and the winner is…

What a fun giveaway! It was great to hear from so many of you!

I let select the winning number this morning –


Lucky #133! Congratulations Christina! I hope you’ll have fun using these great fabrics!

And for those who didn’t win, be sure to check back – I think today actually marks one year of blogging for me (and just over 200 posts!) and I’m certainly going to have to do something to celebrate both milestones! I just need to figure out what…

While we’re talking about giveaways, take a look at one I won recently from the talented Eddie Ross


I watched him on Top Design, and was always amazed at his talent! I enjoy reading his blog for great design ideas, and being a lover of flea markets, I love seeing what he’s picked up during his flea market trips. I was thrilled to find out that I had won these beautiful berry spoons! Thanks Eddie!

And speaking of flea markets, we came across a sale this weekend at an old inn (ok, we didn’t just come across it, in reality I made Morgan drive me the 30 miles because they had posted there would be fabric for sale… though it turned out not to be the kind of fabric I was after!) I did find this great large enamel bowl though, so it certainly wasn’t a wasted trip.


I loaded it up with fabric scraps and I think I’ll keep it on my craft table. Much nicer than all the little ziploc bags I’ve been carrying around!

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7 Responses to and the winner is…

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    Love the bowl. Especially with that colorful fabric in it! Well worth the trip, I would say.

  2. 2
    Tonya says:

    I love the bowl idea. That is much nicer than the tons of ziploc bags I have hanging around also. One for each project. Congratulations on making the Pink Chalk Fabrics newsletter. You have accomplished a lot in one year. I have throughly enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. 3
    Christina says:

    Woot! So excited! I have been looking for some of this for a long time to add to my son’s quilt. My mom REALLY wanted the pink vans, so i’ll be sharing that with her. Can’t wait for it to arrive…now I have no excuses for not making Brice’s quilt.

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    azteclady says:

    Congratulations, Christina!

  5. 5
  6. 6

    I just bought and old metal bowl to hold my scraps too. Works great and the girls pull it out to play with.

  7. 7
    Ginger says:

    My parents received those spoons when they got married in 1960. We always loved them for serving fruit. Don’t run them through the dishwasher, though…after 40 years they won’t be gold anymore.

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