Do you see what I see?

Might that be some free motion quilting?!

I ran out of excuses to put off the free motion quilting, so this weekend I just decided to go for it. I have to say that it’s at the same time both harder and easier than I expected. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really know what to expect, but for some reason I thought that moving the fabric and creating the designs would be difficult. In fact, this part seemed to go smoothly. What was difficult was controlling my movements – I’ve ended up with stitches of a variety of lengths, not to mention many crossed stitches and some sharp, pointy lines where I obviously jerked the fabric rather than moving it slowly and evenly.

I keep telling myself that I won’t notice those flaws once it’s completed and washed. I hope that’s the case!

(Does it make it more legit if I wear gloves? Maybe it makes it look like I know what I’m doing!)

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5 Responses to Do you see what I see?

  1. 1
    Terriaw says:

    Wow, you are brave! I think the quilting looks great! And yes, the gloves do make it more legit too. hehehe Keep it up!

  2. 2
    Alissa says:

    Looks great! The wash and dry definitely hides any flaws so don’t worry about those… and the more you practice the easier it will get. It’s so much fun.

  3. 3
    Amy says:

    I’m not sure it makes it more legit, but it sure seems to help with the quilting! I’m new to the free-motion world and I haven’t tried the gloves… yours looks great and congratulations for taking the plunge!

  4. 4
    turtlewon says:

    I do see what you see!!! Very cool not to mention quite brave as well ! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  5. 5
    Dawn says:

    Thanks for sharing your quilting adventures and all the gorgeous stuff you do…..your an inspiration to me and have started to stipple? a few of my quilts and now am excited to keep trying it…and I wear gloves too…DH thinks I look silly……

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