face – it is wonderful to see things through the eyes of a two-year old. Naturally, all the ornaments are child friendly and grouped along the bottom of the tree to be rearranged at will. This is a great giveaway – keeping my fingers and toes crossed until Monday.

  133. 133
    Leigh says:

    Oh my goodness! Please pick me first!!! I want those fish so bad!!!

    I HAVE gone shopping way too early in the past – even staying up all night to shop at outlets that opened at midnight. SO not worth it. If I want to, I’ll go out later in the day, and if not, it’s ok!!! The internet has completely changed the way I shop!

  134. 134
    Kaye Prince says:

    I’m in Canada so today is not Black Friday here, but I have been checking out some of the awesome online deals. I did get to have an American Thanksgiving dinner though last night since a good friend of mine who now lives here is originally from Nebraska and wanted to celebrate.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and oppurtunity to win!

  135. 135
    wyndy t says:

    Aahhhhh, black friday. I went out last year and this year to Joanns. It’s just kinda bad waiting for the fabric to be cut, me and the fam also like to drive by best buy and look and laugh at the people camped outside for the two laptops they have at the cheap price!

    Ohhh, and I really want the fishes!

  136. 136
    jenn b in chicago says:

    i avoid black friday like the plague. plus, i’m not a morning person! sweatpants and left over turkey for me today.

  137. 137
    Chastity B says:

    I woke up this morning at my usual time and then headed out to look for some good deals, I found a few. I did not get up super early though!

  138. 138
    Nikki says:

    I ventured out this morning for the first time ever to get flannel for 1.49 at JoAnn, plus an Ott Lite. It was a NIGHTMARE! I got my stuff, amid the pushing and shoving in the tiny flannel isle, then got in line and I was #46 to be cut. They were on #13. 20 minutes later, they had only moved three numbers. I put my flannel back, asked about Ott lites, (they were out, although I saw some lady with THREE in her cart!) and left. I went to the Starbucks next door and came home. Ha! That’s just not my kind of shopping 🙂

  139. 139
    Crystal says:

    Today I woke up today at 3am to be at the stores at 4 am. We had to pick up a lot of people. Then we went to Walmart where it was so packed that you couldn’t move. Although with all the items I wanted, at first I didn’t think I would get any, but it turned out I got everything I wanted!! So after 6 hours of doing black friday I got home and hopefully can take a nap soon.

  140. 140
    Sue Cahill says:

    Yuck….I could never see myself doing the Black Friday thing. I don’t like to shop to begin with (I am missing some part of the female gene) and I cherish my sleep. Only one 5 o’clock on my clock. I would rather enjoy a quiet day at home and enjoy leftovers and some quality sewing time.

  141. 141
    Robin D. says:

    i’m from the US, now living in Canada, and I do remember some ridiculously early shopping excursions before I moved up here. according to my Canadian husband, we have a crazy shopping day here in Canada too, which is Boxing Day – the day after Christmas, but I’ve never experienced that. I’d rather just enjoy my holiday time at home. thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  142. 142
    CJ says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! No BF shopping out in the real world for me today. We have ONE store in town and it is WM. I like shopping online much better!

  143. 143
    Audrie says:

    This is my third Black Friday since moving to the States from Australia and curiousity hasn’t made me wander out to go to any of the sales because sale crowds scare me hehe Besides, I’m too busy still digesting yesterday’s meal hehe!

  144. 144
    Lindsey says:

    It’s a “homemade from the heart holiday” here so I am thankful that I am NOT at any mall or at work and instead have uninterrupted time at my sewing machine to work on my projects.

  145. 145
    sarah says:

    Up here in Canada we spend the day telling each other theories on why you call it Black Friday. Most of us are wrong, and just kind of grumpy that we don’t have a holiday.

  146. 146
    Laurie says:

    My daughter and I go out every year on Black Friday this year I decided not to set the alarm and just go when I woke up, so when I told her to get up this morning it was 5:45 am a little later than usual. But we still got a 40″ flat screen for $449.00 not to bad but we had to wait 1 and 1/2 hours in line to pay but My Husband sure is happy. I would be just as happy with this Heather Ross Giveaway the problem will be to decide. Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway.

  147. 147
    Frogdancer says:

    That sounds like our Boxing Day sales. (You know, the day after Christmas Day?) I’ve never gone… getting trampled underfoot by crazed shoppers isn’t a nice way to go….

  148. 148
    Angela says:

    Ashley, what a great giveaway! Some of my favorites, too! As for shopping on Black Friday…yes please, but from the comfort of my own home… I love to shop online. 🙂

    xo, Ang

  149. 149
    heather says:

    Just once I was tempted to get out of bed way too early to catch that “special deal”….Joann’s was offering the Gutermann thread cabinet (with 100 spools!) for over fifty percent off. I dragged my houseguest out of bed as well to head out in the dark and cold, only to arrive and discover we were an hour early. We spent the hour napping in the car, commenting on how stupid it was, and vowing never again! Of course, we couldn’t just go home and forget about it.

  150. 150
    mary allison says:

    i’m an internet black friday shopper. works much better with the kids’ naptimes. love those heather ross prints!

  151. 151
    Deirdre says:

    I love to stay at home on Black Friday! I take the day off work so I can have a wonderful 4-day weekend. Today I am going to mop the kitchen (which is a huge mess from pie making all day yesterday and wednesday) and then go for a walk.

  152. 152
    bruinbr says:

    I have never braved the crowds (or weather!) for a black friday deal. I generally do my shopping online (it’s much nicer to stay in bed with a laptop than to get dressed, find parking, brave lines & pushy people!) 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. 153
    paula says:

    This year I decided that I wouldn’t go shopping today. Mostly because there is very little I need….and I”m making most all of my Christmas presents this year! I’ve been collecting Heather Ross prints and would LOVE to add to my collection. Thanks for a chance to win!

  154. 154
    Chris says:

    Black Friday shopping is one of those things I have a love/hate relationship with. I love a good deal, but the older (wiser) I get the thought of standing in line for hours for a discount on an item the store only has 5 of doesn’t appeal to me.

  155. 155
    Emily says:

    You know, now that I think about it, I have never, ever gone out shopping on Black Friday. I’m not a big shopper anyway and I especially hate crowds when shopping. I may do it someday though, if there is something specific I really want to get. I do more and more of my shopping online these days.
    I think the goldfish would be my first choice but I LOVE BOTH of the sets you are giving away! Have a wonderful weekend!

  156. 156
    Sherri Lachance says:

    I am not a fan of black Friday shopping. I have decided not to partake of it this year. But would love to win those fat quarters!!

  157. 157
    Meg says:

    In 32 years, I have never done the whole Black Friday shopping thing. I hate crowds, and I don’t actually like shopping much, so the combination sounds terrible. Most of the time, I have Black Friday off work, so I don’t even leave the house!!
    (ps–awesome giveaway!!)

  158. 158
    Katie says:

    My family is on a strict only homemade and gifts that are things to do (trips, tickets to a show, etc) rule so no shopping for me.

  159. 159
    Jessica says:

    No black Friday for me…just walking around downtown with my husband…our little guy is at grandma & grandpa’s. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

  160. 160
    Bobbi says:

    im hiding indoors working on quilts for xmas. the black friday thing has never appealed to me! but i like your sleet/snow story! happy holidays.

  161. 161
    Valerie says:

    I’m in Canada, where Thankisgiving was in October and our big bargain shopping day is Dec 26, however most of the stores here have parent companies in the states, so there are tons of crazy deals this weekend 🙂 Our Zellers store is offering Nintendo DS systems tonight at 9pm, my parents will be lining up for them, I’m crossing my fingers they’re lucky ’cause my little princess is just dying for one!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  162. 162
    Katie says:

    I try to avoid black friday if at all possible… Cyber Monday on the other hand…. its a weakness. I try to do as much holiday shopping on etsy though. Buy Handmade!

  163. 163
    Jennifer says:

    I did NOT go out. In fact, we really needed some groceries, so my husband is at Meijer right now, not me. What a great guy.

  164. 164
    Ursula says:

    I stayed home with my 7 week old and loved it! But I did help participate I suppose–I did help overwhelm joann.com…)

  165. 165
    Ansje says:

    I happily slept in until 10:00 and checked out the online shopping deals. This beautiful, sunny day will find me taking a nice long walk with our greyhound, then planning this year’s Christmas decorating.

  166. 166

    Being Canadian and all Black Friday is something we only know of through the media. But even if I lived closer to the border or even in the US it isn’t something we would participate in. This year, more than ever, we are scaling back on shopping. It isn’t so much a budget thing, but a desire to have less in life. Less crap, that is. and more of the good stuff like hugs, laughs, and separate corners for each of us!

  167. 167
    Audrey C says:

    I went out into the madness today, but the madness here in AK was probably a walk in the park compared to everywhere else. In the end, I bought towels. So. Tired. Can hardly… keep… eyes… open. FOR TOWELS??? I’ve never had so many strangers rub up against me as I did this morning. Had they been even remotely fresh smelling, it might have been exciting.

  168. 168
    Liz says:

    I definitely did NOT venture out into the madness of the sales… but I did buy things from Pink Chalk Fabric just about as soon as I got the email! 🙂

  169. 169
    Eeva says:

    We don`t have black friday in Finland, actually I today participated at Buy nothing today -campaign. Sales begins here just after christmas 27th december or sometimes before christmas.

  170. 170
    Jana says:

    I had work this morning from 5am-1pm. It was a madhouse, with sometimes the line going out the door! I shopped a little before I started work, and it wasn’t busy at all. I was very surprised.

  171. 171
    Amanda says:

    We don’t have Black Friday here in England but it is the start of the Christmas Markets where I live so lots of stalls selling lovely wooden decorations and mulled wine.

  172. 172
    Emily BB says:

    i’m at the library today studying away…after putting up the christmas tree of course! thanks for the giveaway!

  173. 173
    mel says:

    Thanksgiving dinner last night left me too full to stay up for black friday shopping. I’m just glad there’s no work today! 🙂

  174. 174
    Maria Isabel says:

    i love the fabrics, it´s the best. Lovely giveaways. Thanks you

  175. 175
    Carrie says:

    Just went out this morning and there were hardly any lines. Found a few good deals. It was just fun to be out.

  176. 176
    Andy says:

    I normally avoid Black Friday shopping like the plague, but decided to risk a quick stop at Joann’s this morning. While waiting around to get one item cut, I lucked out and was standing 5 feet away from the framing department when they announced that anyone with two or less items to cut could go there.

    Despite my luck, I think I’ll go back to my staying at home ways in the future.

  177. 177
    Jet says:

    I never go out for Black Friday. It sounds dreadful to me. My friends who go out do seem to get some pretty good deals, though. I think I’ll be doing most of my shopping online this year.

  178. 178
    Jennifer says:

    I’m working today so hubby was in charge of shopping. We have never gone early or waited in line. My daughter has been begging for a Nintendo DS; Walmart had the door-buster deal for $99.00. Hubby didn’t think there was anyway he would get one at all but he walked in at 10 am, found the PINK DS, and paid $99 for it. Sometimes people wait in line for no good reason… 😉

  179. 179
    Susan says:

    When I was young, my mom and I had a great time going to the early morning sales, but since I’ve been a mom I’ve never gone. I love just relaxing the day after Thanksgiving and doing fun things with my kids.

  180. 180
    kat says:

    I too went out this morning but not at 4 am like the more serious shoppers do. I avoid the places know for having stampedes…..I bought some things for the kids, a new Rowenta at a great price for me and then had to head home because I was finding more and more things that would have been for me rather than gifts. Sales are dangerous that way!

  181. 181
    karen says:

    We went out at 10am & it wasn’t bad at all. Have already shopped all day, but not enough energy today! LOVE the fabric!

  182. 182
    kat says:

    after years of having gone out shopping on black friday, i realized i just hate dealing with all of the crowds… so i stayed home where it’s warm and cozy and worked on my king sized quilt!

  183. 183
    NIchole says:

    I’m home today. My car died on Wednesday and with it all plans for shopping. It’s probably for the best anyway, since most of the things I was interested were not really going to save me crazy money or anything. I am happy to have yummy leftovers in the fridge and a day to sew. Now if only they can hurry and get my car fixed! Thanks for the great giveaway – these fabrics are gems!

  184. 184
    Karen says:

    Great fabric and giveaway!! If I lived in the States, I’d be very afraid of what would happen to my bank balance on Black Friday. I loved it when I lived in California for a few years.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

  185. 185
    CJ says:

    I swore I’d skip it, but I went out and got my husband a used copy of a violent video game for his play date tonight. Other than that I’m staying home, although now I’m tempted by the bias tape maker someone mentioned at Jo-Ann’s…

    Love those fabrics you are giving away. I have half a dozen projects in mind just looking at them.

  186. 186
    catherine s. says:

    Pre-daughter, hubs and I ventured to the outlet mall here for their midnight sale thinking we’d be early. HA! Were we wrong! We waited 1 1/2 hours on the freeway while I was 5 months prego with our daughter and got the urge to use the bathroom, as you do while prego a lot…but held it successfully until we got there – found some great deals but looking back at it…we wouldn’t do it again (definitely not with a 2 year old now).

    So – a fabric obsessed mommy + 2 year old = must have that goldfish print by Heather Ross – as she puts, Mommy, you MUST! So here’s our entry 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you!

  187. 187
    gale c. lewis says:

    In the last few years I have enjoyed some Black Friday shopping with my sister. Some of the deals we get, some get away. All in all it is a fun early morning outing with my sis. This year, I stayed home and did a little online shopping. Then I did a little Christmas sewing!

    I enjoy reading your blog and I hope your fam had a nice Thanksgiving!

  188. 188
    Asia says:

    I did do a little shopping and surprisingly, it wasn’t bad out. But I don’t feel like I made any real progress. Now I’m off to go do some thrifting 🙂

  189. 189
    Junglewife says:

    Where I’m currently living it’s just another Friday, but I like to go online and shop the great deals!!!

  190. 190
    Kelly O. says:

    We have something called Boxing Day here which is crazy sales on the 26th of December–it used to be a blast! The Gap always $10 jeans sales that day on any pair in the store! we always started there.
    I worked one year for La Senza (like Victoria’s secret) and the mobs were so bad, I was up on a ladder throwing underwear to women in the size they needed-crazy!
    in the last 5 years it’s turned into Boxing WEEK sales and then just today I was at the mall and Sears was having their Boxing Day sales early–silly.
    Although I always love a good deal. 🙂

  191. 191
    Andrea says:

    I didn’t go shopping, I WORKED Black Friday at our local Sam’s Club 🙂 Does selling about $800 worth of jewelry in 10 minutes count for the give-a-way?

  192. 192
    Penny g says:

    I am a black Friday shopper when I am able. This year I woke up at 2:30 am and went to watch the grandkids so their parents could hit the sales. I then fixed breakfast for my daughter and her fiance so they could hit a 4am opening. After everbody returned I made bacon egg and cheese biscuits for all.

  193. 193
    Amelia says:

    Deluxe! Heather Ross! That would be a wonderful treat….
    I’m in Switzerland on tour, so there is no Thanksgiving and no Black Friday. Although the Christmas Market did open up today, and I bought a couple gifts. It was a very reasonable 11 am, but since that would be 5 am US, perhaps that should count. If I was near a Jo-Ann’s, you can bet I would be there. I’m looking forward to getting home in two weeks (NYC) and doing some holiday crafting.

  194. 194
    Leila says:

    I was going to go out this morning but decided to sleep in. I’ll go out later to some of the all day sales and see what they have left. LOVE the fabric!

  195. 195
    Susan says:

    This will be the year of “if I can’t make it, you aren’t getting it”. The family has put in their requests and instead of shopping, I am working on THAT list from fabric I already have! Oh and started some turkey soup on the crock pot…now, there’s my idea of Black Friday. Thanks for blogging, your works are inspiring!

  196. 196
    Michelle says:

    Gah – just wrote a long story about my experiences and pressed enter by mistake before filling out my name and email address and now it’s gone! Oops!

    Oh well, here’s the story again.

    Up here in Canada we don’t have Black Friday but we do have Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) which is a really crazy shopping day. I never participate though because I worked retail for 5 years and after experiencing 5 years worth of Boxing Days I stay FAR AWAY from retail.

    The people are nuts though. I worked at a sporting goods store that really never had any great Boxing Day sales, the odd item would be priced at 50% off but it was never anything great. But people would line up! I always got stuck on cash that day and would have to help open the doors first thing in the morning. I learned after my first year to GET OUT OF THE WAY when opening the doors. People act like animals when there is a deal. I nearly got trampled! Just thinking about it now is getting me all worked up.

    Kudos to those of you who can brave the lines and crowds for a deal! I’m better off sleeping in and doing some online shopping!


  197. 197
    Selina says:

    In Australia we have the boxing Day sales (Dec 26th) and I swear, most things are very similarly priced in any old sale! The only real bargains are linen. (How often do you need to buy linen???)

  198. 198
    Holly says:

    I do not do shopping on Black Friday. Here is what you do… train your sweet husband to do it. We had a trampoline we bought for $360 and he got one at Walmart this morning for $140- very much worth the time to save that much. A pain to have to return the first one. My 19 year old took my 13 year old and waited outside Best Buy for 3 hours, while my 16 yr old went with the church to hand out hot chocolate and coffee to the people in line.

  199. 199
    Tara says:

    While I usually avoid black friday like the plague, something to do with me not liking to join in all that stinking consumerism, I couldn’t resist the sale at Joann’s. I went for an iron and left with much more. And it was worth it to stand in very long lines as my new iron doesn’t scorch fabric the way my old one did. Merry Early Christmas to me!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. 200
    Emily says:

    My sweet, sweet husband goes out in search of everything on my list. Today he woke up at 3:30 and was out the door by 5. God bless him!

  201. 201
    Trudi Gibert says:

    I only went out shopping this morning because my daughter, 23 but still the baby, wanted to. It wasn’t too bad but we did not go to the mall. Thank Heavens.

  202. 202
    Anya says:

    Nope, no Black Friday shopping for me…thanks for the chance!

  203. 203
    Carmel says:

    Is it still Black Friday there? I was planning to go back and look for some fabric while the sales were on. I’m in Australia, it’s Saturday here….

  204. 204
    Jodi says:

    I have never done it before, but I went out today…to JoAnn’s! 50% off all quilting notions and batting, plus a 20% off coupon from the paper.

    Too hard to pass up since I’m gonna buy the stuff anyway!

  205. 205
    Mandi says:

    I have fond memories of shopping with my mom on Black Friday for hours and then coming home to decorate the tree! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy this tradition – even with the crowds and the commercialism, it is a day spent together, laughing and celebrating.
    Love those fishies!

  206. 206
    Valerie says:

    I don’t usually do it, but this morning I ventured to Target at 4:30 am. I was shocked at the amout of people and the agression! I When I came upon two grown women arguing over $5.00 pajamas, I knew I had to get out of there and never do it again!

  207. 207
    Munaiba says:

    We don’t have Black Friday in Australia so no sales for me 🙁
    On a brighter note I love those goldfish fabrics. I’ve never seen them before. You find the most amazing fabrics Ashley!

    I hope all of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed your Black Friday sales.
    Take care!

  208. 208
    Ann says:

    I headed out to Kohls this morning around 5:30am. Found a parking spot easily enough, store seemed okay, then I saw it the checkout line wrapping around the whole store!! Nope. I turned it and hi-tailed by bum right back home empty handed!

  209. 209
    Theresa says:

    Firstly how can you bear to part with them? You’re a good person Ashley, not only for having this give-away but introducing me to HR and these fabrics in the first place. All the best.

  210. 210
    Laura says:

    I went to Joanns to buy the $1.49 fabric – got there at 5:30 and left by 7:00. Most of my time was spent at the cutting counter – I only bought 28 yards – not too bad! Last year, I did the same thing and that was my first Black Friday experience. It just seems so silly for most of it.

  211. 211
    Tong says:

    I’m Canadian so we don’t have Black Friday sales, although a lot of the stores here in the city are lowering their prices in the hope of luring the customers to stay instead of heading to the US for the sales. I didn’t participate in the madness (if there was any) so I couldn’t say just how good the sales are. Thanks for the giveaway!

  212. 212
    Debbie says:

    I would LOVE to win this!! I live in Canada – so just another Friday, but I did try find some deals on line. Thankyou and congrats to whomever wins!!

  213. 213
    Julia says:

    I stayed home and watched two blockbuster movies. Perfectly relaxed, no crowds!

  214. 214
    Rachel says:

    Today was actually my first Black Friday shopping experience (I’m 25…). I went to Best Buy for an amazing deal on a steam washer and steam dryer. I cannot wait for them to deliver them! I’m hoping that my iron will now strictly be used for pressing seams-hopefully the steam dryer will get all the wrinkles out of my clothes!! It was definitely worth waiting in line out in the cold for almost an hour.

  215. 215
    Tracy James says:

    Usually I won’t do the Black Friday thing, but I did brave Joann’s today. Thank goodness for the line they set up for 1-2 cuts so I didn’t have to wait for all those people with 10 or 12 bolts in their carts!!! The checkout line was no waiting! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  216. 216
    Angie says:

    I’m not a fan of crowds, so I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday. I did get a few things today, just because my husband will be working every day until
    Christmas, so I needed to finish santa shopping. We did not go until after lunch, though.

  217. 217
    eleanor says:

    Here in Australia we don’t have a sale until Boxing Day, but on Friday at my daughter’s school we had a ‘hand-made’ Christmas Bazaar .All through the year we had craft-night and we all made bags, dolls,pony tail holders,santa sacks and heaps more.We had great fun,everybody got to buy hand-made quality items for Christmas gifts and we raised money for our school! I say that beats any supposed sale, we all know we all end up buying things we don’t need,want,and aren’t usually very ethically sound.(everything here is made in China)And no , I won’t be going to any crazy Boxing Day sale and appearing on the news after getting trampled!!Our Christmas Bazaar looked a bit like that yesterday as we had a HUGE crowd all eager to get in,as we had a strict 3pm start time.What fun!!

  218. 218
    amisha says:

    i’m with you… online shopping with coffee in hand is much more relaxing 🙂 my mom on the other hand– she’s the one at the store at 6am for the “doorbuster” sales!

  219. 219
    ann says:

    Nope no Black Friday up here in Canada but no Heather Ross either. I really really (picture a whiney face) want some Bikes and buses but I have never
    found them up here. please put me in the drawing I;ve got my fingers and toes crossed. Thanks Ashley

  220. 220
    Bre Ann says:

    I’m not a Black Friday girl. I love to shop but can’t stand the big crowds.

  221. 221
    Monelle says:

    Worked on some holiday projects this morning instead of out shopping. These fabrics would work well with my home made gifts!

  222. 222
    Ellen says:

    These fat quarters would be the black Friday deal of the season!

  223. 223
    Nicole Gendy says:

    I live in Canada, so we don’t have Black Friday. It was a regular work week for me. It is a fantastic beautiful day here though, so clear I can see the snow-covered mountains from my computer. I haven’t seen them in weeks! My day was fabulous due to the sun!!! and I love the goldfish the best!

  224. 224
    Abra says:

    I even try to avoid shopping on the weekends because of the larger crowds, so no black friday for me! I am always so skeptical of the sales anyway. I snuggled on the couch by the fire with my laptop cruising some of my favorite sites online. No stress, no gas, no shower!

  225. 225
    Heidi says:

    I never go out on Black Friday! No deals are that good to spend all that time in line etc. We went to the Zoo instead.

  226. 226
    Sherri says:

    Just time with family here – no black friday shopping for us! I’d love the fishies…thanks for the chance!

  227. 227
    Corinne says:

    I went to Walmart! It was a bust! They were out of stock of all the items I was interested in….
    A highlight of my day was seeing the fabric with the bikes. Too cute..

  228. 228
    Holly says:

    I live in Canada where we don’t have Black Friday but we do celebrate Buy Nothing Day. I make sure I’ve got my groceries for dinner ahead of time and don’t spend a single cent (in stores or online) on this day.

    Love the fabrics you’ve chosen for your giveaway!

  229. 229
    Anne says:

    I do not go out shopping on Black Friday. In fact, this year, I’ve made most of my gifts and they are pretty much done!

  230. 230
    Janet says:

    In Canada we have no Thanksgiving-associated sales to speak of – perhaps because our holiday is in October and most Christians aren’t in a Christmas shopping mood yet.

    Even US companies in Canada don’t offer “black Friday” sales, sadly. I have been getting emails from US companies from whom I have made on-line purchases. One (Defense Nutrition) offered free worldwide shipping. What a great idea!

    I think the HR fabrics are adorable. Thanks for the contest.

  231. 231
    katie r says:

    I don’t care much for the early black friday stuff, we did it when I was a teenager. But my husband loves it so usually we brave the crowds, this year he had to work. I went to starbucks, target, and kohls after 10. Thanks for being generous!

  232. 232
    jill says:

    We spent today eating leftovers with extended family…so much better than the mall scene. 🙂

  233. 233
    Ellen says:

    No shopping for me. It seems like the very worst day to shop to me. In our family, on “black friday” we pick up a $10 permit from the US Forest Service and trudge through the forest to find and cut a christmas tree.

  234. 234
    bess says:

    i LOVE black friday! it’s so fun to see the ads, but i never wait in line – i just wait till the doors open and then walk in when the giant rush is done – no trampling for me! :)! this morning, i went to target for leapster games and an external hard drive my husband wanted, and then to joann’s for the pick of the flannel. fun! 🙂

  235. 235
    Stephanie says:

    I was at Wal-mart at 5 am and stood in line forever. Bought a camera for my daughter and $3 pjs for all the kids. Was it worth it – for the sale – probably not – but my 9 year old daughter went and we shopped for awhile and ate breakfast out. The time with her was definetly worth it! But Heather Ross fabric FREE – better than any deal today! :0)

  236. 236
    Kirsten says:

    I love to go out early and this year was like any other, I vow not to, but always end-up awake and thinking, why not? For me it is the holiday decor and music to get me in the spirit, a starbucks run and feeling productive when the kids are sleeping. Purchased for the only three people who I don’t make stuff for (because they just don’t appreciate hand made, so they are off the handmade list) . . . so they do get the door buster specials whatever they are as my own little personal message to them! So when everyone else is opening gifts and appreciated the time and love that went into their gifts, these three get the $19.99 fleece that was on everyones list and it makes me feel good knowing it was on sale! Also no more stores for me, only a little on-line shopping!

  237. 237
    ashley says:

    went out a little later than i wanted today and had to stand in lines forever. i dont think i got any overly good deals but the hustle and bustle was fun and i got all of my shopping i had left done and still had time to go get some fabric to top off my latest quilt

  238. 238
    Kim says:

    I braved rainy Church Street, but certainly not early! Love those goldfish . . . 🙂

  239. 239
    Roseanne says:

    here in Oz it’s just another ordinary saturday… love the fabrics and good on you for sharing ♥

  240. 240
    Debbie says:

    I did go out shopping this morning at 3:00 a.m. with my daughter. It was so crazy, but… oh so much fun, just being with her and laughing at the craziness! We did get some GREAT bargains tho! Had to have my husband come meet us to take stuff home for us at 5:00 a.m. What a great guy 🙂

  241. 241
    Rhiannon says:

    Another Canuck here, so no Black Friday. We have our huge sales on Boxing Day (day after Christmas). I am a total crowd wimp and the sales are never worth braving the craziness for me.

  242. 242
    marty says:

    I do not go out shopping early on Black Friday. I’d rather pay full price and go later or earlier or buy on line. What I would like to say is that I wish I had as many responses as you to my giveaway. Have a lovely weekend.

  243. 243
    Alisa says:

    I’m also Canadian so no Black Friday here either. I don’t think I’d be out in the thick of it though.

  244. 244
    Lois says:

    that pink bike fabric is AMAZING!!!

  245. 245
    Laura Allen says:

    No shopping. No thanks!

  246. 246
    Stephanie says:

    Today I went out for Christmas lights, but not at 4am. By the time I got to Wal-mart at 2pm it was relatively quiet.

    When I was in high school I always started my Christmas shopping that day. I’d drag my younger sister to the mall with me and we’d spend our mad high school cash.

  247. 247
    Jen says:

    I’ve always had to work on Black Friday. At the Gap no less. For twelve years. It was horrible. We didn’t have anything special for sale but still had to open early with the big guys.

    I’m glad to say that this year, I slept in with my family, and actually got a tree today.

    Ahhh let the Christmas season begin. It would be even better if I won some fish! I’ve been hunting for so long for those little babies! Can’t afford what people are selling them for.

    PS I’ve been avoiding Pink Chalks email in my in box all day.

  248. 248
    Mandy Hawkins says:

    Wow, love these Heather Ross fabrics and I’d love to win your giveaway. You are so generous.

    Mandy Hawkins

  249. 249
    Susan says:

    Last year I got up at o’dark thirty to buy a laptop. After waiting in line outside, then in line again inside for hours only to find they had sold out of the cheap one. I went home furious to find that the same store was offering the same deal online! I bought online and will not go black Fridaying again!

  250. 250
    Heather says:

    I was one of those crazy people out there searching for a great deal – and I managed to get one! I had to visit two separate Target stores, but I found the 40 in HDTV my fiance and I wanted for an amazing price. AND I got the last one!

    I then came home & quilted! Quite a good day. Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving and black friday as well!

  251. 251
    staci says:

    Every year my sister and I decide iver Thanksgving dinner that “this year we are going to go black friday shopping”. We decide where and when to meet and everything. Then, later – after the turkey has had time to digest – one of us always calls the other and says “I don’t really want to go anymore” and the other says “yeah, me neither- maybe next year!” We have still never gone!

  252. 252
    Diane says:

    No black Friday today, but I have in the past. Last time was a couple years ago for a flat screen tv.. it was cold and kinda wet, but there was a local church that was handing out hot chocolate!

  253. 253
    beverlyanne says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway. No Black Friday for me. I agree with your Home Depot comment. I’m sure you can get the same or similar deals throughout the season.

  254. 254
    ChickenJulie says:

    Oh, there’s just no way I’d be venturing out on Black Friday. Way too busy eating leftovers to shop.

  255. 255
    Shannon F. says:

    I have post traumatic stress related to Black Fridays of my childhood. We stay up late on Thanksgiving evening playing games and eating (still), sleeping in until noon the following day. It’s WONDERFUL!

  256. 256
    Marilyn says:

    No Black Friday shoppping for me–I stayed home and sewed:) I hadn’t been in the craft room for three days –getting ready for Thanksgiving company–and it felt great!!

  257. 257
    Jackie says:

    Nope, never went out on Black Friday and don’t think I ever will. Like you I will stick to online. In fact, I am also having a sale in my online fabric store through November 30. So that is my contribution to the online Black Friday sales. The code is luvfabric to get 10% off your entire order. Thanks for doing a wonderful giveaway.

  258. 258
    LauraDodson says:

    well. didn’t do black friday. slept in! and boy howdy did it feel great. then coffee. then more coffee. a relaxing day indeed.

  259. 259
    Barb says:

    Wow, what a generous give-away – I LOVE your choices! Anyway, I live in Canada so no Black Friday here, it is a regular work day. My students heard all about on the news so we talked about your American tradition to shop after Thanksgiving. It was very appropriate as we were doing a science lesson on the “Story of Stuff” about consumption and its effect on the environment.

  260. 260
    DK says:

    I work at a JoAnn’s and had to be there for 8+ hours today. Despite some great deals on flannels and fleece even before my employee discount, I did not purchase anything. I’m participating in Buy Nothing Day.

  261. 261
    Leah says:

    BLACK friday. I once got up early to get a DVD player for my husband…LINES that were CRAZY! I said never again! well, this year I saw a pillowpet-look-alike (my kids say they NEED THESE!!!) Went. got the things. left! Whew! spent the rest of the day making a quilt with my MIL! thanks for the giveaway! how generous!

  262. 262
    Lynn says:

    Great Giveaway! I just love those fabrics. No Black Friday shoppping for me! I stayed home and sewed while my husband built a website – we are crazy bunch of kids.

  263. 263
    Mary says:

    There is no way I would go out into the madness. The grocery store, on the other hand, was DEAD!!!!

  264. 264
    Jackie says:

    I did go out today but I didn’t leave the house until 8:30. The best deal I got was at JoAnns. Square up rulers 50% off and an extra 20% off my entire purchase. Great fabric giveaway.

  265. 265
    Suzanne says:

    No black Friday here – just another day. I love those Heather Ross prints!!

  266. 266
    jackie says:

    We had another thanksgiving this time with friends instead of family both days great fun, no need for shopping, Heather Ross makes the cutest fabric!! but it’s had to cut into!!!!

  267. 267
    Jenn says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! No shopping for me today either – just recovering from yesterday!

  268. 268
    Jenna says:

    This is one of the first years in many I haven’t participated in the black friday madness. I did the whole shebang two years ago. Last year, I was pregnant and just managed to hit up JoAnn’s (who can miss that?). This year, with a 9 month old, I decided to skip it entirely! 🙂 And I’m so much more rested – I slept till 11 a.m.! Lovely fabric choices, by the way – I’m making a quilt for my daughter out of the HR bikes… what little I have of it!

  269. 269
    Sarah says:

    Awesome! A Black Friday giveaway! And boy do I LOVE Heather Ross, actually so much that all I did today was Marshalls hop, I did find some goodies though!

  270. 270
    Nancy says:

    I was out at 5am this morning at Walmart and Target. Walmart was a total zoo with pushing and shoving, Target was quiet and well mannered and a joy to shop in…. We made sure to tell management we were impressed that there were only 2 lines to the checkout. Then they funneled the next person in line to the next open checkout. It was a breeze… and of course you shop the end caps as you stand in line, LOL
    I love the fabric. I think fabric stores need to designate a “fabric Friday” and have great sales on some summer day…

  271. 271
    Lindsey says:

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! I would much rather drink hot coffee and snuggle up with my kiddos than go shopping, and that is especially true on black friday!

  272. 272
    Heidi U. says:

    I did a lot of my shopping online too. But there were a few things I had to get up and get this morning. Luckily I didn’t have to wait in too many long lines and I got everything I wanted! yeah!

  273. 273
    CitricSugar says:

    It’s just a Friday in Canada so I had mac and cheese instead of a stuffing sandwich. Although, I think I would avoid any retail experience on a Black Friday if I lived south of the 49th. I’ve worked retail on Boxing Day and that’s enough to give me flashbacks for the rest of my life. 🙂

  274. 274
    Cindy A. says:

    I went out and braved the stores today. Most were ok, until I got to Kohl’s. The line was clear to the back of the store and wrapped around alost to the middle. Crazy. I decided to put back the things I had found and shop elsewhere. It wasn’t worth the hour plus in line.

  275. 275
    Bree Juarez says:

    I stay as far away from the stores as possible. All those people pushing and shoving is enough to give me the heebee jeebies. 🙂

  276. 276
    Wendy P says:

    I am collecting for an I Spy quilt for my new grandson. Those fat quarters would be such cute additions!

    I NEVER go out shopping on Black Friday. Not even for groceries! It takes all the spirit of Christmas right out of me.

  277. 277
    DebbieKL says:

    I don’t like shopping much under normal circumstances, so Black Friday is a total turn-off. If there was something I really, really wanted and it was for a great price I’d consider it.

  278. 278
    Stacey says:

    My husband is the crazy one..and he came home pretty much empty handed. Having to search out deals is not my strong point….maybe not his either 😉 Online is where it’s at in my opinion 🙂

  279. 279
    McKenzie says:

    My mom & I have been going for years. Yet for some reason this year we just didn’t plan it. This morning my body new it was black friday and it woke at 4 ready to go, my mind said “no way fred, go back to bed”. So I did & I woke ever half hour listening for cars knowing they were out starting off the Christmas season with a rush, & a little hot chocolate. My mom called about 7, she had been doing the same thing!

  280. 280
    Suzanne says:

    Hi, we tried black friday a couple of time and somehow it didn’t seem worth the few dollars we saved — but we had to try it — it was part of the holiday! Thanks for the give away!

  281. 281
    heather says:

    we were making a 12 hour trip this year so i didn’t go out. i went out last year only to joanns for batting and thought “i’ll be there by 6:30 i’ll be one of the first ones there” WRONG!!!! i bought a whole roll so i didn’t have to stand in the cut line which was good because i picked a number as i walked in and i was 90 something and they were in the 30’s. it was CRAZY!!!! i did get the whole roll for a VERY good deal but i said NO MORE!!! people can go crazy over a few items. thanks for the chance at a giveaway. great fabric. hope you had a nice thanksgiving! 🙂

  282. 282
    Rachel H says:

    I don’t venture out of the house on Black Friday – usually I try to take a nap. My husband usually leaves between 11:30 and midnight on Thursday to get in line. Each of the last three years he’s scored some really nice gifts for the kids. He loves the challenge, I think.

  283. 283
    Brandy says:

    No shopping for me today but I did work on a quilt.

  284. 284
    Lyn H. says:

    Tried to go the library with my 3 YO this afternoon but it was closed. Argh. So we stopped by JoAnn’s and I got some fat quarters and a few items on sale. Heather Ross is my favorite designer. Thanks for the give away!

  285. 285
    Megan says:

    I headed out to brave the crowds this morning (well, at about 10 am), but found the stores pretty subdued. It was great!

  286. 286
    Kama says:

    No Black Friday shopping for me. Well, unless you count going to the grocery store. Got all my Christmas presents finished there though because I just bought a bunch of gift cards–buy $100 worth and get $10 off plus $.10 off per gallon of gas. This 34 week pregnant lady was not going to go out into the crowds!! Cool giveaway!

  287. 287
    jennifer says:

    My sisters didn’t wake me up! But, one of them scored an AWESOME Viking sewing machine for half off, which made it around $500. When she told me I pretty much squealed. I can’t wait to try it out.

  288. 288
    jo says:

    what is black friday? here in Australia i think it might be friday the 13th? anyway. Love the fish, adore the bikes… so cute!

  289. 289
    Chelsea says:

    I have only once braved the morning after Thanksgiving sales – to buy a Wii, when they first came out. After standing in line at a Best Buy until the sun came up, only to find out they didn’t have ANY, we drove past a still-unopened Target in an unsavory area. Empty. We decided to give it a try, ended up being 2nd in line – they had exactly TWO in the store. 😀 success.

  290. 290
    Shanti says:

    My mom used to drag me out for Black Friday sales, but I finally had to put my foot down about that – I hate the crowds. So this year I spent Black Friday on the slopes with my only purchase of the day being a lift ticket and some lip balm!

  291. 291
    Gail Pulvere says:

    I had to work but probably would not have braved the throngs if opportunity presented. Loving Heather Ross. She is new to me. Thanks for the chance.

  292. 292
    Alissa says:

    I have never been to any early morning Black Friday sales…I love sleep more than any bargain! What a very generous giveaway!

  293. 293
    Jaclyn says:

    I went shopping on Wednesday evening and still found just about everything that I was looking for on sale! Certainly a nice surprise.

  294. 294
    Abby says:

    Considering I am 39 weeks pregnant today – I did not go shopping today! But I have in years past and while I did get good deals, it wasn’t worth it to me. Online shopping in my pjs on the couch is a much better option!

  295. 295
    leigh says:

    i haven’t ever been to the early morning sales. my sleep is not worth it. i did go to old navy today for $15 jeans, but it was in the afternoon on the way home from family games. i LOVE those HR prints! all of them!

  296. 296
    Kelly says:

    I love sleep so it would have to be a pretty darned good sale to get me out in the dark cold. BUT, our coffee maker died yesterday and my sweet daughter went out at 6:30 and bought us a new one. Not EVEN anything for herself, pretty sweet!

  297. 297
    amelia says:

    I’ve gone before but this year skipped out. Nothing appealed to our needs/wants. One year my sister and I completely spaced it being black friday though and got up super early to simply go grocery shopping because we had a busy day planned.. We were the only ones buying milk that day.

  298. 298
    Danielle says:

    I’ve never gone to the stores for the early, crazy Black Friday sales… I’m more of a Cyber Monday kind of gal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. 299
    Deanna K says:

    I got to one store this morning – would have loved to get to more stores, but just didn’t have the time

  300. 300
    Emily says:

    My sister and I went out, but we didn’t go until 6 AM. That was plenty early for us, and all the hard-core shoppers had already come and gone!!

  301. 301
    Amy Sp says:

    I went out this morning at 5:45. Target and Old Navy both had their check-out lines stretching to the very backs of the stores, so then I came back home and got back in bed!

  302. 302
    carissa says:

    I try and get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving so I can get good deals all year:) I can’t stand the craziness when you can find the deals throughout the year with some planning:)

  303. 303
    Danielle says:

    I did a mini-quilt shop hop and then came home & sewed. I blogged all about it at http://www.nachomamasquilt.blogspot.com

    I totally need the goldfish. Did you know I once had suicidal goldfish named Ferdinand & Isabella? They jumped out of the back of the tank:-(

  304. 304
    Tami says:

    I did go out shopping today. I did not venture out until 6 AM. I did feel as though we were part of a secret society of women driving through the dark streets at 6 am! Like you ended up at Home Depot (got a great deal on a pre-lit artificial tree) then to another store for a GPS…I did not have to wait in lines so that was wonderful! Love the fabrics!

  305. 305

    I’ve never done the whole Black Friday thing. I thought about going to a local fabric store that I know was having a huge sale today, but ended up spending it with family. I love Heather Ross and hope everyone had a good turkey day!

  306. 306
    Kym says:

    Oh, mememememe!!!

    *waves hand furiously in the air*

    I’m a brand new quilter, and I’ve fallen in love with the Mendocino line. Alas, it is sold out everywhere so the hunt.is.on.

  307. 307
    Zarina says:

    That is very kind of you. I do not know about Black Friday (am in Malaysia) but I will maybe have this next year for my newly open shop (but first need to put it up on my blog).

  308. 308

    I just got a huge shipment this week from both Fabricworm and Pink Chalk. I love those guys! And have become a Heather Ross fanatic, thanks to your quilts. I even have a stack of random sleeves and legs from pajamas ….cute stuff and they will make great quilts. Shopping…if I can’t do it online or at Target and Costco, then it doesn’t get done. I like my shopping to come to me, not the other way around. However, my daughter-in-law left Thanksgiving night at 11 p.m. to go to the outlets that opened at midnight and said she got some great deals. Maybe even something for me. 🙂

  309. 309
    Karen says:

    My husband actually goes out every year around 9PM on Thursday night!! He camps out all night at some electronic store like Fry’s or Best Buy with some friends and comes home with a TV or laptop or something huge. This year he bought a Blue Ray player. It’s madness! This was the first year I actually decided to try shopping on Black Friday. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond at 9 in the morning… hahaha no camping out for me and came home with a bath mat!

  310. 310
    Elizabeth says:

    Black Friday…not this year, instead hot cocoa and putting up the Christmas tree. Pajamas, kids hangin out and some Christmas carols–the prefect day.

    Love the fabric choices! Thank you

  311. 311
    molly says:

    I don’t shop on Black Fridays. I stay home, and watch movies and take naps with my family. Of course, I end up sewing too. Today was no different. I love the fabrics, and would be so thrilled to win. But then I would be faced with the dilemma of trying to decide what was worthy enough to make with them. I think I would build a quilt around such pretty fabrics. Anyways. .. happy holidays!

  312. 312
    angela d. says:

    I shop online during black friday. Good deals without the crowds.

  313. 313
    Amy FItzy says:

    We don’t have black Friday here in Australia… in fact I’ve just worked out why it’s called black Friday 😀 We do have big boxing day sales though (although everywhere has those right?) and they are crazy… I have done one big sale once and NEVER again…. I got trampled and the sale wasn’t very good 🙁 Learnt my lesson… online is definitely the way to go!!

  314. 314
    Brittney says:

    My sister and I were out at 3am to shop. We know it is insane but my sister gets a weird rush out of running around the store like a crazy person scooping up good deals. I like to see all the other crazy people running around and I like a good sale too. All in all it was a successful morning, we waited in line for three different stores, got everything on our list, and made it back to the house by 7:30am with donuts for the rest of the family 🙂

  315. 315
    Kristen Malone says:

    Pretty please pick me!! I didn’t get to do any black friday shopping because of Thanksgiving travel!!!

  316. 316
    Nova says:

    I think I’d avoid it if I lived in the US.

  317. 317
    sofie says:

    I have only ever shopped once on Black Friday, and that was by accident. I flew into New York from Costa Rica and (lucky me!) the airline lost my luggage. I was wearing a sundress. It was snowing. Need I say more? I picked out a few things without even trying them on, and then stood in line for THREE HOURS to pay for them. Now I know better than to risk travelling on Black Friday!

  318. 318
    Melanie C says:

    I used to go to all the sales with my sisters when I was crazy and in college. Now I just relax and shop online….this year I worked though.

  319. 319
    curlypurl says:

    My Black Friday: Slept late after pulling the midnight oil on emergency at the vet hospital. Took the dogs for a good long walk by the creek, with intermittent sprinkles of rain (which made the dogs shake every three seconds, though they were already soaked from swimming, which doesn’ bother them at all, always makes me laugh!). Came home to find the arrival of the Etsy purchases I made on cybermonday (love them all!) Ate some of the fabulous left-overs brought by my even more fabulous frineds and neighbors who knew I missed the festivities. Sewed a little on a baby quilt for a former tech. Snuggled with the exhausted dogs to watch some Season One of Mad Men. In a word: perfect. Now, if I had those pink buses to ad to my god daughter’s new quilt, i’d be off an running with a new project….

  320. 320
    Ulrike says:

    Hi from Germany, I have heard of Black Friday for the first time… great, I wish I had been there… maybe next year. In Germany, fabric shopping is a sad affair… good thing there is the internet! Thanks for letting me participate in your giveaway thingie (don’t know the word ;-))

  321. 321
    simone says:

    I have always associated Friday 13 with black friday

  322. 322
    Ching W says:

    I had never had the chance to do the Black Friday. Always had to go back to work, And now I just can’t afford it. I spent my Friday stay home and sew. Truly grateful and enjoy it.

  323. 323
    suzanne says:

    i actually went to michael’s thursday night to buy half-off christmas lights. it was nice finding some bargains without battling the crowds. stayed in black friday and did some online shopping at pink chalk fabrics. thanks for the chance to win some awesome fabric!

  324. 324
    Jolie says:

    hello! In NZ we don’t have Thanksgiving (obviously!) so so Black Friday deals for me, but I do try to take advantage of the online sales for things that can get shipped out here…like fabric!!

  325. 325

    It was just another Friday here Down Under, but I would love to win some Heather Ross!

  326. 326
    craftytammie says:

    I have shopped it in the past – but now we have three little ones, and I’m not about to take them along! I’m shopping the online sale at fabricshoppe, 2 free fat quarters with any purchase! yay!

  327. 327
    Deborah says:

    Just a regluar Friday here in Finland too. I’d love to win some cool fabric though.

  328. 328
    Jen says:

    Heather Ross fabric is the reason I started quilting to begin with! I couldn’t bear to cut up the fish in bags pattern and make pajamas for my boys that they would simply outgrow. So….I started quilting and haven’t stopped yet!

  329. 329
    Daisy says:

    Most of the day we spent home today, but in the evening I started my first quilt ever! I’ve been so inspired by this site and the BEAUTIFUL quilts! Someday I’d love to really learn how to quilt. It’s one of those things on the top of my wish list of things to learn. However, I suppose I need to start somewhere so I’ve begun some simple striped quilts for my kids for Christmas. I’m super excited! Thanks for the inspiration!

  330. 330
    julie green says:

    sadly, fabric just because it’s fabric isn’t in the budget for me right now, so i’d LOVE to win this one. fingers crossed!

  331. 331
    Kate says:

    I’ve never been a hardcore Black Friday shopper… It just never seemed right to me. I would rather do the “anti-black friday” which consists of only going to small, locally owned businesses. Yay for small business!

  332. 332
    aimee says:

    I couldn’t handle the crowds, so I did a bit of online shopping. Most of my Christmas shopping is already done and wrapped though! I have learned from years past to get it done early.

  333. 333
    Tricia L. says:

    I went to Walmart a few years ago at 4am. the line was wrapped around the outside of the store. The minute the doors opened the back of the line ran towards the front. It was mass craziness!! Never again! I should mention I was there picking up prizes for a work holiday party too!

  334. 334
    Kate says:

    Black Friday sort of makes me want to cry. Don’t feel like missing the sleep to get the bargain, not sure what my value system has turned into:)
    kate @ http://www.wifemotherexpletiving.blogspot.com

  335. 335
    Holly says:

    I’m super thankful for the internet and not having to actually stand in line anymore! Amazon seems to have the best black friday deals (and all weekend long really) You have to keep checking back to see the deals as they only show on their given hour, but we’ve gotten some great gifts, plus free shipping, can’t beat that! =)

  336. 336
    Bea says:

    I’m usually like you and look for deals online, but this year it was a little different. I took our younger dog by the ER vet because he needed to have a couple more stitches removed from his stomach surgery three weeks ago and I had the “brilliant” idea that I could stop by the pet store on the way home (because neither the Vet or the store are close to our house but are nearish to each other) and just pick up some bulldog food as we were running low. We get to the parking lot and it doesn’t look *that* busy so I decide why not? I pull Gus out of the car and he’s SO excited because he’s never been there before. I grab a cart and start to very quickly make toward the correct food aisle. We pass a lab. We pass a doberman. We pass a german shepherd. We pass several small children. Then we pause so I can grab something. Gus goes bananas. All the sudden beyond LOUD barking, frantic running, yanking on the leash. Complete meltdown. I automatically start my chant of no barking, quiet, and wait. The things that usually calm him. No luck. I look over to see what set him off because, after all, we passed several dogs and children without any reaction so this thing must be an alien or a zombie or something equally intimidating.

    So what was the scary, vicious, dangerous animal he must protect “mom” from? Just a little chihuahua the size of a small rat with a cute little Christmas sweater.

    I decided to take him home and just go back for the food. I did manage to get two large dog mats for 50% off each which is a stellar deal.

  337. 337
    D'Ann says:

    I have in the past gone shopping on this insane day. Now, not so much. I guess I have reached the stage where my knees, feet and patience are not in good enough shape. Sad? Perhaps, but so much calmer.

  338. 338
    emily says:

    We live in Denmark, so Friday was just another Friday over here!

    I drank a glass of wine with my husband and worked on my Liberty quilt on Friday night.

  339. 339
    Deanne says:

    Tried Black Friday once and wasn’t sure I would come out alive. Since then I stay home with my kids and decorate the tree…much easier and happier 🙂

  340. 340
    Melanie says:

    After spending years in retail, I will pay extra to not have to deal with the crowds. The last few years I’ve probably done 90% of my Christmas shopping online. The UPS man stops at my house multiple times a week!

  341. 341
    Jill Smith says:

    I went Black Friday shopping for the first time yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating! My in-laws wanted a Dyson vacuum and with such an amazing sale on them at Kohls, I was up early. The store opened at 4am and I was in and out in 20 minutes. There was a bit of a crowd, but nothing out of control.

  342. 342
    giselle says:

    I’m just happy that so many places are starting to offer black friday deals online, I can’t stand lines. Oh the goldfish are so adorable!

  343. 343
    Ellen Ban says:

    I prefer spending Black Friday online….hate the traffic! Happy Holidays and thanks for the giveaway chance!

  344. 344
    Kamal says:

    I live in Canada so no Black Friday shopping for me. But I have gone out to join the madness on a few occasions on Boxing Day, which has sales comparable to the American Black Friday. Thanks for the chance win those adorable fabrics!

  345. 345
    Jennifer Gilson says:

    I spent the day sewing! I started sewing up some Christmas presents for my neices, darling toddler backpacks and sleep-over bags. I know they’ll be so excited!
    Speaking of excited- I would LOVE to win your special giveaway…my sister has been swooning over Heather Ross’ bicycles and VW vans. What an amazing gift this fabric would be for her. Thanks for the giveaway Ashley!

  346. 346
    Jennifer H says:

    Oh I just love her fabrics, I dont have many of them and would love to be able to use these in my next quilt!
    Thank you!

  347. 347
    Michelle W. says:

    woohoo, I love these fabrics!! I would love to go shopping on black Friday, but my husband hates it. And would rather spend the day drinking coffee and hanging out with him than fighting crowds. Especially since, he will go shopping with me on any other day of the year. =)

  348. 348
    Rayna says:

    Oh, I must have the VW print! I wish she would re-release that! We celebrate Buy Nothing Day but usually take advantage of the sales over the weekend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  349. 349
    Laura says:

    My goodness, I love that fabric! I spent the day making my sister a laptop sleeve, but made one Black Friday trip to Joann (for a zipper!)

  350. 350
    Kathryn says:

    I did the Black Friday thing once – I just HAD to have a Furby. I made my dad and brother wake up at three to go wait in line with me. We got the last Furby they had, but I was sick of it after an hour. 🙂

  351. 351
    Angela says:

    First and last time was about 8 years ago. I went out at 4am to wait in line for a laptop. That was before they did the number thing….I didn’t get one. Haven’t bothered to go out since! Unless I’m going to save a thousand dollars, you’re not getting me out into the crazy again.

  352. 352
    Paula says:

    You are so lucky to have a stash of Heather Ross – I don’t know how you can give any away! But thank you! I particularly love the VW Vanagons and banana seat bikes.

  353. 353
    kristin says:

    I had to drop my husband off at work at 7 am so since we were already up, my 11-month-old and I went bargain hunting at joanns. It wasn’t too bad at all.

  354. 354
    SewLindaAnn says:

    Your banana seat fabric reminds me of a mint green bike my brothers made me when I was young in Queens, NY. The seat was a cushy black w/silver sparkles and I loved it!! This year my 17/son said the night before he wanted to see what the early deal thing was about, I thought he was kidding. That is until 3:50 when he woke me up saying he was ready to go. We had fun waiting online till Best Buy opened. Everyone was really nice and we chatted over hot chocolate some boys were selling. He wants to do it again next year, we’ll see…

  355. 355
    Tammy says:

    I just went yesterday for the second annual Black Friday shopping at Joann Fabrics to stock up on rotary cutters and cutting mats. I would love to have that bicycle fabric!!!!

  356. 356
    jenny says:

    I think I may have gone out on Black Friday once. I don’t like the crowds of people. My husband bought a lamp yesterday and I didn’t even know it until this morning. I don’t even think I went outside my house yesterday. I am definitely a homebody.

  357. 357
    Heather says:

    I’ve done Black Friday shopping before, but not often. I am not much of a shopper. I noticed most stores are having their sales through the entire weekend, so I didn’t stress out about it 🙂 I love the fabric, it’s sooooo cute.

  358. 358
    amylouwho says:

    I try and get most of my shopping done before Thanksgiving – That way I can enjoy Christmas. What I don’t get done do later. But not on Black Friday – ugh.

  359. 359
    Susan Parrish says:

    Ashley, Love reading your Blog, so I really enjoyed reading all the “Black Friday” posts. I noticed a common bond among Quilters – We aren’t Mall Girls, don’t really like shopping, except for Fabric and even when it’s Fabric, not so fun if it’s in a huge crowd that doesn’t allow time to touch and look at everything.

    I’m a Nurse and always work Holidays and Black Friday, so I’ve never experienced the craziness of that day. Back in the 80’s when I was pregnant with our 1st Son, I remember people getting into fights over Cabbage Patch Dolls – seriously, people fighting over a fabric Doll, just to say they owned one, wonder if they’re worth anything today?

    Thanks so much for the fabric give-away, it’s beautiful, but especially, Thanks for pictures of all your lovely quilts, what an Inspiration you are to us all.

  360. 360
    Rosey says:

    Not much interested in shopping but would LOVE to win those fish! Thanks fo the opportunity!

  361. 361

    We don’t have this Black Fridyay, but similar shopping events exist. I drop the line at standing in a cue or getting to rise too early. I love to do my bargain shoppin gon the www. Seems I can get good deals pretty often just by being alert ;-). Like these fabrics, I just love them, especcially the fish.!

  362. 362
    nancy says:

    I had decided not to go until I woke from a shopping dream and felt like I had to go just to get it out of my system. I found a few good things, but maybe by next year I’ll realize that I don’t have to go!

  363. 363
    suzan says:

    I love all of that fabirc.
    pick me!

  364. 364
    Sheila says:

    No Black Friday for me I just sat around and watched TV like a blob. It was great. I’m going to put up my Christmas stuff today. Have a great weekend.

  365. 365
    Mama24Monkeys says:

    I did go to the fabric store before anyone woke up and brought home some doughnuts so my husband wouldn’t notice the 3 bags of fabrics along side of the pretty pink box.
    This year my mother-in-law and her best friend did most of my black friday shopping so I can spend time with my husband (who works most days a year) and my boys. She went out Midnight and didn’t return home until 3:30pm. So either I have the most wonderful mother-in-law or I should be worried that craziness is hereditary.

  366. 366
    Amy says:

    Did a bit of online shopping in my PJs yesterday. Great giveaway..thanks!

  367. 367
    Corey says:

    So, Kit–#36, priceless! I don’t have any exciting stories–I have never been brave enough to weather the flying handbags & mad jabbers. However, thank you so much for such a great giveaway!

  368. 368
    Heather says:

    I live somewhere where Black Friday doesn’t exist, but since I live in a rural place, I would definitely go if I could. I’m pretty limited in my shopping givings. I would line up for something special, but not for stuff I didn’t need. Thanks for the giveaway.

    In my neck of the woods, Black Friday landed on our 11th anniversary. We had some pretty crap bad luck (near bad car accident, a chipped windshield, a cheque bounced and we were told it would cost $55 in fees, there was nothing glittery at Michaels that amused me enough to buy and we shopped at one store that only took debit and found out at the end that because of bouncy cheque it wouldn’t go through so it was all for naught.) Despite all that, it didn’t ruin the day, which is a testament to being grateful for blessings of being alive and with the ones that count the most (and anniversary sticky pudding dessert to sweeten the hard times.)

  369. 369
    Gwyneth says:

    black friday = buy nothing day 😉

  370. 370
    Nykhe says:

    What a great giveaway!
    We didn’t go out on Black Friday. We stayed home and got the tree up!

  371. 371
    Lucia says:

    Fantastic giveaway! In years past, I participated in the Black Friday madness. Now, I stay home and do whatever shopping I might do online. That’s not saying I won’t shop BF in the future… but for now, the idea of fighting the crowds is less than appealing!

  372. 372
    Angie says:

    Never slept – ouch! Went out at midnight, wasn’t worth it, came home and played hangman with my sister till 4 am – when we decided to try again. Go some good deals, and yes it’s crazy. To me it’s worth going even if I don’t buy anything – crazy people are enjoyable to watch – and yes I think we all are a little crazy. Thanks for the chance!

  373. 373
    Erica says:

    Oh the Horror! I can barely stand to wait in line with just a couple of people ahead of me let alone on Black Friday. I will say that I contemplated going to get a plasma flat screen TV early in the morning, but when the alarm went off at 4:00 am, I decided that my comfy sheets and warm pillow were worth far more than the savings. I did get to JoAnn in the late afternoon to use my 50% off coupon though! Well worth it…..half price batting! Thanks for the generous giveaway…

  374. 374
    Michelle Z says:

    Ashley, I have never written on a blog before and I just had to for several reasons. 1. You have been my inspiration! Your quilts are wonderful. Your bog is wonderful! You helped me take the leap. I just started quilting and I have two quilts ready to quilt. I’m almost too nervous to quilt them. What if they don’t look good! 😉 2. I love, love , love haether ross and I just got on the band wagon 4 months ago and she isn’t producing favric anymore.I am going to try to make a Heather ross quilt with some 4″ squares that I was able to purchase. 3. We had a great experience this year for Black Friday. We went to joann’s and we weren’t looking for fabric just the other sales items. We were able to check out within 5 minutes of getting in line! It was wonderful!
    Thanks so much!!!!

  375. 375
    Morgan says:

    I went to a fabric shoppe in Lewes Delaware and they were having a Black Friday 20% off sale! all the shopping I did, too 🙂

  376. 376
    bashtree says:

    I went out on Black Friday for the first time ever this year. I went to one particular store, looking for one particular item. The store (BB&B) had 20% off your entire order, which was convenient for me because I just moved and haven’t had a 20% off coupon come in the mail yet. We just got a puppy, so I was looking for a carpet cleaning machine of some sort. It was a success! And the crowds weren’t bad because – hey, 20% off is nice, but if you hoard your coupons, you can get that any time!

  377. 377
    Lavina Dee says:

    I usually go out on Black Friday. My first stop is ALWAYS the fabric store. I usually wait in my car drinking coffee and waiting for the store to open. I always find great deals. I shop with a plan and I map out a route etc. A bit crazy but it works. This year I stayed home. We just moved to Alaska and the snow and the three hour drive to the city kept me home. There ended up being an avalanche so just as well I stayed home.

  378. 378
    Sara says:

    No way! I try to do everything online. I did go to the Pink Chalk fabric sale–though I just ended up getting patterns I have been eying for ages.

  379. 379
    Tia Webb says:

    Friday is just Friday here in good ole’ Blighty, however I did find out I got a new job as a teaching assistant at my Daughters’ school! And I start Monday!

    Surely that must be worth some Heather Ross type celebration?!?

    T xxx

  380. 380
    Betsy says:

    I have gone shopping with my sister in the past..we’ve mapped out our route so that we can get all the best deals at the right time..but this year I decided it wasn’t worth it, so I did my shopping online, wrapped in a quilt.

  381. 381
    Valerie says:

    I just blogged about Black Friday and how I avoided it, but sent my husband and four-year-old to do my dirty work and buy me something. 😉

  382. 382
    Alexis says:

    No Black Friday shopping here for us, it’s just too crazy! We spent the day at the Farmers’ Market instead. Thanks for the chance to win- it’s a great giveaway!

  383. 383

    I would love to have Heather Ross fabric. She’s my favorite.

  384. 384
    lisap says:

    I could not have done better than the on-line shopping that I did Thursday. I’m all done Christmas shopping and I payed no shipping!! And I need that fabric because when I was 9 I had a bike just like that and it was my all time fave!!

  385. 385
    Cheryl Hitch says:

    I am very scared of Black Friday.
    I love banana seats!

  386. 386
    Abby says:

    I would love these fabrics! they are so cute, i love the goldfish they are just adorable!

  387. 387
    Amy says:

    I did go shopping on Friday, first time in 10 years, at least. I bought a bunch of batting from Joanne’s. And I helped my mom buy some clothes from my new niece.

  388. 388
    LindaW says:

    I am not much of a shopper so I have never been out on Black Friday. I do love fabric though. Thanks for a chance to win some!

  389. 389
    Sina says:

    Last year we went out at 5 am on Black Friday to get a great deal on a laptop for my in-laws. It was worth the long wait in line to see how happy they were on Christmas day! Thanks for another great giveaway. I would love to win!

  390. 390
    Terra says:

    I’ve never been a shopper on Black Friday, but I used to work at Michael’s and EVERYONE had to work that day, getting there at 5 am. This year I was home with the baby while the rest of the family went out and shopped. I spent some time looking through “Weekend Sewing” and was inspired to make all kinds of Christmas gifts instead.

  391. 391
    Nikki says:

    I wouldn’t DARE go out in that mess! I don’t really like crowds (I am five foot tall – all I see in a crowd is backs and armpits – yuck!) and I do most of my shopping online to avoid any shopping crowds! Love to see what great deals my aunt always comes home with though. Thanks for the giveaway – amazingly generous to give away Munki Munki!

  392. 392
    Amanda V. says:

    I hit a few stores this year. But it took me 10 years to get back out on a Black Friday! The crowds are just too much. The only reason I went this year was because there was a great deal on the toy we were getting my son for his birthday in January. I got it! Then of course had to swing by the JoAnns to buy some fabric!

  393. 393
    Beth Lehman says:

    TOO many people read your blog!!! I NEVER shop on this date – haven’t since I was in high school. I hate shopping and would rather get things done at home – or this year – spend more time with my kids and my family! I would love to win these lovelies – as always!

  394. 394
    Carrie says:

    Wow! 387 comments already! Amazing. I did get up early… it is a tradition for me and my oldest brother. We get up early… get coffee… and go watch all the crazy folks. Sometimes we get a good deal and sometimes we only buy 1 thing all day, but it’s worth it to see all the crazy folks who come out! Love people watching. I did get a sweet deal on some board games for the kiddos and I did have a receipt that said I saved $177 for some shirts.

  395. 395
    pam sizemore says:

    After being on the receiving end of black friday for 15 years, ( working retail fabric stores) I have no enthusiam for shopping with the crowds. Who knew fabric shoppers could be so pushy. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway, and your generosity in sharing your creativity.

  396. 396
    Katie says:

    I don’t usually go shopping on Black Friday either. Love the fabrics! Love your blog!

  397. 397
    Kalynn Wendt says:

    I did not get to go out for Black Friday, my family (husband, brother, aunt and uncle) did while I stayed with napping kids. My aunt and uncle came back with a LCD TV that ended up not fitting into the spot they needed it to and had to return it and get a smaller one. The “deals” were over and they had to pay $130 more!
    …I am new to quilting and found your blog and love it. My first quilt was for my daughter it is 80×80. I am giving it to her for Christmas.

  398. 398
    Jeannie says:

    No Black Friday in New Zealand. Thanks for your generous giveaway.

  399. 399
    Katie says:

    No Black Friday for me this year, just my comfy bed! Love, love, love the HR fabrics. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  400. 400
    Rebecca says:

    We were having Thanksgiving #2 on Black Friday. So even if I wanted to (which I didn’t!) I couldn’t shop. I would love to win either of these sets of fat quarters- but the fish would be my preference. I have loved those ever since I first saw them and found out that they were out of print! Happy Thanksgiving!

  401. 401
    Ruth says:

    omg, I’m in! I need those cute goldfish.

    On black friday I went to one store. I’ve never done the whole wake up at dawn thing, it’s scary.

  402. 402
    Bronwyn says:

    We don’t have Black Friday in Australia – sounds to us like a bushfire day!! I like your meaning so much more! Gotta love a banana bike – I had one of those too.

  403. 403
    eliza says:

    i try not to buy anything on black friday.. in protest of my personal consumerism. winning is the new shopping.

  404. 404
    Maeve Binder says:

    I don’t do Black Friday! I sleep in on the day after Thanksgiving, relax and do whatever I feel like doing, do some online shopping (especially for fabric and such) and eat leftovers. I love to read too. My idea of a great day!

  405. 405
    Alice S says:

    I love a giveaway, especially of Heather Ross. Happy Thanksgiving!

  406. 406
    Tammy says:

    No Black Friday shopping for me. Just the thought of all those people scares me. Of course I’m lucky… I was able to get all of my daughter’s Christmas and Birthday presents when a local toy store went out of business earlier this year. And the adults in the family draw names… I got my husband and he bought his gift himself this weekend… yeah for me!!

  407. 407
    Dawn W. says:

    No Black Friday shopping for me either – too many people in too many lines. However, is there a Black Saturday? I did go out today and found it to be pretty much a normal Saturday, just with some great sales. Love that goldfish fabric! Got to order some soon. 🙂

  408. 408
    Sarah S says:

    My adorable husband got up at 5:30 to get in line at Joanns Fabrics yesterday morning! I told him I wanted to Simplicity Bias Tape Maker and I guess he listened! I’d love to win these!!

  409. 409
    Debra says:

    I went out on Friday in the afternoon with my sister since I’m only in the big city once a month but we didn’t find much of what we were looking for. I’ll have to order some tarragon kona cotton soon! Ikea was strangely not busy though!

  410. 410
    Kitten says:

    I never do, but nowadays, with the online sales, I spend Thanksgiving night itself buying stuff. Quite fun. Of course, if I could find a place that sold Heather Ross fabric at a great price, I’d be tempted. 😀

  411. 411
    tara says:

    The best black Friday was a few years ago at a feed store. We bought 20 50lb bags of chicken feed because it was buy one get one free. Woo hoo. Other than that I try not to go out on that day.

  412. 412
    megan says:

    my husband missed out on a laptop by two people! all because noone could tell him where the line was! poor guy –

  413. 413
    Jenni :: Cat Hair Quilts says:

    Like you, I prefer to stay home and shop on-line in my PJ’s. Lots of good fabric sales could not be resisted and I cannot wait to get my hands on the Amy Butler decorator fabric I ordered! The living room desperately needs it! Thanks for sharing this lovely HR fabric. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend! 🙂

  414. 414
    Meg says:

    I didn’t go out this black Friday, nothing
    I really needed.

  415. 415
    Gina says:

    It was my first time ever going out on black Friday, and it was only because I wanted to make sure that my brother and sister in law were able to get what they had planned to get for my nephew. We only went to Toys R Us and only had to stand outside for about 2 hours, so it wasn’t terrible. (Almost) everybody was very civil about things, aside from the people who started to try to cut in line right as they were opening up. They already had made a game plan (and added me into it), so were able to get in and out in 20 minutes or so.

  416. 416
    Tiffany says:

    Black Friday shopping…not so much! But I did head to Target Wed before Thanksgiving this year to buy a tv at 9pm!

  417. 417
    april McNosky says:

    I have 2 little kids, so my sleep is priceless 😉 i think the shopping would be fun, but the deals wouldn’t be worth standing in line! i’ve heard the BF crowds are insane.

  418. 418
    Alexis says:

    No black friday in Singapore but they do go mad for the sales here! I needed a god giveaway after losing y camera in Phuket with ALL my photos on it!

  419. 419
    Carly J. says:

    My mom is the manager of a shopping mall, which has taught me to stay away on Black Fridays!! She has to be there for work around 4:30am! And truly, I’m not sure the sales are worth it. Unless you are the first in line (which probably would put you there before the store even closes the night before) at Best Buy to get an amazing TV for over 50% off or something… but the malls are just plain madness!! I hope I never turn into a Black Friday shopper

  420. 420
    monique says:

    I know some people who have crossed the border from Vancouver to go shopping in Bellingham and Seattle on black friday but I won’t even go boxing day shopping (Dec 26) – our big sale day. If I don’t see the deals I don’t realize I need/want something. Unfortunately it is too easy to go fabric shopping on line and then, of course, I really, really need that latest line of ………
    Thanks for sharing your lovely blog!

  421. 421
    Rachael says:

    I always go shopping on black friday! Headed out at 3:30am this year. Didn’t get the big item I wanted (I guess I had to sleep over night for that one) but I did get some good deals and it is always fun to see what crazy things people will do in the middle of the night to get a good deal.

  422. 422
    Megs says:

    Well we don’t have Black Friday here in Australia, so can’t really comment on that – but if I was there then I would have to get in on the action! Shopping for bargains at anytime of the day or night is fun right?

  423. 423
    Adele says:

    Your giveaways are always so generous! Great fabric! Keep up the good work. It would be nice for a reader from outside the States win….. 🙂

  424. 424
    joh says:

    Nooooo black friday in my homeland… Australia.. or my current adopted homeland of France… BUT can I tell you since we dont get modern printed quilt fabrics here like Heather Ross, a couple of weeks ago I made my husband sit up with me till 1am to see if we could win an ebay auction from the states for 1 yrd of “Goldfish in a bag” it went for $57.87 dollars and I lost out at $57.62 My husband thought my obsession with the goldfish was madness and it is all because the little black one is called “Robert” his name!

  425. 425
    Jody says:

    I have family who live in the States so I headed out this year…we got up a 3am….crazy, huh:) It was a great day and we really did get great deals. Of course, it’s an exercise in patience but overall people were friendly and polite! Thank you for such a great giveaway Ashley…I’d love to win!

  426. 426

    I’ve found that Black Friday bargains are often even better AFTER all the holiday madness. Quiet, necessary-only shopping comes in January. Quilting time at home sounds like the sweetest deal to me!

  427. 427
    stephanie says:

    Hi, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving & do not go shopping on black friday in France, but I would love to do it !!!! thank you for the giveaway, and your blog is always a pleasure to read !!!

  428. 428
    Amy says:

    Despite being comment number 409 I had to jump in on this one – I have always coveted that fabric and own none of it.

    As for Black Friday – I avoid it at all costs. I stay inside until the last shopper is long gone.

  429. 429
    Stephanie says:

    What a fun idea for Black Friday! We used to go out, but now that we have kids, it’s all about the sleep. I just like the novelty of it. It’s becoming a corny American tradition which can be fun. Although I really hate crowds and shopping and waking up early. This is a much better route!!

  430. 430
    Mel says:

    I don’t usually go out shopping on Black Friday. This year though my mother in law convinced me that we should head to Joann Fabric for the door buster sale. It was quite low key and we found some great deals. Later in the day I had to work at my retail job selling children’s clothing and it was madness! Suprisingly the Wednesday before and the Saturday after Black Friday were just as busy at my job. The store looked like someone had picked up everything and dumped it out in the wrong places. And thus starts my campaign to teach shoppers everywhere to have more courtesy!

  431. 431
    Wendy says:

    I actually went shopping on Black Friday this year. At the first store it was almost empty. No lines and plenty of employees to help. So we ventured on to another store….not the same scenario at all. It was a zoo. But everyone was pleasant and in good holiday cheer. I think it has to do with your outlook when you go out.

  432. 432
    Jessica C. says:

    I do not observe Black Friday — mostly because I want to avoid the crowds and I think if I’m paying attention throughout the year I can get just as good of deals. Plus, there’s nothing usually that I MUST have. It doesn’t even sound fun to me, but I have tons of friends who love it! Thanks for such an excellent giveaway, Ashley.

  433. 433
    Sarah says:

    We don’t have Black Friday in Canada, though we have a similar dose of madness on Boxing Day. Some other posters mentioned Buy Nothing Day, which is much more in line with my own views on shopping. The madness associated with these sale days horrifies me more than a little — the aggression and chaos, all to buy stuff we don’t really need? I’d rather spend the time at home sewing lovely, useful gifts for people I care about. If that makes me sound sanctimonious, fine with me.

  434. 434
    Jen says:

    I always have to work on Black Friday! Not that I would go out that early to shop, anyway … but a good excuse for my friends who think it is a must!

  435. 435
    Kate says:

    Black Friday was, and has always been, on a rural lake in North Louisiana with my favorite people in the world…my family. No shopping, but lots of beautiful time to see my family together, playing Scrabble and having cook-offs in the kitchen. I have been dreaming of these Heather Ross fabrics for a long, long time. I would be thrilled!

  436. 436
    Amy says:

    I did not go shopping, but I have a tailoring job in retail, so I did have to try to find a parking spot. It only took TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Ugh. I’m like you- I will only give gifts that were either purchased online, or are handmade.

  437. 437
    Ellen says:

    I did not go shopping on black Friday, but I did drop a quilt off at the long arm quilters. So, all was not lost.

  438. 438
    april says:

    I loved Lightning Bugs. One of my favorite collections of all time.

    Glad Black Friday is over, though. i shop every year, and I’m not sure why. I like torture, apparently.

  439. 439
    Doris says:

    I did go shopping on Friday, but only to Quilt Shops! I found Flea Market Fancy at one of them for $5 a yard! Be Still My Heart! I had a hard time not emptying every single bolt of it!

  440. 440
    Cara says:

    I don’t even look at the sales flyers. This year we were camping in the middle of the Ocala National Forest for Thanksgiving and Friday. It was perfect.

  441. 441
    Isabel says:

    Missed all the opporunities .. I have to read my reader more often!!

  442. 442
    Kat says:

    I was at my husband’s family’s massive Thanksgiving retreat on Friday. We stayed indoors most of the day–Sparks and I went out once, across the road, to look at the 1800s graves in the family cemetery.

  443. 443
    Kenzi says:

    I didn’t go shopping this year, but last year I started at midnight and went all the way til 8 am the next day. It was crazy, but a blast! I saved a lot too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  444. 444
    Amy says:

    I was planning on heading out to Joann’s for some flannel early friday morning, but ended up in the emergency room with my hubby instead, he ended up having to get his appendix out. While he was sleeping later that day, I still went to Joann’s and got most of what I was planning on getting, and i didn’t have to wait as long in line as I probably would have in the morning!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  445. 445
    Kathleen says:

    I just don’t have it together to do the Black Friday shopping thing. I do most of my shopping online so I don’t have to drag the kids along, but I have been slow to get going this year.

  446. 446
    whitney says:

    i went to ikea to get wrapping paper and, much to my surprise, i was pretty much the only one who had that same idea. i think everyone was across the street at target attempting to buy pointless three dollar appliances.

  447. 447
    Allison says:

    I went out on Black Friday a couple of times when I was a kid, and I have terrible memories of massive crowds, lines, and general unpleasantness. So this Black Friday I didn’t go shopping. My husband and I drove the few hours to his parents’ house and spent some lovely family time instead!

  448. 448
    jessica says:

    i don’t go out on black friday. my sister is a cashier at Target and i worry for her safety every year after thanksgiving (she’s short, i don’t want her to get trampled). thanks for having a giveaway, my fingers are crossed for the goldfish..

  449. 449
    Shannon says:

    Oh I hope I am not too late 🙂 I did go out on Friday and got some great deals. At the Avenue I bought two sweaters each $5!!!! And these were not cheap sweaters either, very nice and beatufiul. Then I bought my husband a suit and a couple of ties. By the end of the day I was pooped:)

  450. 450
    Kathi Struthers says:

    I went out on Friday, but stuck to my normal routine, instead of trying to get in on door-buster sales, etc. It wasn’t bad at all and I was able to find sale things still available Saturday and Sunday.

  451. 451
    Cassidy says:

    I went to Walmart this Black Friday at around noon just because it turned out that I needed something from Walmart. I happened to see some $3 movies and bought a couple. That’s it though. It was really crowded though so I was trying to hurry out!!

  452. 452
    Leigh says:

    Our Black Friday shopping began at midnight!! So fun to be done by 1 and snug in bed!!

  453. 453
    jennifer says:

    I went to montana for thanksgiving, We all went out after breakfast and sill got some good deals. (to us)
    Not to crowded in that part of the usa,:)
    Jennifer in colorado.

  454. 454
    Siew says:

    We were on our annual sojourn down to Portland, OR for even more Thanksgiving turkey (being Canadian this is round two) and for shopping of course. We did venture out on Friday but were surprised at how tame it was. Deals to be had though and it was a successful trip.

  455. 455
    Susan McKey says:

    I normally don’t shop on Black Friday (except perhaps online but does that even count? I mean, no traffic, no waiting, it’s just like any other day) but I have to admit, when I have in the past, I really enjoy it. I’m one of those crazy people who, if I am prepared and in the mood, love to shop when it is crowded. Everyone is in the spirit, xmas music is playing, and we are all there for the same reason. I especially like shopping for greens and decorating supplies at my local garden plus shop on Black Friday or the weekend after T’giving. Often they give away hot cider and I’m a sucker for that.

    Happy holidays. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  456. 456
    Andrea says:

    Here in Canada, “Black Friday” is just like any other Friday…but last year my mom & I drove to Mineapolis to take part in Black Friday…what fun! We told ourselves we were only shopping for Christmas presents, but really, we just had a fabulous girls weekend! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for offering up the generous giveaway!!!

  457. 457
    Crystal says:

    No shopping for me. I was home with a little boy with a fever. I sent me sister-in-law out to get the stuff I needed…love not having to go out and do battle myself. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  458. 458
    Rebecca says:

    We normally do not take part in the Black Friday madness, but this year ToysRUs had a deal on a Little Tykes Bouncer… you know those things people rent for their children’s parties that blow up and then the kids bounce, do flips, and squeal with glee. Well our little girl had one at her last birthday party (her grandparents like to spoil), and has not stopped talking about it. Well at $150 for a 5-star personal bouncer, how could Santa (a.k.a. Dad) go wrong. So Thanksgiving after all the dishes are done and everyone is fast asleep, we head out to ToysRUs to stand in line for their Midnight opening. The line to get into the store at 10pm was already, and this is no exaggeration, about a city block long. As we stand there for about an hour the line continues to grow and suddenly all the yummy rich Thanksgiving food is no longer sitting well in my stomach. I feel nauseous, but we must forge ahead in order to secure this as the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER; however the nausea is quickly breaking my will. I decide that I must find a bathroom double quick, but at 11 pm on Thanksgiving there is no bathroom open except that of a gas station across the street. Whilst heaving my delicious Thanksgiving meal into a toilet I would never venture to sit on double wrapped let alone have my face close to, it begins to rain… I return green faced to a soaked Santa, both of us ready to throw in the towel… but wait! It’s midnight and people are being let in the store… surely we can last a few minutes more. A half an hour later we headed home empty handed after being told that that was among the first items to go… Sick, wet and tired we arrive home. I put the kettle on for tea, and Santa bless his sweet heart turns on the computer. We find the aforementioned Little Tykes bouncer on sale, at Wal-Mart no less, for $200, with free site to store shipping and happily click purchase. That was a first and last for us… HOWEVER, I have been trying to get my hands on that banana seat bicycle fabric for Quite Some Time and could probably be coerced into another round of green, rain soaked shopping for a chance to win a fat quarter.
    Hope you had a wonderful Holiday.

  459. 459
    Allison says:

    Visited family out of town this Thanksgiving, so no Black Friday deals for me. I might be enticed only for some very sure deals of some very desirable item. It hasn’t happened yet. I love your sense of style and you’ve inspired me to make my first twin bed-sized quilt for my son’s “big boy” room. The main fabric will be Alexander Henry “I am Robot Man.” Also planning to make your napkins (tutorial from Sew Mama Sew) for a Christmas gift. Thank you!

  460. 460
    sarah lavoie says:

    We walked around downtown on Black Friday but I only bought a ring for myself. No big whoop. I love those fish! come on #457!!

  461. 461

    So, on Black Friday we were driving 3 hours north to St. Louis for the weekend’s Rock’n’Roll Craft Show. I was pretty excited and suggested we go to the Galleria Mall to see what kind of deals we could get. And I was forbidden. Well, I wasn’t the one driving, so maybe “not indulged” would be more accurate. We compromise at going Saturday morning instead, and I find an amazing dress I HAVE to have at Urban Outfitters, for full price, of course. I purchase it and am quite pleased all the ride home at my find.

    But…what do I find on urbanoutfitters.com later that night? The same dress at half the price?? Well I never…

    I did Black Friday shopping very, very wrong! But I wore the dress Saturday night anyway and looked great 🙂 maybe I’ll buy a second one off the website, you’re always supposed to buy 2 of anything you love, right?!

  462. 462
    MeganAnne says:

    gosh I hope I win so I have that hard hard decision to make of which to choose ;).

  463. 463
    Alisa says:

    Yup, shopped on black friday. Nothing super fun to report. I was with my girls so that was the best part. Thanks for the chance to own some Heather Ross fabric. I love your blog and your work is wonderful.

  464. 464
    Viv says:

    OMG, so many comments. Crazy.

    We didn’t have any special black friday sales here in New Zealand, but maybe I was just oblivious. No matter, I have 3 birthdays and Christmas to buy for, so I’m not allowed any new fabric till at least January.

  465. 465
    Christine says:

    I’ve definitely been a black friday shopper in the past…but I NEVER have gone during the crazy, early morning hours. Haven’t gotten to go the past three years since living overseas. We just go to the Christmas markets instead!

  466. 466
    cecilia says:

    I went shopping only once… at noon and got some memory for the computer for free. There is no way I would miss on my beauty sleep to go shopping!

  467. 467

    Don’t know if I am posting in time for the giveaway, but I generally avoid Black Friday by making a list of all the things I might buy on Black Friday about a week before, and then crossing them off one by one as I realize that I don’t actually need any of the things on the list!