A busy, not so crafty, weekend… (and a new quilt!)

What a great long weekend! With the beautiful weather we had, there was no way I could stay indoors and while it did interfere with my indoor craft and sewing projects, there are many other cooler, less sunny days ahead which will be perfect for that.

Although in the midst of the outdoor fun, I did come up with an idea for a new quilt. And no, in case you’re wondering, I haven’t finished any of the other 4 I have started – didn’t I warn everyone about that?! I’m still intimidated by the next steps, so instead I just put them aside and start another one… it sounds like I need to find someone who enjoys the latter part of this process!

This new quilt pattern reminds me of sound waves –

(please ignore all the scrappy mess!)

Once again I’m using my fabric scraps. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I buy fabric specifically to make a quilt out of. So for now, these quilts will probably bear a striking resemblance to each other!

The entire design isn’t yet finalized, but for now I’m thinking of a couple of sections of these fabric strips – maybe three “waves” and perhaps some type of border. We shall see.

The rest of the weekend (the sunny daytime parts) was spent at the beach. I broke my ‘no waterskiing’ rule (not a rule really, I just hadn’t been in a couple years) and went out yesterday for a little fun.

(you can see we’re kind of partial to one brand!)

The pictures above show me (or my bottom half anyway), my cousin Kyla, Morgan (who claims he doesn’t know how to ski), and my brother Ryan (looking good here, though not quite as good after his unintentional double somersault ending)

Zach and Kim, if you’re reading this, sorry to show these kinds of pics when you weren’t able to be here for the fun… if it’s any consolation, the skiing’s not quite as much fun without you!

It’s sad to see the summer coming to an end, but at least it’s been a great ending!

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4 Responses to A busy, not so crafty, weekend… (and a new quilt!)

  1. 1
    Amy says:

    What a fun idea for the quilt – it looks like it’s going to be wonderful and playful. I’m looking forward to seeing it completed (along with the others…).

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    I am reading! Wow. Love the W’son (and honorary) ski montage! Next time you need to include the mandatory bathing suit adjust. Wish I coulda seen Ry’s somersault. Z will be so excited to hear you have been skiing!!! We went kayaking in the Hudson yesterday, which is definitely not skiing, but a pretty nifty way to enjoy water in a place that has so much, yet it is so inaccessible.

    And . . . SOUNDwaves!!!!!!

  3. 3
    Susan Williamson says:

    Great to see you on skis again. Another thing you do very well! Love the cushions you do, too! Any unusual sunbrella fabric so you could make them for lakeside or poolside — just to sit and dangle your legs in the water (without wrecking the bottoms of bathing suits)?

    Hoe all is well – love this site. You are one talented lady!

  4. 4
    Betty says:

    I am super interested in your quilt work there too. I love that you using scraps for it. It looks so intriguing.

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